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  1. Don't think this is a miss at all and there's nothing we could do if he clearly announced that it was either Hawthorn or Brisbane. I feel as though we have bigger irons in the fire (literally).
  2. I thought Bundoora got up Macca? Edit: was looking at the reserves scores
  3. Plus a bunch of youngsters playing way out of their skin... reminds me a little bit of us in 2018. So satisfying to see Collingwood lose in that fashion. Even more so to see their fans sooking about the umpiring, when they won a handful of their games later in the season on the back of suspect umpiring and gifted goals (including against us).
  4. Really good to hear Leigh Williams doing well, I remember when he had that brain infection episode back when he was listed.
  5. Could Goody's close relationship with Melksham have muddied his judgement re the contract extension? Obviously it's not entirely up to Goodwin but I do wonder about this.
  6. That's ridiculous, if Bedford leaves he's just another young player looking for more opportunity. You can't blame him for that.
  7. Why would you boo Bedford?
  8. To be fair I'd hope we're looking at any forward that is a chance to move clubs.
  9. Apologies if it has been mentioned, but isn't Selwyn Griffith just such a typical Melbourne Football Club name? Talk about nailing stereotypes.
  10. Sucks obviously, but depending on how we play it, we can benefit enormously from this trade. In fact, I think we could be a better team without Jackson, so long as we use his currency wisely.
  11. There were a number of guys at Casey whose form definitely warranted selection at times, like Chandler, Laurie, JVR and Dunstan (unlucky that we're so loaded in the midfield). I do like that we're allowing the younger players more time to develop at Casey but we need balance... our selection was so predictable and the lack of fresh legs was so obvious by the end of our campaign. Back to your original point though, definitely agree that we'd benefit hugely from two high draft picks and the fresh talent that comes with them.
  12. Agreed, Mundy alone will be an impossible gap for them to fill, on and off the field.
  13. I'll be watching from Bali - anyone in the same boat and want to share a few Philip Seymour Frothmans?
  14. Nothing wrong with that, we are an impeccable source of cutting-edge insight and peer-reviewed information.
  15. All I'm saying is don't discount him. He's extremely hungry and probably will be even more so in a do-or-die final. JVR doesn't strike me as the kind of player to be overawed, either.
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