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  1. I reckon Trac is going to poll quite well. Umpires like him a lot and without Clarry for an extended period he'll score more votes than expected IMO.
  2. Playing Warner in England is such a risk. If he doesn't perform in the first test (because of course they'll pick him) they have to drop him, but I'm not confident that they will.
  3. Time for Disco to bust a few moves perhaps.
  4. Not to mention Hibberd played pretty well later in the season.
  5. I think they both played last season in the Northern yeah. I remember always checking the scores to see him kick at least 6 every single game, nuts. Kicked his 1000th NFNL/DVFL goal early last year in roughly 12(?) seasons!
  6. Sounds like some strong parallels to Shane and Brent Harvey. End of the day, one of both sets of brothers had a fantastic AFL career and the other did not.
  7. Tommy has a big future. Really knows how to use his size and his strength in the air is unreal for a midfielder!
  8. He's got the head of a dominant key forward.
  9. So what do we expect the ideal balance between Max and Grundy? I've not seen a lot of Grundy over the last few years to be honest, so not sure how he fares up forward. Maxy can obviously clunk a few marks but his kicking is suspect. Personally I thought Maxy and Jackson worked really well together when Max was floating back and intercepting pretty much everything that came his way. Will they try something like that?
  10. History tells me that we tend to complete these trades for unders, only to end up with a net gain over the remainder of the trade period and through the draft. Fingers crossed that's the case again this year.
  11. Yeah I don't get this, he was unreal last year pre-injury. Everyone forgets. It's just unfortunate for Tomo that Petty is very, very good.
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