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  1. Spargo ? There's alot of class sitting on the bench.
  2. Hibberd with gastro symptoms..oh FFS!😣😣😣😣😣😣😣
  3. I dont like the pc terms for someone who has died ie. passed away or.... there has been a passing in the family.. Passing where? Where are they going? When you die you're dead . Pure and simple. Word salad wont change anything.
  4. 80,000 sure , why not! This is a big final not a H & A game. Didnt we get 80k to our last swans final and that wasnt even a QF in 1987. Admittedly alot of dees would of died off over the past 35 years. Not many youngies coming up to replace them.
  5. Thousands of fans will go and watch the second half of the reserves aka VFL . AFLW ...sadly alas...no cigar. According to Austadium.com some of their crowds for 2021 season were in the 250 -350 range. Only a handful of games over 1000 people.
  6. Dont forget that Australia has corruption issues no different from other countries. Incompetence and laziness is a well known aussie trait. Ticketek is a scam. Why should the public be forced to buy a ticket to H&W games. Its all about commissions on ticket sales and deals with AFL goons. Ticketek is the same as a bank. They both grift your money electronically. I will never buy anything on line. Pay cash wherever possible. You want a good seat then go early . Problem is no VFL game to watch so its boring sitting for two hours watching the pidgeons. You think the AFL dont know this. ? Pre book a ticket and pay a commission and arrive at the G 30m before siren time. Gotcha!
  7. Presumably Goodwin & co will all be there watching t/ mac in particular.
  8. Dont matter. The umps will look after them but they'll still lose. Their hysterical behaviour on falling into the 8 even beating us after returning from the NT is quite sad really.
  9. Hawthorn has been a destination club for decades with a clubroom full of recent premiership cups. They wont be down the ladder long and Amon will get a regular game there which he wouldnt at Melbourne. No-one would put a sizeable bet on the hawks not winning a flag (later) this decade. They"ve won premierships every decade since 1961.
  10. Cant recall about Darcy. Stopped paying attention when they said Jacksons gone.
  11. SEN ..AFL trades reporter matter of factly saying Jacksons gone but still a toss up between the eagles and freo as to who signs him. I cant believe that we would take Grundy in a three way swap involving Darcy and the massive salary package that comes with him. Pies wont compensate us.They've tried worming out of the Treloar salary dump with the bulldogs. Thanks alot LJ. Tempting to drop him for the finals but cant. No-one to replace him. He better play well for us before jumping ship.
  12. If tmac plays for casey tomorrow there will be alot of interest in the footy world to see how he goes. Wouldnt be surprised if a large crowd rolls up.
  13. Sydney is a backwater with a pretty bridge.
  14. If Jackson gets a multi million dollar deal especially at his young age he will definitely come under public& media scrutiny every game he plays. He's living in a bubble over there. The life he obviously loves in Perth will be gone. Does he realise this.?
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