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  1. Having now watched the finals replays on numerous occasions, l think it is time we use our new found power in the AFL community to demand some changes in the leading commentary teams. The first to go must be BT. Not only is he so often factually wrong, but his understanding of basic tactics is so rudimentary as to be embarrassing. He is also quite open about his prejudice against the Dees. For instance: 1. l remember during the commentary for the game against Richmond on ANZAC eve last when we were leading by over fifty points, James Brayshow suggested that Melbourne should be now favourite for the flag. BT’s reaction, “l will never believe that until Max Gawn holds up the cup in September, no matter how successful they are during the season” 2. He has no understanding of basic team tactics eg. during the GF Langdon gathered the ball on the half back flank and raced up the the wing with Kossie racing with an opponent from the centre to get in position on the wing. Further up the field McDonald was racing towards the boundary line on the half forward flank with his opponent to give him an additional option. Langdon chose McDonald which prompted an outcry from BT saying he should have chosen Kossie (“l like Kossie” were l think his words). Several minutes later, Daisy Pearce, who was sharing the commentary with him and who has ten times his football sophistication, pointed out that he kicked it to half forward to lessen the risk of a turnover which could result in a goal to the bulldogs. Pretty basic football common sense but totally lost in his populist nonsense. 3 Angus Bradshaw: when the Dees were surging in the 3rd quarter of the Grannie, Brayshaw took an extremely courageous diving mark on the half forward flank about 45 metres out on a severe angle. If he goaled he would put us in front for the first time since early in the second quarter. He deliberately walked back slowly with his back to the play concentrating on what needed to be done to covert. BT went ballistic saying he needed to concentrate on the game. He clearly had no idea of Brayshaw’s history in poor accuracy in kicking for goal. In fact for much of the season he was having special tuition at training every week to improve his goal kicking at Choco’s skills academy and clearly was using that to ensure he nailed it. He did, which was a key part of our resurgence. The deliberate slow walk back was part of the process to ensure successful convergence. If BT had just basic football knowledge he would have known that. 4 Neal-Bullen marked 40 metres out in the last quarter when we were six or seven goals up. BT said he has to kick this so that the side will be able to enjoy the rest of the game, but if he doesn’t they won’t. This of course was totally nonsensical,. This can be bracketed with his ridiculous comment with five minutes to go saying “not a single person had left the ground”. How could he possibly know that?—- and it was said very dogmatically. I’m sure there are other examples that others could add to this list. We can do a lot better than BT. Time has passed both him and Eddie Maguire by. With much more sophisticated, and/or younger commentators (eg James Brayshaw, Daisy Pearce, Gerard Wheatley, Nick Riewoldt) providing much more nuanced commentary on a game which has become much more complex and subtle over the last 20 years, there is no long longer room for these dinosaurs. I propose we keep a record of all our examples of these incompetencies on Demonland, publicise them, and build a case for BT’s removal. We can do a lot better.
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