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  1. This is just factually incorrect. We have THE strongest VFL team in the competition by a significant margin, they only lost one game for the year. I'm certainly not in a hurry to lose Hunt, he has a significant point of difference for us but we have depth in most areas bar key position forward, we are pretty well stoked for small to medium defenders. You can't always pay everyone what they want and sometimes other clubs value your players more highly than you either do or can afford to match. this won't be the last one like this if we stay in the premiership window for a while.
  2. That is really encouraging and bodes well for our continuing growth and being a destination club. Unfortunately it does not support the dominant doom and gloom Demonland narrative that our culture took a hit this year due to - select your choice of negative reason du jour: dinking own bathwater, terrible coaching, not giving players in the 2's reward for effort, etc. So, can I ask you to edit your opening post to be more appropriate for this site by finding a negative cultural angle to apply. Feel free to misquote the article, most people don't have access anyway
  3. Not at all I was responding more generally to a point raised earlier and quoted in my post where a poster was hoping that journalism would learn some type of lesson and become more responsible. Maybe you should get in the habit of actually reading posts before you start facepalming and getting on your high horse…just a suggestion
  4. Pity we don’t have a troll emoji in the reactions 🧌
  5. There is nothing official. All the media sites just report each other’s rumours so take everything with a grain of salt. Both afl site and SEN have reported that we will extend hibbo and Melksham by 1 year. No source given in either case.
  6. I’m sorry to be the one to tell you this but we are moving strongly and unwaveringly toward the exact opposite of what you hope. The media are less accountable now than they have ever been. They use ‘clever’ wording to ensure that they are just relating other’s reports or opinions. Most so called journos are little more than keyboard warriors with a following. On radio and television they are rarely actually journos, they are ‘personalities’.
  7. I’m not sure we have yet. It has been reported repeatedly that we WILL offer them one year deals but there has been no official announcement that it has happened. TBH there has been very little in the way of actual announcements. My sense is that there are a lot of possibilities in the wind and we are keeping our power dry until we can see hire this might play out.
  8. I can think of a ton of set plays that would be available to us with 2 very mobile 200+cm marking targets on the ground. Plays that no other team could do. People seem to limit their thinking on a resting ruck to deep forward or deep back. To me having Max there for the kick out target or the next kick is his real value in attack. In defence, his ability to intercept transition kicks is where he shines. As an example, if you added Grundy on the ground with he and Max on the defensive side of either wing at a kick out, not only would they not know who to defend, the non receiving ruckman could transition forward and toward the corridor for a comparatively safe inboard 45 kick that would absolutely open up the ground and provide new leading lanes for our forwards. Since they are both excellent tap ruckman dropping an interceptor behind play to quell a run of goals would not cost us at the stoppage. If you have 2 dominant marking targets in the middle of the ground, you don’t necessarily need a pack marking forward, you can much more easily open up the ground and start attacks from the fat side rather than having to stay down the line on one wing. i have no idea how serious we are about Grundy but I can see many ways this could work for us if we get him.
  9. So, putting it all together we need a soft cap on a hard nut? Never mind, I'll see myself out...
  10. If someone has told me that we’d go 10-0 to start a season and be in every game we played right to the end 5 years ago and then told me that fans would be disappointed because it didn’t live up to their expectations, I would have laughed in that persons face. The first half of this year was a joy I haven’t experienced for too long. Going to games regularly expecting to win. We didn’t finish the year as well as we started but I am confident that we know and are planning the steps to get better next year. I have a level of confidence in the FD that I’m not sure I’ve ever had before. I’m shattered that we don’t get to be there at the end of September at the G but I’m feeling pretty happy to be a Dees supporter these days.
  11. There is not a lot of upside in going back and forth on this kind of subject. We all see what we want to see, myself included. For mine, BBB was pretty okay early in the season with Tmac in the team. He had a bag of 4 against hawthorn and a couple of bags of 3 goals. i do just want to say that if you are using the fact that we continue to use the safety kick to the pocket as your evidence that we didn’t change our forward 50 entries then you should go back and watch round 23 and the finals games. If nothing else is in the offing then the pocket kick is our go to and that of any forward half team. It represents the highest percentage play for obvious reasons.
  12. I get that people are frustrated and disappointed right now, but if you think we didn’t try new tactics and structures through the second half of the year you weren’t watching very closely. Changing a method as drilled and dependent on positioning as ours mid season is very difficult. When we Implemented changes to put some speed on the ball, our defensive structures broke down behind the ball and we leaked goals. When we changed from 2 talls and a resting ruck to one tall and a defensive forward Brown became ineffective due to the blanketing he got from defenders. We should have been able to leverage the extra pressure forward to lock the ball in, and often we did, but our kicking inefficiency made that look like a fail also. We rotated a number of options through the second wing through the second half of the year but none of them really worked. We tried plenty of things, mostly they fixed some things while breaking others. We will need to make a few changes to the team in the off season and rework our method thinking about all 3 phases of the game rather than just trying to fix the attacking phase. I think Goody was saying loud and clear that he and the FD are on it.
  13. It was interesting watching the game unfold last night (and not in a good way). Our stars still dominate and our structure is still sound. A couple of things really stood out though. Last season all of our second tier players were hitting form at the right time. Nibbler, Spargo, Harmes, TMac and BBB, Sparrow, Bowey and Riv were all playing out of their skin. Salem was on fire as was Gus (I’m not sure if these 2 are second tier or tier 1.5). This year, not so much. Nibbler still fills holes and runs to the right places but he is fumbly and often makes the wrong decisions, much like a few years ago. I’m not even going to talk about Melk, he defends better than he has historically but he pretty much crucified us around the goals last night. Sparrow still looks like he belongs but he just hasn’t progressed this year in any meaningful way. TMac is out obviously and BBB is one that I actually think is playing a lot better than people give him credit for but as the sole tall most of the time he gets a ton of attention. Riv has been in and out of the team and looks okay but not playing at the level he was last finals series. We still don’t have a solid answer for the non-Langdon wing now that Gus is in the guts, Spargo there doesn’t play to his strengths and JJ - I don’t want to diss him too hard because he can play some really good footy but sometimes his decision making is just too slow. We would have won the game last night if our bottom 6 were firing. Trac’s injury and Gus being a bit down on form would get covered, Melk’s 2 and his slip at the critical moment alone would have put us right in the game. ANB’s 2 misses would have sealed it. But forget that, there will always be unfortunate misses and opportunities gone begging. It was won and lost on role players not being able to play their role to the required standard. We really need to do some work to improve the bottom third of our list and the biggest part of that is a wing and the forward line.
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