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  1. This is a really interesting question. I would definitely agree that players reach their peak for accumulating stats in their mid twenties or so. I think that is also pretty much what the Brownlow measures. Many players start to have more impact with fewer possessions as they head toward their late twenties though. Dusty is a great example of that, Burgoyne another.
  2. That was a great day. Obviously nothing would equal being at the game for the win but I feel like the season is now complete, we actually did win it and now it’s time to move on. i feel like the club did a great job, I certainly appreciate the effort they went to in putting this together. Looking forward to being at the G next year as we win another, Go Dees!
  3. I can’t wait to get into this chook, I’ve got it on preorder from Amazon, delivery on the 10th.
  4. Obviously Friday is easier on most people but I do really like the idea of kicking off the season. I’ve never understood why Carlton and Richmond get the season opener every year. Clearly that is an honour that should be given to the previous season premiers so that every year we start the season by unfurling the flag. One thing I do like is starting the season against another side who has had the same shortened preseason as we have. I know Burgo thinks that preseason is too long but very often premiership playing sides start off a little slower than others due to the later start they have to the preseason.
  5. I can only see improvement for port next year. Having Dursma, rozee and the other midfield guy back and uninjured will give them a big boost. The only question mark is can they shake off the mental demons that the prelim shellacking would have given them. West coast don’t have another year or two. The news hasn’t sunk in for them that they just fell off a cliff. They are currently just a dead man walking. i honestly have no idea about Carlton. Can Voss sure up that defence with one preseason? Even if he can they may be more competitive but they won’t be making the 8. Essendon are the team most likely to go up a gear for mine, Adelaide the other. Freo may be coming but not next year, history tells us that new recruits are too inconsistent to bank on in their first or second year. I rate what they are building but I think it is another year or two away. I just realised I am talking myself into no change in the top right… maybe tigers will knock out Sydney though.
  6. I’m sorry you feel that way. I’m just trying to share news I’m seeing around and give people a thread to discuss it in. That seems to me to be one of the main purposes of this site. Getting past nearly all the major paywalls is absolutely simple and a number of links to chrome extensions that will do it for you have been posted in different threads. DM me and I’ll respond with a link to one. i wanted to paste more content but I know the mods don’t like it and I’m not sure how much content I can paste before it puts them at risk so I opted to keep it just to a couple of sentences that I thought summed up the general gist.
  7. https://www.heraldsun.com.au/sport/afl/news/afl-crystal-ball-jon-ralphs-big-early-calls-for-the-2022-season/news-story/86748afb46281d38bfdcd99a94ecb550 Spoiler for those of you unable to get a peek behind the HS paywall:
  8. I totally agree @Action Jackson and @FarNorthernD Langdon was an absolute steal. I do still wish people would stop evaluating individual trades though. There is no silverware available for the best individual deal. We trade to put together a list which, in its entirety, will win a flag. Individual trades like Lever or Langdon may look like overs or unders on their own but it absolutely doesn’t matter if it contributes to building a team that wins a flag. i understand, when there is no silverware in the cabinet that supporters will evaluate the trades as though they are an end in themselves but now that we have at least one flag from all that trading I think we can look at the work in its entirety and evaluate the list that is currently in place, It’s cost is irrelevant. Every team spends as close as possible to its TPP. Every team uses all its picks every year (and sometimes more). There is no prize for saving $100k or moving up or down the order if it doesn’t get you another piece in the premiership team puzzle.
  9. Yeah, that struck me also. I have now seen him variously reported as 193,194 and 195cm. Let’s make sure we get the tape measure out when he starts preseason.
  10. I don’t think the Brisbane lions team can be considered on the same level as the other dynasties. The salary cap benefits and other AFL assistance measures they had let them put together and maintain their list. Sydney also has a raft of financial benefits but it was such a blue collar list you would be really stretching to credit their success to anything other than tactics and culture.
  11. Interestingly that article explicitly calls out that clubs will not try to copy the approach of the grand final teams -Unlike every other year. Like so many SEN bold statements it is based on absolutely nothing. We have definitely shown a different way to get the job done. I’m not going to go as far as to say teams will try to find these exact players types but they will be looking at how to both copy and breakdown our defensive structure.
  12. Yeah, an amazing result. JVR and Howes! Presumably we will also pick up Taj with our last pick. Great result.
  13. Wow Skuit, you are hard. I have no problem seeing how a theme like that could motivate and galvanise a group that needs to believe in itself to break out of a narrative that casts them as unreliable losers. Maybe I'm just soft
  14. Great interview and so interesting to hear ‘post premiership’ Goody speak. He has a very different, more relaxed style. It must be so empowering for him to have achieved the ultimate success. Taking a team from zero to premiership puts him in the elite AFL coaches category.
  15. You’re right. I have been spending a lot more time on demonland since the flag. It is definitely in part due to just wanting to share the joy with other supporters, but it is also just much nicer to be here without all the fierce negativity and criticism. If they were just trolls…good riddance, if they were genuine supporters, I hope they can reinvent themselves with a more positive outlook and enjoy this fantastic time. I’m hoping for a dynasty but you can’t take anything for granted so we need to revel in what we have right now.
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