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  1. I haven’t heard any facts to dispute that the club controls their sales channels just a vague ‘I thought that...’. The club clearly controls the non-online sales such as phone sales, telemarketing and sales at the ground, I see no reason why online sales would be any different but it is likely the AFL provide the generic ticket master option. I am suggesting that they invest in something better because it is very important to the clubs growth. Many people are comfortable with monthly direct debit but many people are also not comfortable with it. Selling in volume is about removing real an
  2. I’m not being a drama Queen, I’m just explaining how online selling works. I make no criticism of the people on the phones, they are usually very nice. The fact remains that if people can’t easily buy online using a payment method that they are comfortable with a percentage of them will drop off and not purchase. This is not an opinion by the way, this is one of the most heavily researched and documented subjects in online sales and marketing. I’m sure that Covid is a very big factor this year, both for the inability to get to games and the effect on many people’s finances. I am saying th
  3. Yes, my point is that many people want to have control over their finances and so don’t want automatic debit. Others are naturally cautious that a company that can barely keep their website up to sell finals tickets is not to be trusted even if they are comfortable with automatic debit. Lastly, as so many businesses have discovered, the least bit of friction in online sales can cause people to reevaluate their purchase. This will absolutely lead to a loss of revenue. Of course we loyal few will find a way to sign up and give the club our money anyway but that is not how you grow a busine
  4. I'm going to put it out there that a big part of our membership drop is club incompetence. I have rarely experienced a poorer purchasing experience than for my club membership. Every year I buy a family membership, I do not want them to store my credit card, I work in IT and I have had a fair bit to do with ticket master, i wouldn't trust them to hold my beer much less my credit card deets. Every year I try to buy online and am unable to purchase without going on a payment plan which involves ticket master storing my details. Every year I end up calling the club and asking why they don't
  5. A phone call? I don’t normally bother getting on my high horse but seriously, WTF?! Are you trying to suggest that if a girl gives a guy her phone number she is just getting what she deserves if he sends her pictures of himself jerking off?
  6. I went to a talk by the Richmond mindfulness coach, Emma Murray a couple of years ago and it was very interesting to hear her talk about their approach to breaking out of negative self talk and mid game slumps. Unless she was BS’ing the conference delegates, it is definitely mindfulness techniques but vastly simplified to help an AFL player remember and be able to execute it on the field. They use focus change (both physical and mental) and re-orientation back to the hear and now. This is classic mindfulness but they really bought into it as a group and worked both in group sessions and 1-1 to
  7. All in all the narrative generally follows the performance. Very few people see it coming, they use perfect 20/20 hind sight to tell the story of how Hardwick or Clarkson, or whoever, was always a genius. If Goody coaches us to a flag everyone will say how they saw the seeds of brilliance even in the dark times of 2019. If he flops, well that is another story entirely. People are already warming up that narrative. As for me, I can see a definite game plan based around winning the ball at the contest and pushing forward aggressively. We had problems with getting spread from the point of c
  8. I couldn’t disagree more. 3 first round picks for Cameron is insane. If that had happened here there would be an epic meltdown from the supporters. The list is totally unbalanced age wise. Trading in a 32 and a 34 year old on top of selwood who will be 33 next year and has had so many knocks and head injuries I’m surprised he is still playing, Dangerfield at 31, Hawkins 33, even Rohan is 30. Taylor and Ablett retired this year and I doubt Steven’s will play again. They had better get it done next year is all I can say. They will be paying back the interest on this investment for about 5
  9. The next move must surely be to parlay them up to a first round pick. There are plenty of clubs that have father/son or nga selections and would trade to split picks and points
  10. I agree he is on the old side but to be accurate he is 31 and will be 32 in the next season. Apparently he didn't start playing AFL level until 21 so is likely to have more milage left in his body that the typical 31 year old. All that said, we would have to be thinking of him as filling a gap while one of our kids is getting ready to take the spot, potentially training that replacement. I think Phillips would be a better all round fit but I can see Smith playing a role.
  11. Whoa there big fella, are you calling me a loser?! I don't think I even know you.
  12. We’ll know a lot more than we did when we gave him the current one. i really think the reluctance to really stretch out is natural. For all sorts of serious injuries it takes longer to get over the mental effects than the physical ones. I am confident that if he remains uninjured he will overcome it. If he overcomes it we will hopefully see a return to the Harley of old. You can see the skills are still there.
  13. To me this has been a good outcome already. He is a super talent and I expect that he will play regularly next year once his calves are right. Probably another couple of games this year would be good for him and hopefully help the team. 2021 is where we will likely see some return on investment.
  14. Out of interest, when did Gary Lyon start barracking for the magpies?
  15. I'm so glad a couple of people posted this. I thought i must have been seeing things last night. I was sure it had bounced off Lever's chest but the mark was paid and the commentators didn't say a word. Glad to hear I'm not losing it, or at least if I am I'm not alone
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