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  1. Again only the radio to participate and as per last week I was remarkably calm, had one loud hand clap when Jones missed but other than that enjoying the calmness my footy team is giving me. Thank you and well done MFC very very happy.
  2. Yep he is gaining experience and is going to improve with every single bounce... meanwhile the opp are like oh sheet where's Gawn gone!
  3. Based purely on how it sounded on the wireless...... 6. Lever General 5. Langdon Link 4. Fritsch Goals 3. Petracca Grunt 2. Gawn Finesse 1. Brayshaw influential when moved back
  4. The 3 games prior have actually given me some confidence, though the kitties got within 12 I didn't have that veil hanging over me and was actually looking forward to the last........strange times indeed!!!
  5. Exactly and no one did, if he had shown talent every Club would've been into him. Look it's very early days, I'm not wedded to the suggestion and there's a lot of water to travel under said bridges but you have to agree if he gets a spot on our list then that is a fair escalation and if he then becomes anything resembling his Father I'm not sure you'd be putting it down solely to pot luck.
  6. The premise being that Clubs have and do hide talent. If Kobe makes it onto our list that's a feat in itself and would suggest he has talent, right. So, if he does make our list, why hasn't Freo recognised this talent? I've read the Kobe thread on the Freo forum and their supporters have been as eager as us at the prospect of a Wiz junior but there has been nary a whisper, and then, kind of out of the blue....he's training with us. It wouldn't have cost Freo anything to have him train with them. Wiz would be thrilled to see Kobe in either colours but we saw how excited he was in the final
  7. Any chance we've pulled a Jack Darling/swifty here?
  8. RIP Troy. It must have been incredible luck for Trisha to have survived. I think of her also and hope she has been able to fully recover.
  9. Pick 22 listed under the first round, Brizzy did a pick swap with Port and grabbed him.
  10. Would have liked to have Stephens with us but I am pleased he aint going to Carlton
  11. Ok that's it, the only news I want to here about Jesse from here on in is how he kicked 5 again on the weekend.
  12. I like this idea but I'm sure Freo having that pick before us would take either one available.
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