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  1. We look spent from midway through the third and that has been the trend in our losses, I’m really questioning our fitness.
  2. Hooley Dooley jimmy crickets what a sublime team effort, back to our suffocating best and we expand out from that. Great win boys.
  3. Been biting my finger nails hoping he’d get through and it’s happened, very happy.
  4. Bayleys off the pack for me, my fist pump is at its most vigorous on that one. Clarrys a close second but for the opposite, an emotional welling up response. Tracks dribble a cigarette paper third for the gobsmacking WOW, that was right over the top of the centre mark on the goal line. Geez I’m loving these feelings
  5. Great to see the old boys up and about and enjoying the moment. Clint the Biz was awesome for us, does anyone else feel similarly chuffed seeing him with us? Does anyone know if he is popular down the hwy? He did only play 10 or 11 more games for us than the puddy cats.
  6. I’m happy to go with the latter there daisy cos I’m disappointed to see him go.
  7. Surprised by this, said on here after talking with him at the pre gf training session that Geelong had in the past come calling, but a move there was was probably “too big a one for his family to make” and that he was looking to “enjoy being around for the Clubs successes” Offer too good to refuse?
  8. From my position in that pocket with the ball coming toward me, it looked like it was over the top of the post, even marginally behind it!
  9. Agree Stiff Arm, we’ve traded ourselves into a sweet spot. Clubs will be excited by him but I see most if not all will be willing to risk it. MA will have been closely followed by the MFC and he knows the rule changes have seriously stifled our ability to recruit him. He’ll be happy to go to whoever drafts him of course but the fact he has been within our NGA and that we are the reigning Premiers who boast an elite Ruck division that will allow him to develop is the best case for him and us. If an interstate Club drafts him they’ll back themselves to integrate him but the ability to retain him will be an uncertainty too. Surely recruiters will be nervous spending a first round pick here. I see a Vic Club as his most likely suitor but do those with an early draft pick have the luxury to develop him? Having said all this, worst case is the 18th best player in the draft drops to us.
  10. Me too, he took some strong grabs and played well in the Sat night game sim at Lathlain.
  11. Thanks Mazer you are front and centre re appreciation mate and you are spot on, the support was sensational!
  12. To Deeoldfart and Dante, their generosity allowed a group of us to attend what was a stunning, emotional and historical event and was something so very special and will be cherished by us for the rest of our Dee loving lives. Thank you. It’s been a tremendous few weeks attending whatever we could re MFC starting with that magnificent Preliminary Final. We’ve attended closed and open sessions and those weeks have culminated in the penultimate, an MFC Premiership and it was incredible! The celebrations in the City today with the boys, the cup, and staff was well attended and fun. Goody has already set his sights on the preseason and continued improvement. We have held the baton here for a brief, necessary and ultimately glorious period. I’m sure all Demons are happy with our efforts but the baton returns to its rightful place now and we sincerely look forward to seeing Melbournians in particular experiencing it too. Go you magnificent Demons.
  13. Jacqueline has just let me know that she secured the last ticket at the Tower Hill venue! She's going to phone there to see if she can get a ticket for her partner, an English boy who's curious and keen to join the spectacle!
  14. $20 you are annoying, just lying about, you are lazy and I'm going to teach you a lesson! I'm putting you to work at the the betting shop! You'll need to come back a winner, otherwise........don't bother coming back at all!!
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