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  1. Not to mention his importance in presenting on the wing!
  2. I and most of us gave the boys a bake last week but gee whiz that was as good a reply we could have possibly hope for. They've monstered us in the past so to see them limping, cooked and hurt was hugely satisfying. Well f'n done you red legs!
  3. When you work harder than the opposition the ball tends to bounce in your favour. It almost did in the last quarter when we started playing Melbourne footy. The first 3 qtr effort however wasn't going to allow any comeback win.
  4. Yeah didn't want to mention the result previously and I see now the angle you are coming from WJ but without the first 3 qtrs, it seemed a tough no compromising and see sawing game. Everyone was cracking in, plenty of goals being scored and a much simpler less officiated flowing spectacle. I did wonder at the 30 minute or so mark how we were going to end up in front so it was disappointing when the siren went. My Demon supporting days started the following year so it was great to hear those players names again especially Ross Brewer who was one of my faves. And I don't know if the Biff had started playing full forward at times in 73, he played full forward mostly in my memory and was occasionally full back when needed. Loved his torpedo goals.
  5. That was a brilliant albeit nail biting win, our defence defeated their attack in the end and we still have plenty of improvement in us......
  6. I have faith that we're on the right track and I trust that we will get better but I think that game showed our overall maturity level is not there yet. Despite us being poor there was a point in the last where we could have taken that game. Max and Fritsch not going for the mark (surprised nobody has mentioned this) Kozzy burning team mates and going the dribble were 2 easy goal chances missed and I'm pretty sure there were other reasonably easy chances in the last that we failed to convert. The second half comeback v Brizzie was super important and leading into the break I thought this game was equally important for us. Back up the 2 previous wins and, show our ability to deal with a struggling side. We had to go 1 more time but unfortunately the mindset wasn't there. We'll improve mentally as we mature, I'm not sure this year we'll be mentally tough enough to win it but barring a NM like disaster we will be getting finals experience and we will keep improving.
  7. Our little Demon group hit a mid season high for barracking noise in the second half last night, apparently the neighbours have a chuckle when a MELB game is underway. I reckon we engaged the neighbours of the neighbours and theirs too last night it was magnificent!!
  8. Unable to join you longsuffering due to locale but great to see you having a crack at revving up the faithful!
  9. Again only the radio to participate and as per last week I was remarkably calm, had one loud hand clap when Jones missed but other than that enjoying the calmness my footy team is giving me. Thank you and well done MFC very very happy.
  10. Yep he is gaining experience and is going to improve with every single bounce... meanwhile the opp are like oh sheet where's Gawn gone!
  11. Based purely on how it sounded on the wireless...... 6. Lever General 5. Langdon Link 4. Fritsch Goals 3. Petracca Grunt 2. Gawn Finesse 1. Brayshaw influential when moved back
  12. The 3 games prior have actually given me some confidence, though the kitties got within 12 I didn't have that veil hanging over me and was actually looking forward to the last........strange times indeed!!!
  13. Exactly and no one did, if he had shown talent every Club would've been into him. Look it's very early days, I'm not wedded to the suggestion and there's a lot of water to travel under said bridges but you have to agree if he gets a spot on our list then that is a fair escalation and if he then becomes anything resembling his Father I'm not sure you'd be putting it down solely to pot luck.
  14. The premise being that Clubs have and do hide talent. If Kobe makes it onto our list that's a feat in itself and would suggest he has talent, right. So, if he does make our list, why hasn't Freo recognised this talent? I've read the Kobe thread on the Freo forum and their supporters have been as eager as us at the prospect of a Wiz junior but there has been nary a whisper, and then, kind of out of the blue....he's training with us. It wouldn't have cost Freo anything to have him train with them. Wiz would be thrilled to see Kobe in either colours but we saw how excited he was in the finals and to me looked as passionate a Demon supporter as anyone. So we wait with anticipation. In the meantime, anything wrong with thinking that some planning may have gone into this?
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