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  1. I was really impressed with Jake's first hit out, has a real nice action and didn't miss too many targets by foot. Seems to want to kick it too which was pleasing. Hope he gets a chance in our next game.
  2. I dont know how many 50's are in that clip but he's surely gonna get penalised. The rules are already too hard for me to follow.
  3. That's 50 he took a step to the right.
  4. 1994 Round 24 vs Sydney. Had to win to get into the Finals and knock Richmond out. Schwarz kicked 9 from everywhere on the ground, was the first name a game video I got and myself and then my Old Man wore the video out. Ahhh the 90's.
  5. Could Tomlinson be an option. Bad luck for Weed.
  6. I so badly wanna see a Melbourne Demons game live. I miss interaction.
  7. The ONLY issue I have with SALEM is his tackles are like butter. Almost non existent. Kicks great makes good decisions but can't tackle. Get him outta the backline. Make him more into an attacking player
  8. Yeah Sorry Pal I was thinking of the James Cook of the Carlton variety. Didn't think he was a total gammy but to be completely honest with you I couldn't even remember that we picked him up and played a couple of games for us. Gee I'm getting Old.
  9. There's plenty of hate for ANB. He aint our worst
  10. I'd take Lever over Hore any Day. Hore don't make the 22 in my team
  11. Ben Brown... kicks 50 we make the 8. Weeds... he improves and gets a second or third best Defender. Definitely sends us on our way to where we need and want to be. Bailey Fritsch...This lad improves will be the icing on the cake in the Forward Line. Kozzie Pickett... want him to get the goals he should get. Tackling is good. Just improve young fella. Tom Maccas... gets back to his best wherever he plays whether it's backline, wing or forward goes a fair way to us being Finals bound. Finals is all that matters. Also I want Angus Brayshaw and James Harmes playing
  12. If your happy with what the Melbourne Football Club has provided for you since you've been supporting, barracking for them them you'll keep your gob shut and not be upset that some of us expect a little better. Nah FT a lot better.
  13. It doesn't look like I'll make too much money this year as I normally bet against us. Well depending on the circumstances and odds. I'll pay for a win. If we can't make the finals this year with hopefully a fairly fit footbal club, they should look for another job. C'mon Melbourne start to believe in yourselves we've got a decent team. If we can put our best team on the park we should go ok next year.
  14. Your right he had wrist problems, broke his leg at Carlton. I did enjoy seeing him take Carey out tho.
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