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  1. Get the bloody tag going again with either Harmes or Viney. Both play better when set a task.
  2. Only ground in Victoria i aint been to. Can't say it's on Any list to complete either. Happy to play them in a Final at the G.
  3. I'm down with you doing a Collingwood supporter but saying you like either Scott brother, Mate you just put me off me dinner.
  4. I had the Whoreks at 42.5 as well at the TAB. At least it's some consolation.
  5. Can someone please do the What Their Saying Down At Port Adelaide thing I've missed that this week.
  6. The latest win is always the greatest.
  7. I thought it was about the best young player that season not just on potential or they'd have their dacks down for Matty Rowell....Again. I do agree with your points tho. Think Jackson has the qualities to be a great player for us.
  8. Reckon Jordon and Rivers have been more consistent than Jackson this year.
  9. If the goal umpire decides he or she has got no idea then he or she should NOT be making any decision. That's why they go up to the video. Get rid of Goal umpires, what do they do, wave flags and not much else. They aint needed like Cricket umpires and Line Judges at the tennis. The LBW rule in cricket.... don't get me started. Out and Not Out on the same delivery. WAFJ. Goal Umpires in the Afl are the same, how can you receive a goal or a point from the same shot on goal. The video has been used now a days to change the umpires decision because they made the Wrong decision. And that still doesn't happen. Sorry I'll stop now before i punch myself in the head.
  10. They pay their rent. They're not Collingwood supporters.
  11. Every Carlton and Essendon supporter I know don't equal the amount of [censored] that my Boss is. Hated losing to the Filth last week.
  12. They never give me the [censored] unlike my Collingfilth boss who's gone on all week. Looking Forward to Monday. I'm sure his Gob will be sewn shut losing to Freo today. Mutt.
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