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  1. Personally would like Rivers permanently at Half back, has courage and size where this year I would like Chandler and Bowey interchanging at Half Forward, utilising their kicking into the 50 as that was one huge weakness we need to address. Plenty of spots up for grabs this year.
  2. Hunter gets his spot on the Wing in the team I want playing.
  3. I'll take the Don't Argue on the chin Stiff Arm. I can base my opinion regardless of the info I do or don't have, it's only an opinion. Also I can compare when Watts was drafted as that was why I wanted him picked over NicNat. Strictly State based.
  4. If there's one player i we'll never bag for being a hog being a player to have the shot at goal more than anyone...... besides Kozzie.... play like ALLEN JAKOVICH and take the shot yourself Fritta. Be Goal Hungry. I agree totally OllieFan.
  5. The Interstate clubs say the exact same thing in regards to their feelings about Victorian players wanting to come back home. You as a professional sporting club has to pick the player who best suits your needs, I was hoping for Young or Serong but Jackson won me over. To be totally honest I had the same theory of thought during the Jack Watts and NicNat Draft. I was glad we took Watts but would we of been a more successful club quicker with NicNat. Probably not, reckon he would a done a runner too.
  6. They were being offered a ridiculous bounty to give him up and they didn't do it. 3 First Rounders i think. For a team trying to rebuild they made a bad decision in my opinion. They would of got something like pick 4 and an extra 2 future First rounders. Then what they've ended up with this year so they'd be well on the way.
  7. I saw on Thursday coming home from Work a Hawks supporter with a I think it was 26 consecutive years member sticker. Congrats on 25 years consecutive DeeZone bluddy marvellous effort that.
  8. Are we sure that's Clayton Oliver, I've seen a few doppelgangers recently.
  9. Thanks for the answer. I thought you had to have a certain number of posts or something.
  10. Now that Dean and Jack no longer play AfL it might be time to change my username. What are the guidelines for doing so.
  11. I'll just get in by saying the most obvious, and the guy we all hope and expect to give us a boost.... JVR. No pressure tho.
  12. Im hoping they get rid of the medi sub rubbish. If your picked for the game you should be allowed to be fielded.
  13. Love Ben's Vocals really like Soilent Green as well. The only guys I knew in a band was Jay and Hep from 28 Days.
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