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  1. I don't mind Thursdays Night games as long as we aint playing in it.
  2. On YouTube now the 3AW, SEN and Triple M commentaries are now available.
  3. Personally I have Langdons goal as my favorite as it's the one that had me sobbing uncontrollably knowing for certain what I'd been waiting 50 years for was now a reality.
  4. Surely we can't have the luck of the injury free type of year we had, especially to the mids. I'd like Dunstan who wouldn't cost much and I know can play. Clearly tho were in a decent position list wise.
  5. The Dvd will be coming soon. The Money won't be able to be spent quick enough.
  6. Bowey already has his foot firmly in the door in regards to his position.
  7. The Raft Of Medusa was a painting by Theodore Gericault.
  8. Put some Blood on his Carlton jumper then at least he'll know what it feels like to wear the right colours!
  9. Never mention Greg Healys brother by name.
  10. Tomorrow Your Homeless.. But Tonight It's A Blast.. Dead Kennedy's.. Riot..
  11. Thanx for the other ones all In one place for easy access too. Go Ds Go.
  12. I've always wanted a Premiership Tattoo. Go Ds Go.
  13. Not at least for another week Cas. I'm having the Old footy dreams at the moment. Doesn't do anything for my overall sleep.
  14. I wanna see Jack go total loop job and show me the reason we drafted him. Grand Final Day.
  15. I've been saying that to Brizzy, And Cats Supporters for a few weeks.... hahaha now I'm copping it back. And yes the dreams have started, it's all that consumes my brain. Go Ds Go Storm Go.
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