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  1. Does anyone know how many of their frees resulted in goals or scoring shots.
  2. Great effort Umpires ya tried hard, got no result. Try again next week you plonkers.
  3. Games officially unwatchable. How many free kicks can you cheat to one team forward of centre.
  4. So Jackson lasts one game as a number one Ruck. Awesome. I'd now trade him. I'm saying this as I got him into my SuperCoach team with almost no trades left. Does anyone know how bad it is. Not Angry just disappointed.
  5. Send McStay to Collingwood then Mihocek and Elliott get less of the ball because both those lads always play well against us.
  6. I've been sending everyone who's been giving me the 5h1t5 a link to the Cosmic Psychos, B.I.T... Back In Town.
  7. How does every team in the competition get away with pushing us in the back
  8. I'd personally only want the Saints to win a Granny as I know how many tears I shed whilst watching replays, interviews with past and present players the live game and the many docos that came after we won. Everyone else can let me put it mildly. SABFD. Especially the interstate teams.
  9. We are being out May and Levered. Don't know where the goals will come from. Can we pull something out of our uno what.
  10. How did Tom Hawkins get to Collingwood
  11. Why after any team who gets the ball in their defensive 50 are we allowing them to waltz down the ground and let them kick it into their forwards 50 with no pressure. Been happening for too long.
  12. Sorry to be 150% negative but watching the umpiring efforts again during the Richmond and Port game I'm convinced our once great couldn't wait to watch and go to footy is doomed.
  13. I'd personally prefer Hibberd to Hunt in defence but not unless he's full fit and that'll mean a couple of games at Casey.
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