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  1. A Dingo stole your baby. MelbourneFc 8-0.
  2. That's 50 every week to every team but nah we're getting to far in front..... mutts
  3. Thanx Left Foot Snap, I wouldn't want to leave our great country but I definitely want to get around and see more of it. Cheers.
  4. One wears a Red and Blue jumper the other wears a Black and White jumper. Pretty simple observation to me.
  5. How dare you mention Greg Healys brother by name.
  6. I've never been out of the boundaries of Victoria in my life. Where's worthwhile visiting.
  7. Just wanted to say I'm now down zip 5 betting against us. Thanks Dees for continuing to take my money. Willing to put up a large sum for a victory next week.
  8. My only change is Weideman comes in for Nathan Jones. Jones don't need to be given his 300th fTFoi but weed deserves his game against the Tigers due to his last game. Nates 30oth full game will come
  9. Stop trying to mark 6 deep punch the Fn thing
  10. I don't plan to. 3.70 to 1.26 any suggestions on how much to put on next week against the Hawks.
  11. I've now lost 4 bets in a row. I'm hoping it continues next week. Go Dees Go.
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