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  1. We don't do line in the sand games. We've been pretty consistent over 50 years for falling away badly at the end of seasons. What can a coach do to inspire a frantic effort when they have the personality of a cadaver?
  2. Giants by 50 Our blokes have already checked out.
  3. We lost consecutive games to the 13th and 14th placed sides, with a guaranteed finals place on offer. The season ended last round, and it was BAD Looking forward to the phone call from a player chasing the 3 memberships I am cancelling tomorrow. My 32 yr old son told me in a phone call this week that he is thinking of buying a Gold Coast membership next season. I didn't laugh at him. I simply wished they had a better guernsey in case I decided to do the same. [censored] this loser club. I've had enough.
  4. Unequivocally yes. proven beyond doubt by 56 years of abject failure. Exactly this. So many on here let the excitement get to them and start calling out the doomsayers after a single good win, and yet those of us who have seen it all before are proven right again and again. There is a very deeply ingrained culture of failure, or at least acceptance of "near enough is good enough". This coach will not be the man who drags us out of it either. Corporate speak and emotionless drones are never the type to motivate a group that is satisfied with just being on an AFL list.
  5. I keep telling the youngsters never to let this club build your hopes up. We are predictably soft when it counts. Clubs that lack a killer instinct or pick and choose when to go hard don't win flags. We've been doing exactly that for 56 years with no sign of change. How many lessons must this club give you?
  6. Adelaide are runaway leaders on the "Keep it within 12 goals and that's a win for us" ladder.
  7. Tells me that Goody made changes to the game plan and that the players followed them. Credit where credit is due, although if Trac has his normal kicking boot on we lose by 3 goals.
  8. Not sure that a bloke who misses as many easy goals as Fritsch would be the difference between the teams tonight.'
  9. Got on the Saints at $8 for 40+ We do not win games like this. Goody will be writing his resume by half time.
  10. Exactly. Needs to explain why he didn't select Dusty, Gaff and Kelly. sorry, couldn't help myself.
  11. Saints will belt us using the same method as every other time. Speed, non stop running and 100% defensive effort. Reckon this is a 40+ point loss coming up, and the heat will be right back on the coach.
  12. A coach who is clueless on game day will never get this club a Premiership. Goodwin is holding the list back and needs to go ASAP.
  13. Melbourne does not do line in the sand games.
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