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Discussion on recent allegations about the use of illicit drugs in football is forbidden


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  1. Good God supporters post up some delusional [censored] at trade time. Gobsmackingly lopsided wish list.
  2. Mummys boy. I see a reporter holding a microphone in front of 2 curly haired draft picks. Bye Luke.
  3. Summed (most) my thoughts up nicely. Love, hate or be indifferent to the monarchy (I don't love them), if it's good enough to have every cause have a "round", it's good enough to be respectful to the Monarch on their passing.
  4. Neale would be walking with a guide dog or tapping a cane for the rest of his life is that was the case. The bloke should have been suspended. He gouged Clarrys eyes.
  5. That second line makes absolutely zero sense. As does the recruitment of Grundy.
  6. Hoping we can make it to the next page of his thread without someone thinking it will be funny to mention "the Richmond doctor"
  7. Yeah, he's "excited" at the thought of a Blicavs role but with a Buddy Franklin paypacket. Good luck Freo.
  8. He normally carpet bombs the place with facepalms. Consider yourself fortunate to have elicited a different response.
  9. Thats quite a few very late draft picks required/incoming to delist all of those players. Let's hope our recruiters have some decent smokies on the books.
  10. Not angry. Not even a bit. We looked like a pretender weeks ago. Plenty on here were expecting the team to suddenly click and start running over others when in fact the longer the season went, the worse (and more predictable) we dropped off after half time. I know people were wishing and hoping for the best, but that's exactly what we got. This is the best that this years side could play. A very beige forward 50 with not much flair and almost no marking presence, and a midfield that couldn't outrun anyone. We have a great list. We need to get the right fitness staff and folg the snot out of them over summer and build back the belief that came with having a huge tank. Oh, and recruiting a tall forward who can take a grab consistently would be nice. Use the currency we will get for Jackson to target Harry M. We won't get anywhere by kicking to a pack containing big blokes who can't hold a pack mark to save themselves. I think we can bounce back. Does the playing list think the same?
  11. Deadly serious on this one LaDee. I've always thought we have burdened our small business owners with too many freebies for their workers. Would be very happy to see the back of Queens birthday and Labour day as public holidays.
  12. Why does the removal of the Queens birthday required a replacement day off? I say get rid of it and send people back to work.
  13. That's an awful lot of carry on for the line you highlighted. People complaining of "whinging" and "whining" The sensible ones call it pragmatism. I'm still hopeful but I expect we won't win the flag based on the evidence right in front of me. It's pretty simple.
  14. Ah, nothing Dr G We (may) beat the Lions this week, but we are on a hiding to nothing the following week.
  15. Ok, so we led at 3/4 time against Swans an Colonwood in 3 games and lost ALL 3 OF THEM. We also lost to Geelong Whats your point mate? We are not playing like a challenger, and unlike last year we have shown NOTHING that would intimidate the other contenders. Tell me what I missed, because I don't think its much.
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