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  1. Corporate speak. Goody is a master at it. And arrogance is often a mask to avoid answering questions that you have no answers for.
  2. I'd absolutely love to have Weightman on our list. A star in the making.
  3. For those who have been scoffing at everyone who dared to bemoan our garbage recent form, saying all was good because we always beat the top sides, what do you have to cling to now? Losing to bottom 4 teams is a klaxon that we do not have our mental side sorted, and this loss was the manifestation of that crap form. We can't play below our best and keep beating the real contenders. Our skills generally under pressure are laughable Our inside 50 entries are abysmal Our kicking for goal is under 15 level We are being exposed as pretenders. The writing has been on the wall for almost 2 months now.
  4. Um, yes actually. Just outside of Gympie at the north end of the Sunshine Coast. I think Chad flossed his teeth with a garden rake.
  5. Sold Chad a refrigerator once while I was living on the Sunny Coast. Very friendly guy. Was horrified to discover that his teeth are real.
  6. You don't understand how ridiculous that is? Honestly? So Dan Andrews announces that only confirmed cases of Covid can attend the AFL Grand Final? OMFG, there are still people who want to hypothesize about fictitious cases of Covid attending an AFL game. ???
  7. I'm not being dishonest at all. YOU are assuming that the AFL Grand Final will have exactly the same precautions that a visit to a Melbourne Mall will have. Please Deanox, we both know that is incorrect. You can play the percentages all you like, but it doesn't change the fact that there will be different and explicitly enforceable actions that protect the public from a Covid infection if the AFL Grand Final goes ahead.
  8. No I'm not. By your figures, 3,000+ people will die of Covid if the grand final is open slather You and I both know that is bullschitt. I have lost nothing, but you on the other hand........
  9. Deanox, if that is correct, please supply the deaths of AFL attendees v AFL attendance for the 2021 season. We are talking about attending an AFL game. Not walking around Chadstone mall with no precautions.
  10. That assumes that everyone who attends the G.F is infected at the top rate. Plenty of AFL games thus far have proven that is not the case. So why the hyperbole?
  11. We're at that horrible stage in list development where the players need to choose between team success and personal fortune. It appears that Ned Guy allowed a personal element to affect Colonwoods nett player payments. I hope that our list is close enough that they understand how much their personal demands can affect the teams chances of giving the members what they all hope for.
  12. His manager may have something to do with his contract demands. Fair call though.
  13. See, this is the thing that [censored] me no end. Covid does not kill everyone that it infects. Why the hyperbole?
  14. Would love to know what your gut feel is based on. Bolton sure does appear to love his Tigers teammates.
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