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  1. Obviously it's highlights, but that Nik Cox video on Youtube is a cracker. Starts off looking gangly and unco but jesus the kid can play.
  2. Brown is a goal kicker. Why on earth would we recruit him only to play him out of position? It also take his marking power away from the scoring zone and replaces it with a bloke who juggles every mark he contests.
  3. Some of our sides under Northey were great defensively, at least for back then. The current tigers side (and to embarrass myself I will include the St Kilda side - occasionally) are light years ahead of that. We don't just lack defensive effort, we lack consistency of defensive effort. No amount of tall forwards is going to fix that.
  4. Was about to post the same thing when I saw your post. Very strange suggestion.
  5. The Tigers have shown that manic, unrelenting team defence can win multiple flags. I think all 4 of those blokes playing at the same time would not help to apply enough defensive pressure and to compound the problem all 4 would spend most of their time forward of centre. We are already FAR too porous out of our front half. Yuck.
  6. There are no votes to be had from helping Melbourne Football Club find a home. Putting huge amounts of cash into Geelong is a different story.
  7. We live in Airlie Beach, about 2hrs north of Mackay. You probably know already but it's the Whitsunday Islands. We had a shutdown for a while. The place was a ghost town, but it's pumping here now, even without the interstate tourists. We had heaps of international travellers here when it started, most of them on long term (1 - 2 years) working visas. Many of them are still here. Apart from the international travel, nothing much has changed. It's awesome here.
  8. All of my family are in Vic, and they all mask up willingly. Don't need it where I am as we have had zero cases for ages while the border is closed.
  9. I've seen a grand total of four, that's right 4 masks since the WuFlu started, and 2 of them were the masks my wife a I wore to our Covid tests this week after catching a cold. We work in the coal mines, and they take the contact tracing seriously here. That and closing the border to Dans disaster seems to have done the job.
  10. I need enthusiasm like this to keep me interested. Not the happy clapper stuff, but reasoned posts. Thanks Skuit. Good post.
  11. You would probably need to supply your list of fringe players to justify that post Elegt. We had a fantastic run with injuries this season. That would mean we did not use as many "fringe" players as we would in a normal year.
  12. lol, he took a s.hit across the bow? Now THAT is putting the pressure on.
  13. Donald J Trump has a huge crowd at his second inauguration after a huge election victory. Jackson Pickett Rivers Brown Gold Coast young list West Coast crashing down the ladder
  14. Some of us have seen this many times mate, and to be honest, the current situation does not fill me with as much hope as it did in the Daniher or Northey years. And we all know they didn't produce a flag either.
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