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  1. Nah. We have the Melk. Make space on your wall for another premiership photo bud.
  2. Why? I'm cool with it. And I mean a Jackson trade would be all about what it will mean to our flag push. I'd only be getting worked up if we were losing him for nothing.
  3. Happy. Wont win the flag unless we find a way to convert our inside 50 dominance, but wow that last 2 minutes was fun. We've been on the wrong side of a few close ones recently so it's nice to send oppo fans home shattered for a change.
  4. The only thing that really matters is can our footy department turn the likely loss of Jackson into a nett positive for the club. I'd happily lose Jackson if it makes us more likely to win another flag or 2 in the near future. It's all about the flags and nothing else.
  5. Good God [censored] NO. Head ducking, knee bending [censored] on the Ginnivan/Mathieson level. Jesus no.
  6. I guess my $2 +1.5's from Solleys are not cutting the mustard any more.
  7. What do you think about percentage and its value as an indicator of a team that can actually win it all? The final question was about all teams. I read it as an attempt to say that we are still in it because our percentage is higher and Collingwood is less of a chance as thwors is lower.. We are still in it because we will play finals, but our chances historically are quite low considering the form we will be taking into the finals. Unless of course we blow away Carlton and Brisbane in our final 2 games which seems unlikely on exposed form. We will be limping to the line, and that is always a bad sign come finals.
  8. People still looking for a reason to ignore the fact we are not a patch on last year's team will hold on for dear life to things like "percentage as a chance of winning the flag" We need to reverse the 10 round long up-down cycle if we are to salute again. We just don't look all that capable of doing that right now. We've lost the killer instinct and league leading fitness that we enjoyed last year.
  9. I asked an Essedon supporting workmate if he thought we would "snag one" after the bombers mauled us in 2000. His reply was "pends on how good we are" I'm so happy he has had 22 years of misery since that day. He played reserves footy for them as a teenager and STILL called them Essedon. Schmuck.
  10. They would also note that the horses gait is all wrong no doubt.
  11. Thanks. I hope Brayshaw doesn't read this site. "The Dees dias for the third time in a row. Bang Bang Bang!!!"
  12. He's be extremely handy, but I'm not sure the site could cope with him kicking 1 goal 8 every week.
  13. It's Jack Watts all over again. We draft a tall kid with supposed skills who we expect will "fill out" and grow into the physical aspects of the position that we recruited them to play. Weid has no mongrel. Zero. It shows every time he runs 2m under the ball when someone is on his hammer. I'd call it something far less flattering, but that would certainly get me a ban. And if memory serves it was his "courage in the air" that had our team choose him over others..... It's an ongoing weakness in our recruiting team. We seem to be ok at identifying defenders and very good at mid size players, but give us a crack at picking a tall forward and they seem to fall apart. Lets hope V.R is a notable exception.
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