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  1. Nobody is perfect. I've tried calling in my own head during a game and make a hash of it every time. It's more difficult than many think, but these guys are supposed to be professionals. Tim Lane has always been my favorite. Followed by a young Commetti. I linked the other one simply so people could listen to a died-in-the-wool demon fan call the game.
  2. Looks like Queensland has even banned the posties from Danistan. Received zero to this point.
  3. I don't want to be known for advocating violence, but i would not be sad to see someone snot Libba. Detestable cretin. Would be confident that he was at the centre of any stand-off between the two groups if it actually occurred.
  4. Agree. I also think a call-off between BT and Rex Hunt would be worth listening to just so you could see the cringe-O-meter explode. And then get Brayshaw and Underwood together and count the seconds to tinnitus.
  5. Brian Taylor is in the top echelon of the worst commentators in the history of the game, with Rex Hunt, and Kellie Underwood. And please don't wind me up with Brayshaws "bang" call. It really does my head in. The combo of his horrible voice coupled with the inability to think of something good to say. My head hurts. Have a listen from around 1hr36min of this. The commentator who calls the Oliver goal is a life long Melbourne supporter. You can feel the emotion in his call. Brilliant. Also listen to his call of the final minute or so, almost cheering his team on to a flag.
  6. The new NRL expansion team Redcliffe Dolphins just signed up the old corpse Wayne Bennet who turns 72 on January 1st to a 4 year deal. I reckon we don't have much to worry about regards Chocos age.
  7. I shouldn't be surprised by now, but I still shake my head at what others find as great commentary. That was so cringeworthy I can't even look at the screen due to embarrassment for the caller. And that bloody "bang bang bang" Grrrrrrrrrrrr
  8. I'd replace the lot of them with our 2021 team, but that's just me.......
  9. Convinced enough to think he is worth a 3 year extension beyond the coming year he already has. Things can change fast in this game. And as I said, if he gets us another flag next year we can always extend again.
  10. You don't sell the near term future while on the turps during a celebration. I think a 3 year extension is more than fair. Means he has 4 more years with this list to make a real legacy for himself and the club. We can always offer another extension if he takes us to another cup next year.
  11. Agree with Jim. Those missions are like 3rd world countries where to a large extent, traditional laws are followed. It's another planet from there to inner city Melbourne and it's saturation AFL coverage. Remarkable he survived in the AFL as long as he did.
  12. To be fair, it was amazing that we kept Jurrah for as long as we did. He was straight out of a remote mission wasn't he? That's a big big step to go from there to Melbourne.
  13. He would probably prefer you to talk about his aggression towards players who are not in the top 10 softest players in the entire league.
  14. Quite a contrast between Daisy, who is one of my favorites on any AFL media, and the BT/Brayshaw combo who are head and shoulders above all as the worst currently in the game. They are as bad as Rex Hunt at his best. "Kouta Fida Meedees kicked it to the left of the stick" Just shockingly bad. But that "bang bang bang" call has me shaking my head every time I hear it. A historic football moment ruined by a hopeless caller.
  15. Yeah, I agree, but I don't see Weid as a recruit by our current crop.. They'd see right through Weid.
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