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  1. Would love to know Goodys thinking here. The side has entirely transformed itself this year as a manic defensive unit and the coach insists on bringing back one of the laziest defensive workers on the list. For what gain?
  2. If we win this to make us 5/0, I will consider answering phone calls from the membership department to renew my 3 from last year. Can't ask for much more from the team thus far, and I've certainly given them enough chances to fail.......
  3. To see a guy as tough as Steven May go down the way he did was shocking. A terrible injury that would have his family worried as hell. It's not always about the teams guys and girls. Hoping that the news is good for the May family. As much as Tom Hawkins [censored] me, and as much as I want to see someone serve time for Mays injury, I just can't help but think it was just a (careless) accident. Will watch the outcome with interest.
  4. Don't care about the politics of the lady, only her abilities (and connections) to make us successful. I'd offer that Joe Gutnick would have been from the Conservative side of politics, and he did not exactly set the world on fire. (notwithstanding his magnificent financial contributions to the club) Wishing her all the best, and may she "lead" us to a flag very soon.
  5. Been watching the Dees for almost 50 years and that was easily one of the best games I've ever seen in regards to relentless defensive pressure. When we've lost to sides like St Kilda recently it's been because we failed to handle this type of defence and now here we are dishing it out.. This is a seismic change in the way the team goes about its job and the type of pressure that can win big games. Well done Dees.
  6. Cats by 25. Selwood may break the record for free kicks today. Conditions are made for his type of head ducker.
  7. An [censored] will always make a decision easy for others. My ignore list has quite the collection of mouthy flogs in it. You are now the latest member.
  8. Everyone with half a brain would understand that it means at the pointy end of the season. Bringing up something like that simply exposes you as a smartass with your hand on yourself. Grow up pal.
  9. Why would you waste your time typing that?
  10. A final 12? Good God what a bloody awful idea. And NT/Nth Qld combined or a choice between the 2? Cairns would be ok. Only a 8hr drive to see a game. That's a short distance up here.
  11. Did I miss something? Are the finals this week? 3 weeks in, and we have beaten 3 of the bottom 4. Lets see how we fair against the current top 6 before we start with the bragging hey?
  12. Damn straight. Open your eyes kids. We are not a top 4 side by a long shot.
  13. Still not sold. Seen it all before.
  14. Lovely to see the forward pressure from our two smalls, but bloody hell this kid has some rare skills. Will tear a game to pieces before too long and all of the young supporters will understand how it felt to have Jeff Farmer running around the forward 50.
  15. Very happy with the win and some of the individual performances, particularly Kossie and ANB who I thought showed huge improvement tonight. But was it just me or were there about 4 dropped marks in the 3rd, all while ducking their heads? That was alarming.
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