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  1. Yep i agree. I also agree with DemonWA. Relying on the trade system to get us up the ladder has hardly been a raging success for us.
  2. On AFL trade radio just now (in the 2 mins i grabbed before it dropped out again!) Mooney was very critical of our approach to trading this year, basically saying we had got spooked and gave way too much away. Said we should not have traded away number 3, 13 and 20 (though did acknowledge Viney going thru to second round was part of the deal so i'm not quite sure how he comes to his conclusion) and instead should have used those picks to build for the future rather than a short term fix. Wallace didn't disagree. Its funny the different perspectives you get. I'm rapt with how things have gone so far. Hogan is certainly a punt, but contradicting Mooney's view is a punt for the future. Dawes is still young so he is both helping us now but also perhaps for the next 6-7 years or so. He didn't mention Barry - if he becomes a regular best 22 player people will reassess this trade quite significantly. I also think he underestimates the importance of having some more wins next year. Bottoming out and going thorough seasons of losing is a huge risk and really damage a club IMO. I reckon GWS and GC will struggle to overcome this. We have been down way too long and for the club to to move forward needs wins next year to allow the fans and players to see teh light at the end of the tunnel
  3. Why not relay the rumor and keep the source to your self? Otherwise what was the purpose of the post?
  4. That works better than the other one flagged. Essentially means swapping Martin for Pederson which would be about right i guess
  5. Good get BH. For some reason it is easy to forget Dawes is only 24 and as a genuine big fella (ie a big tank like Jamar say as opposed to someone as athletic as Natanui) probably being coming into his prime in the next year or so. Big, big upside and curious that the pies are letting him go. Perhaps Buckley has a different game plan in mind or recognized that they needed a better back up ruckman as Cloke is no good in that role and nor is Dawes. Instructive that one of the first comments the club made about Dawes after his signing was that he would play a permanent forward role and not be thrown into the ruck. I assume that was part of the sell to Dawes. Am i wrong in thinking that Clark made AA as ruckman? With Clark we have a pretty bloody good second ruck option to give Jamar a chop out. Also i expect Fitzpatrick to develop in this role. I also think getting Dawes will be a huge benefit to Watts. I expect they will continue playing off the half back flank but also reckon they'll throw him forward occasionally and when they do other teams will struggle to cover his height if both Clark and Dawes are on the field.Won't hurt the smaller players either knowing two gorillas are prowling around the forward 50. I was keen on him last year. Rapt we got Clark though. Now we have both. I could not be happier.
  6. Read my mind Nasher. I'm assuming from Nudge's comments he works in the footy management business, I can't imagine you'd get to far in that industry without a pretty thick skin (and probably not without a pretty large dose of good ol Aussie bloke misogyny based on comments from Dawes manager who said something along the lines of "he needs to stay in Melbourne because his partner is very intelligent and has a career unlike most wags - sorry girls i like looking at you but really"). Nudge you seem a sensitive soul - i wonder if the hurly burly of footy management is really for you?
  7. Out of interest what do people think GWS would be prepared to give for Frawley (given they have said they want a key back)?
  8. I could not agree more SF. Frustrates the hell out of me. What mandate do the rules committee have anyway? One of the main problems i see is that the changes nearly always have unintended consequences that often contradict the reason for the change in the first instance. One example is being able to kick in from points so quickly. Designed to keep the game moving (and AFL mantra) which contradicts the current desire to see more one on one battles (that occur less because the ball is kicked less often to contests) and contributed to the increase in the number of of interchange (as the game has become faster and more aerobically challenging meaning players coming on for bursts of gut running on and off the bench) which they're just about to legislate against! I think Catholic nuns had it right - leave it bloody alone!
  9. This quote has an eerily familiar vibe to it. Spooky almost. By the by since when are Geelong interested in Gysbersts (ie someone from the club actually saying they were keen the way they publicly said they were keen in Caddy as opposed to some musty rumor)?
  10. Driving me crazy - the trade radio keeps dropping out! Not that its a great loss as it is gold standard filler! How many times can Wallace and Gromit say the the same thing. Wallace update btw - he thinks 20 for Dawes is more than enough an the dees shouldn't give up anything else. Marty Task says no movement on Ray. If we don't get him i would be thinking it's a shame about Ray.
  11. I was not trying to be negative, nor positing myself as an expert because i'm able to use Google. Nor, it should be said was i being critical or negative towards another poster in my original post on the subject. I was simply pointing out there is evidence that suggest this a very serious injury and that in another football code there is evidence that players struggle to get back to previous abilities. As i said he's got a good doctor i am hopeful all will be well (though as you point out i wouldn't know one way or 'tother). By the by to add to what i was saying about the seriousness of the injury apparently the prognosis is significantly worse for people who require a surgical response (as opposed to rest etc) and unfortunately Clark had surgery. For what it's worth i tried to find the one of the articles but couldn't, but came across this one that details a sudden upsurge of the injury in NFL: ttp://www.huffingtonpost.com/neal-m-blitz/nfls-lisfrancs-foot-fract_b_1961141.html
  12. I had the same thought Biff. He was good last season and his attitude seemed to be great but i do wonder if Neeld is keen to cut all of the key senior players from 2011. Rivers going would only leave Davey i would have thought. With RIvers though they no doubt want to tread carefully as i guess he'd be a pretty popular player at tye club.
  13. Good on ya. Perhaps i'll google what the impact of negativity and rude sarcasm is on the human psyche. By the way if you are going to have a go at someone at least make an effort to spell correctly.
  14. Whn his injury was di When his injury was diagnosed i did a bit online research. There have been other AFL examples from memory however there have been quite a few in NFL in the states. From what i read it is a serious injury, with some players not returning and the majority of players who were able to get back not being able to perfom at their previous level. Now i don't want to be a fear monger and the guy treating him is supposed to be the best so but it is certainly a worry given the way he plays and the weight the foot has to bear.
  15. Interesting post which raises some valid points. However the key query over Gysberts is his attitude and desire to do the necessary work. I vividly recall the reports of him being on the edge of collapse after time trials last pre season. IIRC correctly Blease also really struggled. The difference? Blease turned the corner and lifted his work rate mid season - a point he made himself in an unusually frank dee tve interview (ie that he it took him a while to 'buy in'). I get the feeling Gysberst has yet to turn that corner. Granted he had his jaw broken but Neeld was quick to praise players who were training hard (eg Sylvia, Nicho, Blease, Trenner - even Watts post being dropped). I never heard them say this about Gysberts. So i would suggest that Neeld could care less about 'potential'. He only wants players who are prepared to train at the required level and Gysberts would seem not to be at that level. The other thing about the 'moneyball theory' is that you get players to the the club who are undervalued not keep players whose value the club is well aware of. We'd be better of getting what we can for him now and cutting our losses - unless he can convince Neeld he is prepared to do the work and given he has had 12 months to do so i reckon this might be a hard ask.
  16. This must be an example of a Lance Armstrong suspension.
  17. That's it- the wing. My all time favourite footballer Robbie Flower played wing then half back then up forward, then in all positions. Watts is the new Robbie.
  18. Perhaps for you Biffen but not for me. When Greg Wells left the dees (whose number 11 i proudly wore on my coat when i was a young fella) i wished him nothing but success. Same went for Alves. Jolly - the same. Thompson - ditto. Healy - perhaps a little less positive vibe but certainly no hate. Even Scully i harbour no ill feeling for. Some of my all time favourite demon players have come from other clubs - Icke, Templeton, Cottogio, Fowler, Carmen and now Clark. Why should i 'hate' players who leave the dees? What a rdiculous waste of psychic energy. Good luck to Jurrah. I hope he fulfils his god given talent and brings joy to footy lovers agin. The real shame would be footy fans not getting th chance to see him agin in full flight. This nonsense about him needing to publicly 'thank' the dees is actually quite weird and to be honest is a great example of the cultural divide in so far as it is more to do with an anglo saxon cultural norm relating to what is considered 'polite' and rude. Also there is an echo in some posters post of a paternalistic element along the lines of 'look what we gave him, rescuing him from the remote wilderness and giving him a chance to play AFL, how inconsiderate of him not to say grateful thanks for our largesse'. Hate them because they leave? Give me a spell.
  19. Comedy gold! As a kid i loved Oscar the Grouch - thought he was hilarious. I'd never block you ADC - too funny. 1415 posts of pure comic genius.
  20. Good call. I wonder how long it will take before it is hijacked. The other thing i really like are the players that Neeld has got are all training animals who are fully commited to doing the work required to play AFL. Couch, Magner, Clark, Sellar, Byrnes and Dawes are all highly respected in terms of their focus on training and are all solid citizens (Byrnes is doing the Kokoda train in his off season FFS).. To me this is so important and is a clear statement of Neelds approach and what he considers to be to key to success (as he has made super clear time and time again). I honestly believe this point can't be emphasised enough This is how you change culture. The young players (current and new guys) will be surrounded by older blokes who go for it 100% and not only will set a great example will also not hesitate i suspect to make it clear what is required to succeed. In essence its like drafting in a new leadership group. very instructive that Clark was put in the LG from the get go. It would not shock me for one or more of the new recruits going into the LG next year. This will be the culture Hogan will be joining. No short cuts and the party boy element cut out of the club I love it
  21. I wonder if Denham is amazed at the number of AFL players who are putting themselves on the market. Even more amazed by the number of them wanting to to come to the Melbourne bears. By my reckoning 2 have chosen to leave (assuming Rivers goes) but, with Pederson four have chosen to come to the club (i'm including Barry who could have knocked us back and taken his chances in the draft). Not bad for a club that is apparently on the nose - what did ADC say about the 'player fraternity'? Humbug.
  22. I just heard him say that. Also said that no deal yet done with Melbourne. But surely 20 would do it. Wellingham would be considered a better player i would have thought and they accepted 17 for him (and many people said they got a good deal). Surely then 20 would do the job for Dawes. We can give them a bunch of steak knives if they want (Cook for example).
  23. Good luck to him if it comes off. Unfortunately i doubt it will as he will be coming from a very long way back - and that's assuming he isn't incarcerated. Adelaide would be a much better town for LJ, given how much closer it is to his community, the fact that he has family there and also i guess because its much smaller. I'd rather see him play for Port (or Adelaide) then never get to see him play AFL again Footy doesn't have enough players like LJ - ie ones who can weave magic and make you gasp.
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