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  1. Can’t wait to hear Sarah Jones ask Will Ashcroft if he’s excited to be joining his father’s old club.
  2. This kid’s interesting - Draft intel: Clubs eye next Sicily, son of Pie, Blue rising fast
  3. Allen has flight risk written all over him. Peter Bell already has his number on speed dial.
  4. Jeebus. Don’t tell me it takes the best part of two days. How many minutes does a club have for its selection?
  5. Definitely worth a look and an unlikely flight risk unless he wants to be like Ollie Henry and join his brother on the Gold Coast.
  6. When Chandler gets upgraded we still have 5 spots because the spot he vacates is still open. Just as a rookie spot and not a spot on the primary list. We will then have two primary list spots and three rookie spots as well as the capacity to take a NGA as the second Category B rookie.
  7. Not even for 5 minutes. The only exciting bit about it was discovering that it wasn’t true.
  8. He’s worth more to us at Melbourne than anything we could get in a trade with St Kilda. Surely?
  9. Dockers seem to be loading up on future draft picks. Is there a way they can combine them all and turn them into something they can use to get Luke Jackson?
  10. Why would a budding young ruckman want out or decline to be the understudy to two great ruckmen like Gawn and Grundy? We know that it takes years for young talls to develop and a great amount of patience is needed in their development. The Suns gave up pick 5 to get Mac Andrew as a 5 year project last year and to date, he has yet to even play in the ruck. Getting Grundy is a long sighted move in terms of the development of our future ruck strength and will help shore up that position in the short term with the departure of Jackson.
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