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  1. We may as well force Howe into draft. And tell Kennedy to do the same and get him with our last pick rather than waste in on a earlier trade value. We will get him for nothin anyway. Show some balls dees. We get nothin for Howe either way, but we get Kennedy at last pick anyway.
  2. I am hanging for this weeks entry. The author (adam) is my favourite journalist in the land. He rides all the bumps with us and feels every smash. He will be ecstatic tonight.
  3. who is our sub? must be [censored] if bail and matt jones are on the field.
  4. Ha ha yeah I was commenting on the terminology that is creeping in, or has set in. Not on you. Kudos for not being super sensitive...
  5. Distributor of the ball ............ what a wankfest . seriously
  6. The GWS team has some quality players all of a sudden FB: Heath Shaw, Phil Davis, Joel Patfull HB: Nick Haynes, Aidan Corr, Rhys Palmer C: Tommy Bugg, Callan Ward, Tom Scully HF: Lachie Whitfield, Jeremy Cameron, Cam McCarthy FF: Adam Treloar, Adam Tomlinson, Josh Kelly R: Shane Mumford, Stephen Coniglio, Dylan Shiel Interchange: Toby Greene, Nathan Wilson, Devon Smith, Ryan Griffen
  7. lets face it. It is 100% in AFL's interests not to ban players. AFL Tribunal findings 2 days before season. perfect timing for fallot before matches start and people forget. AFL pretends to be impartial. AFLTribunal finds them Not Guilty... Yeah right. If it was Melb we would have been rolled. I hope it goes to appeal so impartiallity is not an issue.
  8. How can we not do it. Instantly he is our number 1 midfielder if not number 1 player. He is a gun. Better than our other high picks.
  9. Would you swap pick 1 PP for Ollie Wines? I would. I reckon Port would.
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