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  1. Isn't Kobi George from Victoria? Melbourne welcomes NGA talent
  2. It's a stretch to call that an 'article'. A blogger who saw the same 6 seconds of Channel 7 as we have. Not putting a lot of cred in someone who writes "The Jesse Hogan trade was the dam wall for this trade period, with picks exchanged in that trade being used for Brisbane’s pursuit of Lachie Neale and Melbourne’s Steven May chase"
  3. I don't mind the concept of injury replacements, but why this element: Clubs have first rights to re-contract their drafted player or he becomes a delisted free agent. It doesn't fit the 'injury replacement' premise of the rule and could open the system to abuse. Better model would be that the drafted player returns to their original status - a VFL/SANFL/WAFL/NEAFL player who can nominate for the next National drafts as usual. The AFL club had the benefit of a healthy body. The drafted player received AFL exposure and will likely be picked up in the National Draft at an appropriate draft pick 'cost'. But I guess you don't want lower clubs auditioning players for Top 8 clubs to pick off with late 1st or 2nd round picks based on exposed form. So in true AFL fashion I'm going to complicate it by saying the rule should be: Clubs finishing in the bottom 6 have first rights to re-contract their drafted player or he returns to his pre-midseason draft status. Also, you would think this means the end to carrying any mature backup ruckmen on your list. Draft them young, if not first 22 by age 24, delist and use mid-season draft if major injury.
  4. As a fellow introvert, I reckon Jesse would hate a process where he publicly commits to Freo and then Freo drag out negotiations for the whole week. I reckon a deal is virtually done. Wait a day or two into the trade period to look like your negotiating and then make it official.
  5. These days I think 'touring the facilities' is code for getting the medical check done.
  6. Forgetting for a moment all the trade and FA compensation minutiae of how these circumstances arise, if you were the football manager for these clubs would you pull the trigger on these deals? Geelong viewpoint - Would you trade Tim Kelly and Pick 11 for Pick 7 and Pick 15? Carlton or Adelaide viewpoint - Would you trade Pick 1 for Pick 4 and McGovern? Port Adelaide viewpoint - Would you trade Pick 9 and Pick 10 for Pick 5 and Fremantle’s 2019 2nd rounder? Melbourne viewpoint - Would you trade Hogan for May and Pick 10? GWS viewpoint - Would you trade Lobb for Pick 11? GWS or Carlton viewpoint - Would you trade Pick 4 and 2019 1st rounder for Shiel? Gold Coast viewpoint - Would you accept Pick 9 for May?
  7. This is the payoff for the 'fair and reasonable' trading strategy seen with the recruitment of Lever. The high ground to say to the player and his manager: "We respect your talent and value and have shown than when we target someone we get the deal done." "If Freo won't respect your value, you''ll be here for 2019 and if Freo don't come to the party at the end of 2019, you'll have to go to the draft."
  8. Not sure if this has been posted already, but this Voss thread seems appropriate. Has Voss been asked by the AFL to clarify his comment - "our critical decision in 2010 was to try and lower our draft picks and get some good quality talent in" - from this recent article? Sounds like something the Lions should be fined a half mil for.
  9. FB - Frawley Garland Terlich HB - Watts McDonald Dunn C - Sylvia Grimes Howe HF - Kent Clark Pedersen FF - Byrnes Dawes Rodan R - Jamar N.Jones Viney INT - McKenzie M. Jones Toumpas SUB - Tapscott EMG - Sellar Magner Nicholson Not sure on Pedersen's pre-season form, but I think he will be given the chance to play the role he was recruited for - "link forward and ruck" - with our other key forwards actually in the team. I'd also like to see Frawley take on more small forward jobs, I seem to remember him doing this very well in the past. Garland seems too loose on smalls and needs to be able to take on talls (or Gillies should come in for him). Assuming Trengove and Blease not available. Slightly worried about run from backline, Would love to see JW present strongly in the corridor from time to time to mix things up.
  10. ^^ It seems that 2,000 GWS 'Foundation Members' dropped off in 2012. GWS had claimed to have signed 12,165 Foundation members as at 31 October 2011.
  11. Would love the club to take some initiative with this coverage. Take a leaf out of commercial radio, get in some volunteer commentators (or Matt and Ellie) and have repeated references to the 'Opel Goal of the Day' and the 'Webjet Flight (mark) of the Day' to help keep the sponsors happy. It's not a huge audience, but it also wouldn't take much to setup.
  12. Terrible article. Also, I think that afl.com.au must have followed Fairfax in outsourcing their sub-editing to New Zealand - the intro to the article in the 'News' section of afl.com.au states that Liam is still a listed Melbourne player.
  13. If we have 40 on the primary list, based on this article it appears we can still have 4 rookies.
  14. Between this and the Billy Stretch thread I feel like I've gone back in time. Please don't make me go through 2012 all over again!
  15. Our good record had a lot to do with the leadership of Matty Whelan, I reckon. Without Wrecker it seems to have been slowly unravelling.
  16. I don't think there is much risk for GWS or GC in bidding for Jack. I think we will definately use pick 3 on him if necessary. I am wondering (hoping!) if there is a PR angle to consider. By nominating Jack, aren't GWS and GC are saying that the players they eventually choose (Whitfield and ?) aren't really the rightful #1 and #2. Given the intensive media/PR around the draft these days will that be a factor?
  17. No one officially that I have seen. He's completely paranoid. The AFL would have been better off getting Warwick Capper to front GWS. Just as nuts but at least people in Sydney know who he is.
  18. Agree Except that the next year Johnson lost his license for driving 80 km/hr over the speed limit. But he wasn't drunk - so I guess you could say that the punishment for drinking worked. This is creative and could actually be effective. Give him 50 for 2012 with the leadership team to review whether he has earnt his number 12 back for 2013.
  19. Hmmm. Should Lucky Phil's salary have been factored into our compensation formula? Might have got another pick
  20. Pretty sure that's CaroWHINE Wilson. It's a twitter parody.
  21. With a reported 7,000 yet to renew from 2010 melbournefc.com.au
  22. Nice work hardtack Ok so the views of Jason Phelan, an employee of afl.com.au, are the views of the author and not necessarily those of the clubs or the AFL. And the views of Geoff Slattery, managing editor of AFL Media, are the views of the author and not necessarily those of the clubs or the AFL. What's next ... the views of Andrew Demetriou's mouth are not necessarily those of Andrew Demetriou
  23. I don't live in Melbourne, so am interested in knowing Demonlanders' thoughts on whether the proposed development reported in The Age would make a move to Docklands a significantly more attractive proposition.
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