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  1. WOW!! Two games and percentage clear on top at the moment and three games and percentage clear of fourth.
  2. The number of times Tom Hickey cleared the ball from a Melbourne tap was frustrating late night. Happened over and over.
  3. I'm sure C Scott spent a lot of time watching that Anzac Eve game.
  4. No-one ever told me about the stress of following a winning football team. It well and truly beats the opposite but still stressful.
  5. It's offical Petty is in.
  6. I think we need to be on the safe side, best if Franklin Rampe and Heeney stay in Sydney this weekend.
  7. They have a habit of beating us at the MCG, mind you we were a petty s- -t team for a long time and most team beat us. We have to lose a game sooner or later and it's how we respond to that loss will be very important. Just hope I don't have to find out for a few more weeks yet. Following a successful team can be strangely stressful.
  8. This might be our first loss for the season "I hope not" . But our biggest test is not when we lose but how we respond to it.
  9. Depends - Are the AFL still trying to even up the comp.
  10. Now second Fav for the flag. Strange that Ben Brown was not in the middle for the song. First win with the team and all.
  11. Hello Sportsbet is the $476 still on offer.
  12. North have done this most game this season but fallen away in the second half. Still we look a bit off.
  13. On the TAB site they have a Trend report. No one has backed North to win by 39 and over so $1 and you win the pool. Or lose a dollar. 69.9% have Melbourne to win by over that margin. And 55% have Melbourne to beat the line at 56 points.
  14. I'm with you. I'm told they learnt heaps from the Cairns trip today we will find out what. We are 8 - 0 since then so maybe they have.
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