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Discussion on recent allegations about the use of illicit drugs in football is forbidden

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  1. A little something on Streets Of Avalon if they do race.
  2. Went for the wrong Waller horse.
  3. With all the offers from BetR I think the rest will pick up there game. Lads are also offering a 100% deposit match at the moment. Up to $100. What I like most about Lads is that I can deposit at the local Newsagent, no explaining the spend on the credit card to the wife. They also gave me a $50 bet which I stuck on No Compromise .
  4. Put my Bonus $25 on Chain Of lighting. Thank you Ladbrokes.
  5. Took Giga kick to beat Nature, bloody Private Eye had to split them.
  6. If your with ladbrokes just put Free25 into the bonus claim section. it's for everyone. You have until 4pm today.
  7. Did you grab your free $25 bonus bet from Ladbrokes today. It's more fun losing their money.
  8. Gee just checked the BetR page they have five markets where you can have $101 odds, Max $10 but you can have a go at each market. So $50 for $5000 if you pick the winners. A few of those markets you could cut the chances down to 5 or 6 teams. Plus the $21 odds for the Cox plate. Not sure if you have to turn the winnings over again like some betting companies.
  9. Not sure what to do today, the wet tracks are going to make it even harder. Cannot believe how short Smoking Romans is in the cup. Did like the Waller horse No Compromise but its unloved in the betting. Might wait and see how the track plays out in the first few races.
  10. Go to the AFL page for the 101 ten dollar grand final bet. I'm with Ladbrokes but manly because it so easy to deposit at the local new-agency, hate using credit cards on betting sites.
  11. I see they have now added a 101 to 1 bet on any team to win the flag next year. Max bet ten dollars. So $10 on the Dees for $1000. if they win. Might have to join just for the bonuses.
  12. You would have to think they have someone lined up for the job, unless the players have approached the board. Something does not sit right with this.
  13. Oskar Baker was let go today so there the one.
  14. Love what we did in the trade this year. Our hands were tied with Jackson so we do ok in the end. Jackson is the only player we lost that was guaranteed game time yet all three pick ups will. Getting a game at Melbourne has only become harder and that's a good thing.
  15. S--t someone else to take Brownlow votes off Ollie. Great get if we use him right. Gawn after the grand final. Thought I'd sit on the bench awhile and let the other all Australian ruckman have a go.
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