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  1. I see on the news that rent prices in Victoria are now the lowest in Australia. But that whats happens when Gawn is living rent free in the head of every Geelong player coach and fan.
  2. This might be the first game this season where we do not start as favorites.
  3. When it matters you watch them all turn on.
  4. If ever a team had a good reason to be fired up its Geelong. Last years final, Last years round 23 game, Playing on their dung heap with a full crowd cheering them on. And I still believe we will spank them. Melbourne by as much as they want.
  5. Of course you could be like The Crows - win the free kick out and lose the game by 29 points.
  6. Cats kick the first three fast and North the next three, wasnt this game just on.
  7. I know they are professional footballs but no one can tell me they were not thinking about next Thursday night.
  8. Last time we played them here it was 5.1 to 4.2 at quarter time
  9. That kick the Mitch would have been a bomb to the square three weeks ago.
  10. Seeing Weid in the center for the opening bounce feels weird.
  11. Have I got time for a shower before the Dees game starts.
  12. Ive said this before but you don't want to play the bottom eight teams in the run to the finals. Even they don't beat you you still come out with the wrong attitude when you do play the better teams.
  13. Whats that line about bad kicking is bad footy.
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