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  1. Now do the right thing for your coach and beat the Lions.
  2. Gee if we had beaten the Pies we would be clear on top and they would be clear on the Bottom.
  3. Does Casey get to play this weekend.
  4. And that Kossie kick is why we are not winning, Have to fix the forward line and the delivery into the forward line.
  5. He had a player there. One stepped of the ground and one stepped on. The one who stepped off was not watching.
  6. F--k Me they paid one. And he kicked it.
  7. Number of times they drag us to the ground or push after a mark.
  8. If BBB was lining up after the siren to win the game. Well I don't think I could watch it.
  9. The Kossie tackle the dog player ran from the kickout to near the fifty and kicked into Kossie. must have ran 30 mts
  10. When's the last time Gawn lost a coin toss.
  11. All Melbourne in the betting. If only that meant something.
  12. Sure but who will kick the first goal. Thinking of putting a bet on. Is it Brown.
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