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  1. Hasn't had a good time at the Hawks at all. He really got off on the wrong foot......................
  2. Way better than anything we have for his position. No brainer if he's cheap
  3. Ellis and Newnes are not bad free agent options. Obviously Hill and Langdon are better options but will cost picks/players. I would not be surprised to see us end up with 2 of the aforementioned 4. That would balance our team up very nicely. I'd also be going hard at Papley as a fwd/mid.
  4. Time to bring in Kielty and play him up forward so we can at least contest the ball in the air. TMac out for a rest if he's not fully fit or off to Casey to find form if he doesn't have an excuse. Wouldn't be against dropping Weideman to bring in someone like Lockhart too.
  5. I know it doesn't prove anything but you can see his possession numbers and rebound 50s are higher than you'd ever expect from a small forward. I was watching him closely all season and he was up the ground as much as any of their mids.
  6. He's not a small forward though. He is a winger that plays high half-forward and occasionally half-back.
  7. Saints are too quick and mobile up forward for Petty to be considered.
  8. About as likely as seeing him in the ASX200...
  9. Always seems to be involved in the big moments that decide matches. Has fluffed them in the past but is making the most of them in 2018.
  10. How is anyone suggesting OMac should be dropped? We don't play 1v1 in the backline anymore. It's not his fault that Hawkins had 20m of space to lead in to, straight at the ball carrier, for the entire last quarter.
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