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  1. Robbie truly was a class act. No one comes close.
  2. Very unlikely, Crows are a basket case.
  3. Turns out - we are still horse p**s Hell and back????
  4. I have no idea how to listen to the game on radio anymore (live). Always a delay.
  5. Total respect to Jordan!! however, washed up... Jesus how long can you accommodate poor form. clearly a very good footballer in his final days. Good bye and good luck.
  6. Can not believe the poor skills. Absolutely deplorable!!
  7. If your playing at your 3rd club your just a soulless mercenary. Only a few exceptions - Dom
  8. Emotions ars still raw but.. I cant remember a club choking like this! Ever!!
  9. HA! GF recovery, what a pissa!!
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