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  1. I don't mind playing a player who may be lacking in fitness so it can build up their levels etc. But makes you wonder how many of them you can fit in a team given Petty and McAdam are in the same situation. Understand getting them match fit to AFL level requires some AFL matches but is there a limit to this?
  2. This seems a bit of the vibe for me, but a little hard to answer given how the game has changed and also due to the fact i was born in 84, so i don't really remember anything pre early 90s.
  3. Then relocate to Geelong and a new ground and training base funded by the government in no time.
  4. Jayden Hunt next name on the list hopefully.
  5. Do you play him forward so you can run Kozy in the guts more?
  6. Even if 'Gus was playing I feel we may be having this issue. Need something extra/different in the midfield composition. Kozzie show flashes but need him forward defensive pressure as well so not a permanent solution.
  7. Agreed, at least Goody didn't go down the Chris Scott route
  8. Hopefully we go less moneyball this offseason with the trades and can snare a key puzzle piece.
  9. Are we allowed a replacement for JS?
  10. Think Rivers has more dash than Salo so i'd prefer that option. We need more than just extractors/hoofers
  11. I love BBB but as I said in the match thread he only got a game cos JvR, Turner, Melksham and He who cant be named were out. The reality with BBB is he's a cherry on top player - he can still play a role but needs good delivery and needs others to do some of the hardwork to cover him. When we're a little bit off our game or dysfunctional it's not going to go well for BBB. Imagine Fullarton gets a gig soon to see what he can offer.
  12. Too many kids Danhausen, you don't want to curse them or burn them out with overreliance early on
  13. Agreed. Already playing a lot of kids; let’s not throw them all in.
  14. Our best forward def pressure was trio of Spargo anb kozzy doing the business injuries and other reasons have meant we haven’t been able to run this this season
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