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  1. Apologies if this has been posted, but only just seen the tattoo This is either a good sign, or will one day be used to make us sad/laugh aha
  2. Yep, get a unique song! Just Noticed all your fav players, well played. At my 18th (many moons ago) had the Cup Final on in the background- Went absolutely bonkers when King Peter hit the 90th minute winner.
  3. Yes I'm all for supporting mental health, but would rather not singing a song idolized/used by Celtic/Liverpool fans aha Let me donate in silence instead aha
  4. Demonland when @Lucifer's Hero updates the List
  5. Trac loves NBA and you see big name players moving all the time, so part of me was somewhat worried about his long term signature - but seeing him happy to be a 'one club player' fills me with joy. Onwards and Upwards Trac.
  6. Guess Daw as well, signed for Cover for a few key positions and we're currently without Hore/Tomlinson all season and Smith for another 8 or so, so Majak finds himself closer to the team as a defender than a forward.
  7. At least it gives us an opportunity to test some things against a lesser side
  8. Went to the game with a Tigers fan who admitted hasnt watched must Melbourne games over the last few years. His first impression of Spargo was he's too small, too slow and doesn't have an X-Factor. I then went on a passionate rant about how he's improved and adding to the team. It was like Demonland of Old meets Demonland of New.
  9. I've been to 5 Demon Games this year, also arranging a weekend at Hotham (when we're playing interstate). Best of both worlds!
  10. Very happy to have Salo locked in for 5 years. Reckon given the games Viney has missed that one potentially too long. Harmes somewhat long but all depends what we're paying I guess. On a side note, Kozzy Pickett shares all the good news stories on his IG page, as he did with this one, so it seems he loves the club which is great
  11. Assume this may be the avenue they go down. He'll be 29 when this season wraps up and has another 12 months on good coin. Unless they potentially extend his contract and spread some of the 2022 salary to future years to alleviate some 2022 cap tightness? That being said just need to monitor how the forward line goes this year and look at needs/wants at end of the season.
  12. I assume Steven May is made of titanium. The two concussions in quick succession an issue, wonder if we'll end up with two players wearing helmets. I like to call Gus 'Helmet' at times, so this would just confuse everything.
  13. Yes, they're running through this
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