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  1. We're a happy team at Hawthorn
  2. One part of the game I really dislike (from all teams), players deliberately not picking up the ball or conveniently dropping it to try milk a holding the man free.
  3. Speaking of Ladder Watch, can someone please remove the one from Max Gawn's back. He must be tired of people sitting on his head. The Squiggle AutoPredict has us coming 3rd now. Geelong game will be huge, but expect more twist and turns from other teams too
  4. Yeh i love the way he chases players with the ball (just hopefully with less push in the backs). Exciting with and without the ball, a joy to watch in full flight. I know he's not the only one doing this in the AFL, but after winning free kicks or after good tackles, just shoving the player when they're already on the ground etc. Isn't crunching a bloke enough these days?
  5. Hopefully he can improve his set shots but love watching him play. just want to know why he’s so angry with the free kicks against and pushes/bumps etc. Aggression ok but chill a little aha
  6. We have won 1 game in the last month which isn’t promising. BUT tonight, there wasn’t a lot in it despite some of the commentary about the doggies. they took their chances, we went into the sheds at half time 2.7
  7. Seems we're in a Covid Window, Premiership Window and a (Baby) Delivery Window.
  8. https://www.sen.com.au/news/2021/07/20/the-demons-forward-who-is-getting-a-bit-of-a-bad-rep/ (THE DEMONS FORWARD WHO IS GETTING “A BIT OF A BAD REP”) Always ironic seeing Dermie say stuff like this, but surely over the top no? Sorry if posted elsewhere
  9. The Melbourne Cricket Club, on behalf of the MCG, is understood to already be working on a new Covid plan for spectators at the footy. Sources have confirmed new entry parameters could include: No food or drink on sale inside stadiums. Masks to be worn at all-times. Staggered entry times to avoid queueing. A bigger spread of seating.
  10. Admin note OUT: GOLD COAST SUNS IN: WESTERN BULLDOGS (joke probably made in the thread already, but we'll allow it)
  11. Imagine we've probably seen our last regular season game in person. Bad week for Dogs, lost a player to ACL, another player to quarantine and now have to face the top8 juggernaut
  12. Yep, included Matches Played for the reference of others but just couldn't be bothered doing the math for each stat. His tackling #s compared to some of the other mids is elite especially as he's played half the games of some of the others Tackles - 4th Tackles inside 50 - 2nd
  13. I know statistics aren't everything but some of the key outputs (from a scoring POV) of the mids so far this season .
  14. If i was a Geelong fan i'd be annoyed. Fans can't attend so commercially doesn't make much of a difference - why not play at their home ground which suits them better. But also ahaha @ Geelong.
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