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  1. Started the Friday knock off drinks early?
  2. sneakily watching at work without sound makes it even more confusing trying to figure out who everyone is
  3. The MCC website says "Three game guest pass into MCC Reserve for any three Melbourne home games", which differs from what is said on the MFC website, so might need to clarify that with them. Imagine I would then have MFC Ballot and a MCC Ballot. If we end up with heaps of Sunday afternoon games i don't think it'll be an issue either way but who knows with a rolling fixture and our rolling form aha
  4. It's a bit confusing at this stage and I need to sort out my MCC/MFC dual membership, but hard to know the value without knowing the agreement/plan Dual Membership Option Exclusive - $89 - no additional access, MCC only Premium - $225 - General Admission access to all Melbourne home games at the MCG and Three game guest pass into MCC Reserve for three select Melbourne home games. The Premium one seemingly gives me greater chance of attending games. But also Not even sure when/if MCC members can bring guests. So uncertain which one to buy atm,.
  5. Very sad/tough news. What mental strength she must have through all this.
  6. Lots of anguish at him auditioning for a rookie spot. I'm on the fence but it's not the worst move, not best 22 but covers some insurance in certain positions.
  7. I legit forgot about Brown for a minute - was so confused as i knew it wouldn't be Susan Boyle
  8. Attached a google map screenshot and also a graphic from the City of Casey Master plan for those who need images like me to understand things aha
  9. "The new Etihad City Football Academy (CFA) will sit within the 84-hectare Casey Fields Sporting Precinct (Casey Fields), and will feature an elite training tablet pitch, four full-sized floodlit pitches, a two-story elite performance and HQ building and space for a 4000-capacity mini-stadium to be created as part of a future ‘Stage Three’ construction. " how much space is there at Casey fields?
  10. seen a few references to "Big Hairy Audacious Goals", I believe that's the Brown/Jackson combo isn't it?
  11. I hope so, I can go to bed
  12. To be fair it was fairly obvious we needed outside run!
  13. Always gets me curious, the senior players start back later, but one or two begin early - is it like a snowball effect of players feeling guilty for not attending aha, there is some exponential growth here.
  14. Wonder if this will scare off a few suitors
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