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  1. As a net result, Jordon out for McAdam seems a positive one for us. Liked JJ - good depth and good bloke but we were waiting for (prolonged) breakout performances, never quite got there. Guess it's hard when you're down the pecking order a bit. As usual, wish him well apart from games against us.
  2. last time he didn't go he polled pretty well though!
  3. I love sporting trading/transfer whispers, thinking about how teams could play and the flow on effects etc. Happy for any whisper to be shared, won't begrudge if they turn out false. There's incorrect news but also also news which is correct at the time but things change or things that would happen if not for X occuring.
  4. 2021 - Games Played 13 (11-1-1) - 25.13 2022 - Games Played 19 (12-0-7) - 30.19 2023 - Games Played 7 (5-2) 11.4 If his knee is right, what do you consider a pass mark for games played in 2024.
  5. Re: BBB His wife did say on social media that his knee is ''looking better and ready to get moving' , granted neither she or us are medically trained. Guess its one for the coaching staff, medical staff and BBB to sit down and have a chat.
  6. All the best ooze. bout time he got the opportunity. joined us when there was a lot of pressure on goody, maybe he had one eye on the job! Thanks for your work for that 2021 flag!
  7. He had a bit of a up and down year, but its also his first year of consistent senior football. So perhaps a dip understandable. In 2019 he played in the last game of the season and was a tackling beast that game. In 2020 he was consigned to the VFL/COVID In 2021 he was sub for 5 games making it onto the ground once. In 2022 he was sub 4 times making it onto the ground 3 times. So quite a jump playing 23 games this season, plenty to build on. 3rd at the club for goal assists, 5th at the club for goals, 9th for tackles etc. Fully agree he dipped a little at times but also hard to judge the forwards when the forward line rotated as much as it did (due to injuries or what not), a lack of cohesion didn't help. I like both Spargo and Chandler, yes they have things to work on don't really want to fob either of them off But as stated above, who knows what the greater plan is for drafts/trading etc.
  8. Was playing well v Hawks and North in games he was injured in. Provided his foot heals well/promptly, expect him to do a good job next year.
  9. Our Key forwards were generally pretty accurate this year, just a shame everyone took it turns being injured (or suspended in JVRs case) Still plenty to build on from this - Smith 11.4, BBB 11.4, JvR 28.9, Petty 12.1
  10. Back to Back VFL team of the year and won a flag with Casey. Unlucky a little bit with selection and sad to go out with an injury.
  11. Luke ended up making the side as did ex-Dees OMac and Marty Hore.
  12. Tom Lynch is turning 31 in October. basically same age as Tmac and BBB - but yes body in a better condition. Wonder how many years he'd have left.
  13. I can sort of see the rationale in picking Schache. We went a bit smaller against Carlton so the height as the sub made sense. You'd have to assume internally they rate Josh as the better forward. Is he more mobile? They've seemingly drawn a line through either Max and/or Grundy as a forward for anything more than a slight rest. To me the confusing part was not activating the sub when there were candidates and opportunity for the change. Know it's not really the thread for it, but the sub in the first final was ineffective and the sub in the second final wasn't used. Seems we haven't mastered this fully.
  14. Miers also also kicking it to more consistent forwards. Wonder what Spargo stats would have been like if we had a well oiled forward line.
  15. Is 'worst kick' based on accuracy to teammate and not clangers etc? At the same time the game plan of lumping it into the f50 won't do much to improve their ratings.
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