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  1. Using the mid season draft to advance or back your argument isn’t really helpful. What it means is that a number of clubs have used that draft to satisfy their needs for the type of player who usually takes years to develop because they are loathe to take such players with valuable early national draft picks. It’s only the outstanding young ruck talents who get selected in the first round of the national draft. It remains to be seen whether Mac Andrew falls into that category.
  2. 6. Clayton Oliver 5. Christian Petracca 4. Ed Langdon 3. Max Gawn 2. Jake Lever 1. Luke Jackson
  3. A few clubs have byes - they might be able to organise something around one of those clubs but most likely a scratch match and not official game.
  4. Is the announcement of teams happening tonight?
  5. Here he is from 2014. At that stage, I would have picked Naitanui ahead of him.
  6. You’re quite right demonstone. The festival was in July and Dylan was booed by many in the audience when did an electric version of "Maggie's Farm" – the booing got worse when his band played "Like a Rolling Stone", the song he originally recorded in the Columbia Studios in New York on 15 June, 1965 for the Highway 61 Revisited album.
  7. Now that Josh Mahoney’s left the building someone will do something to get us a better deal from the AFL than we have now.
  8. Two Browns and two Smiths would be an interesting combination.
  9. There’s something awfully wrong here. It smells of a cover up. Collingwood extended his contract last year and he’s on massive coin thanks to a heavily backended contract. His pay put him at the top of the pile at the club and he’s been a fine servant over the years. The messaging from the club to its player group and supporters is confounding and the repercussions could be massive in the future.
  10. 6. Ed Langdon 5. Clayton Oliver 4. Steven May 3. Christian Petracca 2. Adam Tomlinson 1. Max Gawn
  11. Except that we won’t be playing in the last week of September even if we make the finals because it’s the bye weekend.
  12. Yet again, half of our side will be different. Also, the incentive to win is more than somewhat heightened compared to where we were at late last season.
  13. As we move forward to the business end of the season, here’s some inspiration from Round 22, 1987 when the team had a famous victory to seal a place in the finals -
  14. A very composed game from the youngster who is quietly having an excellent debut season. Is he in the mix for a Rising Star nomination?
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