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  1. 6. Ed Langdon 5. Clayton Oliver 4. Steven May 3. Christian Petracca 2. Adam Tomlinson 1. Max Gawn
  2. Except that we won’t be playing in the last week of September even if we make the finals because it’s the bye weekend.
  3. Yet again, half of our side will be different. Also, the incentive to win is more than somewhat heightened compared to where we were at late last season.
  4. As we move forward to the business end of the season, here’s some inspiration from Round 22, 1987 when the team had a famous victory to seal a place in the finals -
  5. A very composed game from the youngster who is quietly having an excellent debut season. Is he in the mix for a Rising Star nomination?
  6. Very hard to tank when you have a bye.
  7. Haven’t heard much lately about what the leftover players are doing while the team’s playing. Is it all too hard with the compacted fixture?
  8. Eleven in a row - something we can only dream of today.
  9. I predict that there will be 11 different players in our 22 this week.
  10. I suppose it’s a good time to bring this up.
  11. 6. Max Gawn 5. Jack Viney 4. Christian Petracca 3. Clayton Oliver 2. Steven May 1. Ed Langdon
  12. Those were the days when we could go to Kardinia Park and win.
  13. Could someone look to see if they can find Tom Scully in Blacktown? Wasn’t he last seen looking the place over?
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