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  1. See Collingwood got two weaker opponents - does AFL have to get them some wins to attract their crowds?
  2. If you read my post I mentioned the next two games which happens to be against both teams who played yesterday. I said CJ plays for the Hawks - nothing about him playing us next week.
  3. Was at the Cats/Hawks game (Wife a cats supporter). Agree 100% with this assessment. Reckon Blicavs will shadow Jackson around all day. Shockingly boring game yesterday and if the focused Melbourne turns up the next two weeks and lowers their eyes should be two more wins. The one Hawthorn player that impressed us all was 29 -C Jiath. Very speedy and skilful half back - will have negate him.
  4. Are we the only team who hasn’t activated their sub in the 3 rounds? If so, testament to the fitness team.
  5. I too remember them- particularly one where he just ran through opposition players with no care about self injury - the other players stood taller as a result
  6. For mine, this it too eloquently written to have been developed by a Collingwood supporter/member.
  7. I agree with accolades about our better known players last night and I loved seeing some of the lesser known team members show what they are capable of: Heath, Sherriff, Lampard, Tarrant, Colvin and Magee. And it’s great to see Goldrick’s attack on the ball, and courage - reminds me of Matty Whelan’s approach. Another beauty is McNamara - very skilled and courageous too. Was absolutely stoked in last night’s effort by the women. Hope some of it rubs off on the men!
  8. If he gets fit enough for AFL,, perhaps he goes back and frees Petty up to go forward?
  9. He had surgery in both hips one year which significantly impacted that year, so in my view the 6 year comment is harsh - each to their own.
  10. When I watched some games - he wasn't soft!
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