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  1. He did it to me too because I prefer BBB to weid.
  2. Anyone know how I can watch in Regional NSW. Kayo has Carlton 😕
  3. How was Ryan’s kick to Kennedy judged over 15 m? - should have been play-on for mine.
  4. She’s a great player and I’m really happy she’s joined us (and Purcell is a great pickup too)
  5. I’ve been frustrated by Weideman’s very average performances. To his credit, he clunked two good marks against much smaller opponents and kicked two important goals. He also had the chance to show intensity by cleaning up Smith when he came back to spoil. Instead he went for a chest mark without his arms and hands up in front of himself and didn’t even put any body in Smith at all to make him feel it! It’s this lack of mongrel and his lack of intensity / urgency/ chasing (also mentioned by several others) that makes me wonder if he’ll make it long term.
  6. I think Lockhart could come in and we try hunt and/or Rivers on the wing. Lockhart was much better than Baker in the last Casey game ( at least he got called heaps by commentators
  7. For me - Two who have retired (thankfully). Both from North. 1. Lindsay Thomas 2. Scott Thompson
  8. No good for me in Regional NSW - any other ways to listen/watch?
  9. 292 Goals vs 46 - I know who I’d prefer🙂
  10. I think people are disappointed with his inconsistent kicking for goals when he should kick them. Thus, they compare his output to BBB who tends to be a more reliable goal kicker.
  11. Lever - also: stupid frees again; takes wrong options;
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