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  1. He had surgery in both hips one year which significantly impacted that year, so in my view the 6 year comment is harsh - each to their own.
  2. When I watched some games - he wasn't soft!
  3. Happy if he does, as long as it's not against us!
  4. I'd prefer 42 - the Meaning of Life (and ANB if I recall?)
  5. Martin wants to go to Essendon apparently, maybe that's why Phillips is available?
  6. My view is - lets see what he can do with more space to lead into. Maybe his record at MCG is because they don't play there much or were constantly playing on Friday nights?
  7. Play TMac on a wing? - has a great tank
  8. Hawks have played McEvoy at CHB this year. Definitely need some height in Forward line. Hope TMac gets up because if we bomb it long to only Weid (with McEvoy, Frost, Sicily and Frawley then game over. Need two talls to compete if TMac out (Brown? Jackson?) with 4 fast forwards - then have to do more low balls and run Hawks off their feet. VdB to smash Isaac Smith in first tackle so he can't run all day!
  9. Thanks for organising the interview- great to hear progress on site near the G
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