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  1. Hi Cassie - yes I ordered on 25 September and got an email on 29 September confirming the order - here’s some of it. Hello and thank you for your purchase, your payment has been processed your purchase will be sent via Aust Post. Please note NEW WEG ART Shop now open at 198 Bayswater Road Bayswater North Phone: 03 8740 3891 Perhaps give them a call and ask what happened to your order? Good luck #11-TA
  2. Have decorated the home office with my laminated Weg Posters - Will be a great backdrop for my official meetings 🤪. My 'Premiers Mask' is on the way, Still waiting to hear about when the 'Premiers Pennant' will be sent to my father.
  3. Finally received my Weg Art premiership poster (and they sent a bonus C’arn the Dees poster) in Northern NSW. Will go and get them laminated. Still waiting for my premiership mask here and for the Premiership pennant to be sent to my Dad who is in his late 90’s in SE Melbourne
  4. Theme song Verse 2 rewrite: Oh the team played fine to win 12 previous flags, We’re demons that no one can lick, And you’ll find us there at the final bell, with the spirit of 2021!!!! ... and we all know the rest of the song. GO DEES!!!💙❤️
  5. Good on you Sam - I hope you can hit the heights of the 2018 finals again
  6. Always thought he was a fantastic pick-up. Loving what he brings to the team.
  7. This is better than the first two finals in 1987 because it’s a preliminary final 😂🙂
  8. I thought they were here pyjamas 🙂
  9. He’s been injured for a lot of the season and VFL not playing - harsh assessment
  10. Tmac almost took a clutch mark in the last that created a crumbed goal. He stays for mine
  11. Frankly, I’m sick of him quoting something to do with Collingwood at every opportunity. I don’t care about someone being somehow associated with the filth. If they are not playing in the match there should be no reference to that mob.
  12. He did it to me too because I prefer BBB to weid.
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