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  1. Quick summary. Lose to Freo last year - bad. Win against Freo this year - also bad
  2. Surely Gary Rohan should not make himself available for any final/gf
  3. What a shame we can’t rely on a team to choke in the last game to let us into the finals (like MFC...)
  4. I like the thought about Hawthorns pain, unfortunately history suggests otherwise
  5. Understandable it wasn’t directly from Brody, he is still asleep...
  6. Rhetorical question, is that you Bruce McAvaney?
  7. Agree, the Gysberts brothers were rubbish
  8. Optimistic. Confident the footy world doesn’t care about either teams...
  9. Lack of skill, lack of composure. Not sure how you fix that.
  10. Like it, but don’t really ever remember winning any other way
  11. Love how hard Hannan goes in. Really want that desperation from everyone
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