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  1. Ideally not. However if it’s late in the game and we are losing - probably
  2. Phew. Had no plans to watch footy shows. Back on!
  3. Never a winner with those two teams, but nice to see the bombers players and fans hearts broken
  4. Ripper, looking forward to more premiership merchandise
  5. Really like this. And on reflection, think it was they right decision paid in 2021 GF - when he received the free kick then kicked the goal.
  6. Nice. Now to complete the double tonight - last years qualifying final
  7. He is practising “not raising his arms”
  8. Easy to make mistakes with spargs - just ask Ricky Nixon…
  9. Sounds good. Basically creating more space for future demon silverware.
  10. The only downside to watching the replay at the G on Sunday will be no opposition supporters to taunt when we start to get on top in the 3rd quarter!
  11. Agree. Only known weakness is sometimes he chooses to spoil with his head…
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