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  1. It was a standoff, then the demons went bang. Bang, bang, bang.
  2. Really struggling today, just received my stubby holders and I am not sure which one to use tonight
  3. After another week of watching GF TV/radio calls, some random observations/thoughts: - Was the so called “master coach” move of putting Treloar in the centre the beginning of the end? Probably a big call, but it really bit them when our midfield took over - with Jackson in the centre bounces it was basically 5 versus 3 - Was it a tactic for the demons to keep crunching Macrea at every opportunity? Seemed to wear him down - Dont reckon one broadcast mentioned Johannisen put both hands in the back when he took that screamer
  4. Sorry Christian Petracca’s ball drop. I underrated you “ball drop” and you proved me wrong! Those two GF goals were a thing of beauty
  5. One the dogs hyphenated players had a reasonable game in the GF: Roarke-Smith
  6. To annoying opposition fans, just politely nod your head and at the end of every sentence say “I remember when we used to be like that”
  7. Can someone fix up afl.com.au. Doesn’t have Salem goal in the match report (has Neal-Bullen with 2). Cheers
  8. Gerard wasn’t impressed with Cody Weightman’s game “needs to stay in the tram tracks”
  9. Watched the gf enough times that I am starting to visualise the game when listening to the radio calls.
  10. Phew, needed this! Read the The Record front to back. Devoured every conceivable demonland topic/posts - particularly loved reading the game day thread again, really replicated my feelings on the big day! Watched the replay 5 times. Now it’s onto the radio calls. Started the first one from SEN. Currently half way through the call, and ladies and gentlemen, it’s a thriller!
  11. New favourite album - 2021 AFL grand final. Starts off really solid. Killer tracks at the 3/4 mark, then a brilliant finish. And like any great album, initially the songs you didn’t like (second quarter) seem to get better the more you listen to them.
  12. Need this in reverse when Tmac pushes the bulldogs defender into the back row of Optus Stadium
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