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  1. Last time I lived in Melbourne - I was trident club. Hanging out at the Betty Cuthbert Bar. Was good. Moved interstate (again) and went back to country/interstate member. Moved back to Melbourne the start of this year - best I could get was Demon seats in the Shane Warne Stand. They're OK. But would much rather be back where I used to be :( Membership team have me waitlisted...... bloody annoying and unlikely to change I'd reckon after the rise in Memberships now that we kinda good these days
  2. Havent read the thread and cant be assed to. is it pronounced Keee- yah or k- eye-ah or some else entirely?
  3. I hit the unsubscribe button and the bottom. It takes you to a reason for unsubscribe page. There is an other option. You then have 100 words to tell them how you feel! They will know how I feel
  4. Got my snail mail propaganda. Have read through it and nominated a proxy…… The current president And will voted for the prezs reforms. really not appreciative of all this data transference he wants!!
  5. Given we've got a couple of likely early FS prospects over the next couple of years with young Brown and White - well need some picks for them and a result will be a reset of our future draft picks as a result. (Or we'll go into a deeper hole with them- one way or the other!)
  6. Jeepers you've already forgotten your Jackson namesake - he's at Freo!!!!!! We have a full 23 again
  7. North Job possibly back open.... investigation dependant Would much rather he ends up there than the Bombers anyway
  8. You missed Joel Smith will be [censored] canned as well * *as long as he plays seniors .. playing ressies DL seems to think he will be the next Garry Ablett Senior if we played him forward....
  9. So are they going to retrospectively give Corey McKernan and Chris Grant their medals now?
  10. Just came here to post those exact words
  11. Shame jay Lockhart was playing for the sharks. Thought he was good enough to be on an AFL list.
  12. Just goes to show and remember that the rest of the season is just prep work for September. Need to get the game plan right through the year while winning enough games for top 4. Getting the squad fit at the pointy end Making sure you have enough guys running through the team through the year for every scenario - I called for JVR to play against Nth Melbourne, reason being he wasn't going to blooded in the lead up to September and it proved a bridge too far to debut him in finals ( despite Brisbane doing that exact thing in wek1). Need to be smarter off the ground
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