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  1. theres a couple of other major problems: Player X smiled pregam, during game or aftergame = Definitley Leaving, probably to Freo for $$$$$ Player Y didn't smile at all = homesick, definitely leaving, probably to freo for massive $$$ Player Z Scratched his left [censored] = were really screwed, anyone thats any good gets offered massive $$$ to go to Freo
  2. The problem isn't posting on it but rather opening it up expecting ACTUAL news on the situation. Just to be sure I fully blame Jack Watts
  3. I have it in good faith he wears blue undies but also goes for the red speedos on game day
  4. Have some great mates that are full on crows - it hurts them so much that Bernie Vince not only played for us but was good at it!!! A little more salt to add would be just lovely 😍
  5. Can clearly play. Probably would have been better off elsewhere for his final stint on a list - would be playing regularly at other clubs - but at the Dee's he's only a break glass in case of emergency type
  6. Turning into a gun. Are we better off with him in the centre square and push Trac fwds more. Gives the class fwds and not lose anything at the coalface
  7. Can’t for the life of me work out why the AFL can’t make the umpiring a full time gig. do that and most of these crap umpired days disappear
  8. Yeah been getting cranky with Anthony Hudson over this - however he just wants his excited voice replayed over and over if they get up in N upset
  9. He didn't it was toe poked back into him. Really should not have been payed
  10. High high pressure game - we know our boys can sustain it - can the crows sustain the pressure all game
  11. Nah love going to interstate games. Different venue, make a weekend of it - catch up will people you haven't seen in years, and when (used to be 'if') the Dee's win - it just adds to it.
  12. Change your name to Nostradamus please sir Wasn't on any radar anywhere besides this post
  13. Yeah was reported on SEN a few days ago his manager was flying in this week to meet with the club Who knows what this means - everything can get done on a phone/email/ teams meeting - no need for face to face.... unless they feel the need to put some heat on in person - anyones guess why
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