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  1. Brown weed and tmac can all back up ruck and at worst pinch hit there. No issues rotating through all of them to change in game balance as required.
  2. Without knowing intrinsically what each individual is going through - it's impossible for us outside the group to know the right way to manage the loads on the players. But he is right in there needs to be management of the group to ensure fitness for the back end of the year, prevent any mental burnout and the guys peaking when it counts. You want the team settled for the last 4-6 weeks pre finals. Between now and then we are in a very enviable position where we can strategically 'rest' players, experiment in positions (why not leave max FF for a game and let Jackson/BB/weed take t
  3. If he was fit rd 1 he would have played. He is fit now play him and brown and Jackson in the forward line. Have TMac on the wing like he trained all summer with Petty KPD or play TMac KPD with whoever on the wing - just not Baker at this stage - not rating him at all right now, also not rating Petty either but he plays if TMac is on the wing. At 7-0 now is the time to play around with team balance a bit, roll the dice and see what happens. I for one believe we will be better again with that set up. TMac can always rotate through stints forward to change the balance. Throw Jackson on
  4. I think there a few instances where it is the right choice. Afl player in a contract year late in career - better to be playing than not. Bloke like Tommo here injured at a [censored] time when a deep finals run (in professional footy) it looking ominous. Mid forties lady who still wants to play with kids and go for the week at the snow but can't commit to 12 months rehab. Outside of those particular circumstances - would not touch it. Not saying he will or for his longer life physical health he shoould.... But deep runs at this level are why you play the game. I'd h
  5. It's the vibe.... Surely we get Dennis Denuto in to argue this....
  6. I sincerely hope we do what Brisbane used to do in their dominant era - have a massively hard training block come June/July in order to be absolutely prime in September. We have already earned the chance to manage player load through winter and do some in game experimentation of players in different roles to allow flexibility at the end of the year. We will lose games - happy to do so more on our terms when we are gearing up for our first serious charge in a long time
  7. If I was him at 28, in this squad in this year. I would roll the dice on a synthetic LARS ligament and potentially be back playing in 6 weeks. Rather than go traditional and be back next year. Can always go down that road if the LARS fails.
  8. We played much better with TMac hiding down a KPD role today. Keep him there. Bring in Weed. Not sold at all on Petty. It's just bringing in someone who is tall back because we need one. We have a bloke in the 22 who played well there today. We have another bloke banging the door down to get in up forward.
  9. Oooooohhhh Yyyeeeeeaaaaahhhhhh
  10. Gun in the making. Cannot believe he lasted till our 3rd pick. 100% Nailed that draft. Jackson Kozzie and Rivers - 3 young jets that make you enjoy watching footy
  11. 6-0 Big stage. Absolutely smashed the yardstick team.at their own game. Close with thread. He's head coach for at least another year or 2 or 3 on the back of this. No matter where you think the change has come from - the buck stops at the head coach. The line coaches and development guys all need to be on the same page - right now they most definitely are
  12. This week Weed in Brown out Next week -sideshow Bob in for Melky and dependent on recovery - May for Petty. when Fritta ready probably Jones makes way. At some point JJ and sparrow may get rested -although this can get done by medical sub now.
  13. Was very strange watching this from the couch in NQ. Despite it being close with the Hawks having their nose on front for the first half. I was calm, reasoned and in absolutely no doubt that the result wouldn't go our way. Our thing now is that we are just fitter, and go harder for longer than the opposition hasbeen able to this year. Big test coming with the Tigers and feel it be an absolute cracker of a game and win lose or draw we will know 💯% if we are thereabouts. I believe we are right now
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