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  1. Well he's certainly been noticed now. I want to apologise to Harry. I was wrong on this guy. Never thought he would make it and actively called for TMac to go back when Tommo went down. Wrong o 2 counts there!! Outstanding last night in the Adelaide cauldron.
  2. Just watched Neale on AFL 360 FMD Tears again. love that man. Seeing him now like this is just [censored]. my most favourite memory of Neale - at Schwartz’s pub day after 2000 granny - the tab ran out.... Neale was the bloke that got stung - had to pay for a round of about 20 drinks... no arguments just did it. Schwarta in panic stations on the phone... 30 seconds later - tab back on -carry on... not far behind.. “take a [censored] mark Neita...”
  3. Spargo - kick the fu&&ing goal. OK that's 4. But hey it needed the extra. Running in clear 40 out - just kick the goal - don't pass it there
  4. Wasn't Matheson spruiking himself as the 'barometer' 2 weeks ago.... FMD
  5. assuming this Twitter poster is on here... well done you 🤣
  6. Viney will be a bonus if he plays. Salem is absolutely essential. This was most definitely a loss we had to have. We didn't do the things that have gots us here. The blocks and shepherds weren't there. We running off not helping the guy 5m away trying to get an easy handball. We were caught doing Hollywood crap. Fix this and we will competitive with Footscray. Do it not and we get thumped by 10 goals. All we need is to be competitive and then win or lose it will be close. I fully expect this to be the GF preview
  7. Sorry @ManDee - have fixed. The old autocorrect change of their to they're.... Kinda ruins the whole thing hey!
  8. Pie floaters are good - those photos look like vomit though! Adelaide really should make the most of their state though and have coffin bay oysters and penfolds wines as their food vans...
  9. Despite the whole Adelaide is [censored]. They do have somethings going for it. The little wander down from the city past treasury casino to Adelaide Oval really is special. Have some very fond memories of that walk and sitting on and near the hill for the Adelaide test. now that’s done [censored] Adelaide it’s a [censored]
  10. Tipping Weed to have a monster game. They have to put all their energy into stopping brown and tmac and koz. this will leave weed almost free. A very different prospect to being the only guy in the fwd line and being triple teamed
  11. Brown weed and tmac can all back up ruck and at worst pinch hit there. No issues rotating through all of them to change in game balance as required.
  12. Without knowing intrinsically what each individual is going through - it's impossible for us outside the group to know the right way to manage the loads on the players. But he is right in there needs to be management of the group to ensure fitness for the back end of the year, prevent any mental burnout and the guys peaking when it counts. You want the team settled for the last 4-6 weeks pre finals. Between now and then we are in a very enviable position where we can strategically 'rest' players, experiment in positions (why not leave max FF for a game and let Jackson/BB/weed take the load for example), and also rotate through the guys who deserve it in the 2s so as they're ready if And when injuries happen.
  13. If he was fit rd 1 he would have played. He is fit now play him and brown and Jackson in the forward line. Have TMac on the wing like he trained all summer with Petty KPD or play TMac KPD with whoever on the wing - just not Baker at this stage - not rating him at all right now, also not rating Petty either but he plays if TMac is on the wing. At 7-0 now is the time to play around with team balance a bit, roll the dice and see what happens. I for one believe we will be better again with that set up. TMac can always rotate through stints forward to change the balance. Throw Jackson on a wing for a quarter here and there. Have BB weed and Jackson do ruck stints with Gawn one out in the square and swap him with petracca out the square - The only blokes whos magnets need to stay put are May lever Hibbo and rivers - keep them back. How good would coaching this team be right now - you could absolutely [censored] with every oppo coaches head and be confident it would work
  14. I think there a few instances where it is the right choice. Afl player in a contract year late in career - better to be playing than not. Bloke like Tommo here injured at a [censored] time when a deep finals run (in professional footy) it looking ominous. Mid forties lady who still wants to play with kids and go for the week at the snow but can't commit to 12 months rehab. Outside of those particular circumstances - would not touch it. Not saying he will or for his longer life physical health he shoould.... But deep runs at this level are why you play the game. I'd have a long hard look at the option in his shoes
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