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  1. Not sure if this is allowed but here you go @wheaters31 @Blistering
  2. I don't understand this 1. Why wait to now to announce? 2. Why Carlton FFS - plenty of other Melbourne based teams with top 10 draft picks? Most of which are not the basket case of Carlton - he would be well paid at ay club - Why not choose one with some sort of stabilty? 3. If his preference really was us - just announce it and then go to your 2nd choice of a deal cannot be worked out - it's not up to him to repay Freo by choosing somewhere else to work based on current employers wish for reimbursement 4. It just doesn't make any sense whatsoever - but we have one these🏆so WGAFF
  3. Please Please please employ him as development coach/ mentor for new young players
  4. Just a few snippets from the ground and the fan day today
  5. Is Goody the first premiership coach in about 10 years to either not be Clarko or be one of Clarkos past assistants??? All hail the new generation
  6. Far out. I thought the last 2 weeks took a lifetime- today is the slowest time has gone for a very very long time. Will be an eternity before game time
  7. He's not going to Carlton - of that I am 99.99% certain If he was he/his manager would come out with it - there is absolutely no reason at all to not. Same goes with every other Vic team not playing this weekend. You can assume with certainty that he will come out after the Granny with a preference for one of the 2 teams playing. WB don't seem to be in the picture.
  8. @Webber finally revealed yourself 🤣🤣 https://www.news.com.au/lifestyle/home/pets/woman-inadvertently-captures-her-cat-carol-sensing-the-victoria-earthquake-before-its-tremors-are-felt/news-story/e09f8d79262240df9c87e3ae94a37da7
  9. Reckon even the [censored] gods are bored with the 2 week build up
  10. Not fussed at all about that 2nd wb game. Would like to think both Goody and Bevo left some cards in the deck that night. Bevo may well have played one or 2 extra cards to make sure they didn't come into finals as 0-2 against us - but highly doubt either side showed the full hand. I've convinced myself that prefinals the only time we went close to the full tactics was the 2nd half against Geelong - playing around with positioning and tactics in the hope we didn't have show too much the week before possibly playing them again - then we had no choice but to kick into full speed and haven't looked back since. I don't think the dogs are actually aware of how good our best set up actually is
  11. [censored] me.. Longest 2 weeks of my life... and we're only a week into it!!!
  12. Anyone on here crossed th Gibb River Road? I watched the Prelim on a satellite TV at Manning Gorge. The following morning this was on a sign outside the Mt Barnett Roadhouse. ( For those that don't know -This is just about as far as you can get in Australia from the MCG!!) Had our fist post Gibb week doing horizontal falls, derby cape Leveque and now in cable beach/Broome for some serious R&R while waiting to fly down to Perth for the GF
  13. Have you already called in sick for the next 2 weeks Jaded.... next week for the panic attacks and emergency department visits for the heart attacks The following week for the party at home (or the major depression episode obviously dependent on results)
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