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  1. North Job possibly back open.... investigation dependant Would much rather he ends up there than the Bombers anyway
  2. You missed Joel Smith will be [censored] canned as well * *as long as he plays seniors .. playing ressies DL seems to think he will be the next Garry Ablett Senior if we played him forward....
  3. So are they going to retrospectively give Corey McKernan and Chris Grant their medals now?
  4. Just came here to post those exact words
  5. Shame jay Lockhart was playing for the sharks. Thought he was good enough to be on an AFL list.
  6. Just goes to show and remember that the rest of the season is just prep work for September. Need to get the game plan right through the year while winning enough games for top 4. Getting the squad fit at the pointy end Making sure you have enough guys running through the team through the year for every scenario - I called for JVR to play against Nth Melbourne, reason being he wasn't going to blooded in the lead up to September and it proved a bridge too far to debut him in finals ( despite Brisbane doing that exact thing in wek1). Need to be smarter off the ground
  7. Go Swans GO Lions It's not a want it's a need to see neither Geelong nor Collingwood make it
  8. All we are saying is give the Rooy a chance.... (You know you are trying to sing this now )
  9. Sideshow Bob approves of JVR in
  10. Gws are demanding 2 first rounders for taranto. Guess that makes Jackson worth 4 first rounders
  11. 30 mins on hold - absolute joke Tickets in N55 just in from of Jim styles room. Can't complain about the seats.
  12. Yep it's bloody ridiculous Was after midnight on Friday by the I got home with my 9 year old son. And we live all of 4 train stations away from Richmond.
  13. Really hated seeing our Fwd set up in the 3rd quarter. 3 tells deep with anb spargo and kosi on the square at the centre bounce. Hack kick comes Fwd and no marking option at CHF - bounces straight back the other way. We need a proper CHF big time
  14. Smuggling in some scotch tonight..found some little plastic bottles to hide in the jacket. Not getting stuck in stupid long bar queues tonight!!!!
  15. Ahh the sweet sweet sound of no more Richmond nuffies for the year.
  16. Well if Kim Hagdorn is correct over in WA and Jacko is staying put for 2 years - I don't care where Grundy goes or doesnt but it won't be to us.
  17. Just noticed - I think this is Hibbo’s 100th as a demon Lost in the wash?? Or have I missed something
  18. I too was 12. I remember crying in the stands after Buckenaras goal with everyone else. We WAS robbed
  19. Yeah Priddis for a start without thinking
  20. I personally don't see the point he's not best 22, hes injury prone and bot going to make us better during the next 2 years. Better off developing a kid or 2
  21. Got on at 10 couldn't get 5 cat 1 seats together - they kept on giving me rubbish seats. So just went what the hell and took what they served up... went to pay and then got ..... Oops something went wrong.... Back to the end of the queue.... 30+minutes later gave up on 5 seats and took 3 together (stiff bickies for the 2 extra people I was trying to buy for) Ended up in M56... could be worse I guess
  22. Must be new around here. Babiczuk. The cause of many problems according to Demonland ~15 years ago
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