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  1. Will be a champion. He won't keep missing goals when he adjusts to the pace of the game. Once his confidence grows he could be anything
  2. Let's hope we can get back to the footy next year. Last week 500 owners and trainers were originally allowed to go to the Cox plate and then that got cancelled due to public backlash so I have limited faith. Victoria are still using fax machines in their contact tracing models and systems. They don't integrate with Victoria's "word leading" new IT platform I started posting on Demonland over the merger debate in 1996 and I didn't use a pigeon or a fax Machine back then. It was all electronic, on a slow old modem. Let's all hope we can get to the footy next year and the Dees
  3. That's not true. He's a different unit but so are buddy, dusty, Ablett and a host of others.
  4. Is that on a podcast or a post. I don't think I have heard / seen that And would be interested to.
  5. Oliver came equal winner in our b&f last season and top 10 in the Brownlow this one. We all know he can do better. Daisy Pearce to win the best player in the women's and have the award named after her. Our recruiting staff not to miss the best player of a generation
  6. I'm still [censored] off Neeld put him in the sub vest after going out as captain for the coin toss.
  7. I hope Shaw does well. This has been an ongoing issue. The board and assistant coaches have known for a while.
  8. I want to know why a piece of dirt can travel further than I can.
  9. And to think Gil is only the 2nd worst commisioner of the last 2.
  10. Hunt and Kozi both fly from the backline and run forward to create pressure Hunt kicks crucial goals. I can't understand the hate. The same match committee that selected Pruess when torrential rain was forecast refused to pick Hunt.
  11. 2020 is a [censored] year all round. Kozi will win mark of the year in 2021.
  12. If you could have wished for Petracca to smash Dangerfield and Dusty in the Brownlow medal count at the beginning of the year every single person on Demonland would have taken it.
  13. Put your hand up if you took Petracca at $500-1
  14. I'm not sure I understand your argument. As far as I know Covid doesn't discriminate between protit or not for profit aged care facilities. The 2nd wave spread of the virus in Victoria happened as a result of the hotel quarantine disaster. This lies (pun intended) with Andrews.
  15. Dodro is probably the only person on the planet who could learn from Trump's book the art of negotiation
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