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Discussion on recent allegations about the use of illicit drugs in football is forbidden


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  1. My best 6 Neal Bullen 5 Gawn 4 Lever 3 Petracca 2 Langdon 1 Oliver
  2. I can see him being a mid over the years.
  3. I would give Billings a full game. Look at last week's game where he was nearly BOG. As for May, I would give it another week.
  4. agree: The Press just want to hashtag old wounds and note: very little asked about his actual game day play.
  5. BTW me there are a lot of knockers for ANB here dating back years but I am with you. Him and Sparrow do a lot of things that go unnoticed and I thought last night both were "wanted" players in our team.
  6. I agree. They should send him to Werribee....
  7. Interesting that it is against Richmond where they have Yze as Coach and we have McQualter in our den. Should make for an interesting fight.
  8. To Tom and Ruby, so very sad to hear the news of baby Goldie Joan McDonald. Our prayers are with the family.
  9. Oh no! I could fill a page with the "likes" of people who wanted him dumped from the 22.
  10. ANB is in my best 22 and always has been. He is a TEAM player at heart. (and no I don't have a short memory when it comes to quality that ANB provides the Team. I rank him just behind Viney.)
  11. I have a great memory in fact. Those who wanted him dumped then there were those of us who had faith in his incredible team spirit.
  12. Agree, but remember all the knockers here on Demonland last season who wanted him dropped? Grrrrr
  13. I think it would be good if the whole team - almost took some marks.
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