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  1. I am not so negative re Hunter. He had issues with the Coach at WO and feel a fresh start and a will to play top senior footy hopefully will revitalise him.
  2. Rumor has it that the other teams never turned up for the games against him. But also note rest of his teammates also kicked 10 each.
  3. With respect I beg to differ in that this years Draft is not as strong as next years so why would you not hold what you have for 2023 Yr. ? when add to this the fact that we have already drafted well in 2022 for a replacement for Jackson plus Hunter and Schache not to mention the improvement in JVR.and others. I just feel our desperation to upgrade in 2022 may backfire on us in 2023 strong Draft.
  4. We should go after Ratts now and have him as understudy to Choco Williams and even coach Casey.
  5. Yep, I have one of these... Just like the other 23 only they gave me mine 12 mos ago.
  6. I reckon Brett should apply for the St Kilda Senior Coach position...
  7. I am a mind reader and it's Grant Thomas for me @ The sinner Saints. Tea readings start at $2,000 an hr if interested...
  8. I was a fan of Francis and MFC were into him as a target when he was recruited.
  9. My question then is: Who comes first; the Club ( meaning the history and the greater Game) or a player who has faulted in his playing days over and over again. ? Honestly it is a no brainer in that the Club is greater than the individual player and by that I am saying he should be a reliable cog in the wheel. So, yes - terms of a contact should encompass both the on field ability, the term and the conditions of his employment.
  10. I cannot see what Freo could offer us as compensation.
  11. Well let's wait and see. Tomlinson will be the first of my "selection" to get traded. Watch this space.
  12. You forgot about our 2022 trades and recruits in Pendelbury, Lachie Neale, Cripps, Andrew Brayshaw and Touk Miller...
  13. Your comments are from the heart and now is the time to rid us of the "older" players who are considered - "fringe" in the likes of Melks, J Smith and D Smith, Rosman, Baker and consider uptrading as Richmond did 2 years ago for more grunt in the Team. I believe we have players who would be considered by other Clubs. Let's go to the Trade with an open mind and get quality to improve our base.
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