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  1. Have to disagree on this one. They both have fundamental and critical root cause technique problems. Trac has an overly high ball drop which means it is often not a straight ball drop, and kicks across the ball. Those flaws are exacerbated by his baffling spinning of the ball in his hands when lining up for set shots. Max does just about everything wrong. Crooked run up, hold the ball at a weird angle which means an angled ball drop, spins the ball in his hands, doesn’t follow through on his kick etc. Lloyd, who is the best set shot I’ve seen in football has explained all this. It’s often hard to self-improve. So where are the coaches?
  2. Not sure about that. It’s actually very, very close. https://www.footywire.com/afl/footy/ft_player_compare?playerStatus1=A&tid1=5&pid1=6873&fid1=S&playerStatus2=A&tid2=12&pid2=4150&fid2=P&fopt2=2021&type=T
  3. SOS is too cool to even clap or cheer his own son. What a f log of a human.
  4. Disposals inside 50 are [censored] due to forward structure, leading patterns and the forwards not moving anywhere near enough to create space. I used to think the same as you until I went to a few live games and saw the whole field. Living in Brisbane it’s not always easy.
  5. I agree Kane makes a lot of sense, if Petty does actually want to leave. if he does want to leave the Dunkley comparison is a relevant one. Kane has some out there opinions but it doesn’t mean he’s always wrong. A lot of demonlanders are triggered by Kane and Morris. I don’t get it as not many of their claims are outright wrong. They’re just doing their jobs and we all click on the articles!
  6. I have seen quite a bit of him yes. He has strengths and weaknesses like any other player. Absolutely rate his abilities. But two of his weaknesses are size and he has missed a lot of shots on goal.
  7. He is tiny, gets plenty of it but sprays them everywhere. Sounds perfect for us.
  8. Surely we have drafted enough midgets by now?
  9. There’s no way Curtin slips to pick 10, he’s likely going top 5. Caddy also very unlikely to still be available. O’Sullivan probably 50/50.
  10. Crazy Bevo has similar if not better record breaking claims. Do you think Bevo is a fantastic coach? I don’t.
  11. Everyone keeps quoting this figure like it’s a huge AFL salary. It’s the average player wage in 2022. Harmes in his best role is better than the average, Goodwin just doesn’t play him there. Lost Dunstan, JJ and now Harmes. So let’s say Vineys foot flares up and Sparrow is injured. Who goes into the midfield?
  12. Just shows draft picks are always speculative to a degree. This year the draft really drops off around pick 8, by all reports.
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