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  1. Interesting. It was a good enough tactic for the Scott and the Cats in finals last year. I think they qualified as one of the “best teams” in September last year. it was a key reason the Hawks beat the Pies a few weeks ago. not doing it was a key reason GWS lost on the weekend.
  2. I don’t understand why we don’t play Harmes in his best role. He plays his best footy as a shut down player. We have seen the importance of that type of job in recent weeks. why doesn’t Goody use him like that anymore?
  3. Penny isn’t too bad on the eyes!
  4. 100% an opinion can be wrong. I work with a peanut who thinks the earth is flat.
  5. And if your Aunty had balls she’d be your uncle.
  6. BT sounded like he was going to cry when GWS were on top.
  7. Callum Brown absolutely squibbed it vs Markov and cost a goal. [censored] weak.
  8. Right you are. I was counting seasons where he got on the park. But considering he’s getting a salary and a list spot, 8 seasons it is.
  9. 100%! This drives me crazy. if I was coaching it would be front and centre or you’re on the pine. it’s under 12s stuff really.
  10. https://www.afl.com.au/news/763204/spargo/amp Signed a 3 year deal last year.
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