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  1. Something is up with Kozzys Instagram. The club has deleted the “thick” post referencing him (not all kozzy posts) and Kozzy has deleted all his pics and references to MFC. Just has #36 on there. Weird.
  2. Ask Hogan how that works out for a professional athlete.
  3. Check out 5:32. Did this regularly. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=Nh0xnwOBVUM
  4. Could tell by the way he shirked physical contests he was gone mentally.
  5. Probably has to ask mum if that’s ok first.
  6. Given he was delisted immediately after not long on the list, and the fact he’s the only delisting. Makes me wonder if it was behavioural/work ethic? Nothing else really makes sense.
  7. The whole thing is weird. What would it matter if Scott and Harmes spoke today vs the weekend?
  8. Chol would’ve been a great pick up. 39 marks i50, and 44 goals. Would’ve been second in our goal kicking with that output.
  9. I like Hunt, always have. As others have said his pace is something we really lack. However, he is far too inconsistent and when he plays poorly he has absolute stinkers. He played 20 games this year in 8 of those he got under 10 possessions. In some of our most physical games of the year, against North (5), Freo (8), Sydney (3) and Pies (9) he really went missing. Possessions don’t tell the full story of a player’s contribution of course, but all the pace in the world doesn’t mean anything if you’re not getting the footy. He was good against Carlton and Brisbane (r23) but didn’t do much else
  10. https://www.footywire.com/afl/footy/tr-melbourne-demons?year=2022&rt=TA&st=TO
  11. Reports Rosman is on the out. Can’t say I understand this when he has had some injuries and only been on the list two years. At 194cms one of the few developing talls we have. Was taken after McCreery and Walker who have had decent years and getting regular games. Strangely, the post was liked by JVR?
  12. Then why didn’t they select him again the rest of the year? He has potential for sure.
  13. Try and educate yourself on the modern game. Attack is usually launched from defence. I’m not saying he’s a spud. I’m saying that right now he is not playing to AFL level. His performances are not warranting selection. Locking down a defender isn’t enough in the 2s to play seniors, you need to win the footy and attack.
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