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  1. Was he responsible for sending out the finals marketing in 2017 the week before we made failed to make finals? That fiasco is still embarrassing!
  2. If that’s how games are going to look now, then we’ll all have to find a new sport to follow. AFL wants higher scoring, they’ll get higher scoring... from abundance of shots at goal from 50 metre penalties! ****house!
  3. They don’t have to stand the mark. Heard from a few people at different clubs that some coaches were trialing abandoning manning the mark in certain parts of the ground and instructing players to instead just flood back to clog up the defensive 50. This rule change is going to make for some ugly defensive matches of footy IMO.
  4. Travis was always a big game player and had a great record in finals matches. That 2002 semi final against Adelaide he kicked four goals from a wing and carried a team on his back for 3 quarters. One of the best games by a demon in my life time. Shame his teammates couldn’t go with him and get the job done that night.
  5. Haven’t read this thread yet, but I touched on this rule change in a training thread recently. Fair to say it’s another [censored] rule change by a bunch of out of touch idiots who need to justify their jobs. “Word coming out of the clubs is they’re training their players to flood the defensive 50 as a way to combat not being able to control the angles of the field as much. It’s going to backfire for the AFL and lead to yet a further reduction in scoring. The rule changes the past few years have been ineffectual and pathetic and actually harmed the sport further. The next stage
  6. Daw is peak physical specimen. Still looks in ripping shape and has serious muscle. Shame he’s going to be played more forward as he really excelled down back IMO. Good to see Brayshaw and Viney up and about too. Both need a good run with injury and will play an important part of our midfield mix. Thanks for the photos!
  7. Standard Melbourne FC. There’s a reason MFCSS exists, and it’s entirely warranted unfortunately.
  8. Condolences to Kozzie and his family. Look forward to seeing him return once he’s ready and not a moment earlier.
  9. Yes sounds like he’ll be getting a spot. Surprising given he was passed on by every club. He must’ve showed something special at training. Here’s hoping he can become a live wire like his old man!
  10. Nup. Not 2021. Give it a year or two for our core players to mature into leaders (Oliver, Petracca, Weid, Langdon) and youngsters like Rivers, Jackson and Pickett to get more experience handling pressure.
  11. Yeah the AFL have brought in the rule to increase scoring, just like the other rule changes the past two season... which both lead to reduction in scoring. It’s supposed to restricts a team ability to defend and thus make the game faster and higher scoring. Teams won’t be able to force the angle of kicks because the man on the mark must remain stationary. The protected zone around the mark has increased also. Team mates aren’t allowed within five meters of the mark now either. Players can’t swap out who is on the mark, so if Charlie Spargo is marked over in the defensive 50, he can’t s
  12. New standing the mark rule is already a farce. Can’t move side to side, back or forward. Jump and you risk getting called because you land behind original spot etc. Latest bat**** rule that will lead to flooding and reduce scoring. Clubs are already training to flood as a counter to not being able to force kicks to certain angles.
  13. Steven Motlop?! He’s barely getting a game at Port! In what reality is he classified as elite?! I know it’s just stats, but I’d have thought he wouldn’t be ranked in the top 400 players statistically...
  14. This one is less of a concern than the Viney foot injury. Brown has been very durable and only suffered knee problems for the first time last year. He’s played all matches in a season 5 times out of 7 since debut. Viney has missed tons of matches through ongoing foot injury. He’s only played a full season once out of 8 due to injury! Browns injury sounds like a bit of swelling while adjusting to full load again after a layoff. Not panic stations yet. Vineys is a big concern and hopefully he doesn’t miss more matches to that foot problem.
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