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  1. I was told he was unlikely to get another contract, and that was before this latest event transpired. I’d say his fate is sealed now. The club did a good job to get him fit and back playing, but it hasn’t worked out.
  2. Best of luck to the three of them. The Wagners worked hard and got the most out of themselves IMO. Dunkley didn't get much of a chance due to COVID, but I never felt he had the attributes to make it regardless.
  3. Definitely worth a shot as a cheap recruit. He was a rookie pick up who hasn't solidified a place in a team that's finished bottom four two years running. He'd come cheap with a token fourth round pick or the like. Has kicked a few bags so if he can keep developing and thrive in a new system then he could play a small forward role at AFL level IMO.
  4. Geelong Richmond Bulldogs West Coast I'll be supporting the Lions. I have next to no interest though since we failed yet again.
  5. May not making the squad is a bit silly. Didn't expect him to make the final 22, but to not make the squad is wrong. I can pick out 5-10 players in that squad he's had a better season than. I expect Petracca be our only player in the final AA 22. Oliver not good enough. Gawn borderline but missed a few games with injury.
  6. Cameron is the most proven, but would come with a massive price tag. Brown is the next most proven. He and the club have had a falling out that is unrelated to football. His ability is still there. He struggled this year after tragically losing one of his unborn twins. That combined with a new baby and the COVID situation meant he was not mentally present. He is not happy with how North treated him, pressuring him to join a hub and potentially leave his wife to deal with losing a baby and raising a new one at the same time. He scored 60+ goals for the three years running before this s
  7. Have heard Viney is likely to stay, but other players such as TMac may be on the move. TMac unhappy with the way the club has handled his body the past few years, both from injury management and changing body shape to add bulk which caused further issues.
  8. To be fair, you'd be trading for an All Australian full back, an All Australian midfielder, and a borderline All Australian half back flanker. It'd be the equivalent of us losing May, Oliver and Salem. They'd have every right to demand the world. I can't even imagine losing multiple players of that calibre in one hit!
  9. Haven't heard anything about this, but Merrett is the exact type of midfielder we're looking for. He's balanced both inside and outside with good kicking skills. We'd need to give up a 1st round pick minimum or a good player plus something else. Brayshaw or TMac plus a pick would work for us...
  10. Or our problem as a club. We've struggled with development for decades now and still appear mentally weak from a culture perspective. Kossi Pickett is just as talented as Ryan, so let's hope we can develop him into a player of similar output.!
  11. In 2020 Jack Martin was on slightly over $1m and was the 6th highest paid player in the league ahead of stars like Bontempelli, Dangerfield, Gawn etc. In future years his salary will be much lower as it was a front-loaded deal. Even front-loaded, it's still a poor deal IMO. He wouldn't be in the top 100 players in the league and is worth nowhere near what the Blues pay him now or in future. As for Williams, he'd be a good get if the price was right. He had a good 2019 when he got more midfield time, but otherwise his career output has been hit and miss. He's likely not worth what he's goi
  12. Happy to put my hand up and say I got this one wrong. Seeing him play in the WAFL I was convinced he'd never make it as he was such a lazy footballer. Shows what a strong AFL club environment can do for natural talent!
  13. Posted on here over a month ago that source at the club told me he was unlikely to have another contract for next year. This sort of news will just tip the scales now.
  14. Dogs by 30. Cant see how Freo will kick a big enough score to win, especially with Walters out. So frustrating we put ourselves in this position. We still remain a mentally soft club.
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