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  1. Grounded and well spoken. Sounds like he's fitting in well and getting great mentorship from Viney. Hopefully his positive mindset helps him thrive at the Dees!
  2. Great result. He's struggling a bit this year but he's a great young talent and has versatility and grunt. A key pillar for our forward stocks and structure for the coming years. Always good to lock away another WA kid.
  3. He struggled with the pace of the game, but he's an 18 year old playing his first game at the level against last years grand finalists (and deserved premiers). His effort was good, he got to a number of contests early, laid a number of strong tackles and showed some footy smarts. He's got a good frame and with more size he'll break some of those tackles he got held in last night. Midfield scope in future. He'll be a player with more time to develop. Poor night for him to debut. His team mates should apologize to him for the pathetic effort they served up. He needs better leadership than what he was offered last night.
  4. No Kozzie no Melbourne. He's the barometer. His pressure in the forward half is missed and we've lost both matches this year he's missed now in similar fashion. Also miss the ability to change up a losing midfield combination. He needs to reel in the rough stuff now and just stay on the field.
  5. Our tall forwards remain a major problem. I know the ball isn't going in there cleanly for them, but they need to create more leads so there's movement and space to utilize. Petty, JVR and Brown are all battling for impact. If we had any other options in the VFL you'd drop Petty. JVR has been decent in the ruck but poor up forward. His marking skills seem to have abandoned him. He gets to so many but then has them slip through the hands like Chris Dawes used to. The thing that [censored] me though is surely as a forward getting manhandled, you can position yourself to earn a free kick. Chance says you'll earn a free kick eventually, to not earn one actually takes effort haha It's mental how many contested they lose without changing tactic.
  6. Gawn and Tmac can hold their heads high tonight. Midfield was woeful.
  7. Petty 0 disposals st three quarter time. I get the ball has barely got to him smoothly, but that's unacceptable. Surely you can position yourself to earn a free kick or something at some stage?!
  8. Our goal kicking accuracy this year has masked our form. We've been average despite winning. Our inside 50 count and clearance numbers have been well down on usual form. Same thing happened early last season where our accuracy was through the roof before coming back to reality
  9. I'm more confident in this team playing at any ground that's not the MCG. Anyone got stats for win percentage at each ground? Heading to the MCG these days triggers the MFCSS something shocking!
  10. Smashed around the ball. Zero defensive pressure in the forward half. No Kozzie no Melbourne.
  11. Best mate is a Swans supporter. He's not overly fond of Heywood and couldn't care less if he leaves. "Kicks 3 goals then disappears for a month. Doesn't have the physical presence of other bigs. Doesn't have the speed or intensity of Paps and co. Easy one to move on for cap space".
  12. Debut of a 200 gamer tonight. Good luck Kolt!
  13. Will be a tough game tonight. Despite the Lions poor record at the MCG, they've managed to beat us there in finals and then lose in the dying moments due to some individual brilliance from Melksham. Dees by 7 points.
  14. Super excited for this debut. By all reports Kolt is a ripping bloke, a culture setter who will be an important part of the playing group in future. He's got high impact potential as a half forward now and midfielder down the track. Best of luck Kolt!
  15. They'll only catch us if they're given another free hit against North.
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