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  1. Fair call. For some reason I thought he was 27. At 30 yeah he doesn’t offer as much and can see why he was delisted then.
  2. Shane Savage just delisted. I’d take him ahead of a few on our list. Wouldn’t have bothered to sign up some of the depth players we kept on. Ah well!
  3. No. Lost his pace and endurance so was relegated to deep in defence this year. His lack of endurance and speed has meant he’s struggled to get his hands on the ball, even in a strong team. His kicking skills are good, but definitely lost penetration the last year or two. He’s struggled with form and at his age it’s no wonder he’s been delisted. Family lives in WA so he won’t come across to Vic for a one year cheap contract. He’s not a really an onfield leader either. All adds up to a No.
  4. Paywall. Did they highlight the same players being discussed on here or any surprises?
  5. Awesome news! WA clubs will come hard for him, so great to lock him away and keep watching him develop. He came on quicker than expected this year after struggling to pick up the pace early. He's a unique talent. Good stuff Jacko and club!
  6. Not sure how anyone could be negative about this trade. Brown is the most productive forward we've had since Neitz, and we essentially traded him in for a pick in the 30s. We basically traded Preuss (a 25 year old ruckman played 10 games) for Brown (a 27 year old key forward played 130 games for 287 goals). Even if Brown goes at 50% of his peak output, he'd still be our leading goal kicker! On paper, it's possibly the best trade the club has done this century. F*cking stoked we pulled it off!
  7. It will fall that way roughly after academy picks etc yes. It's why I think we still need to trade our way further up the draft board, as the players we'd be really keen on (Perkins, Macrae, Cook types) will go in the 10-15 range.
  8. Would happily take Marley Williams or Pittard over a few on our list.
  9. I really like Archie Perkins after watching him live last year. He's got x-factor and could be a damaging fwd-mid type. Reckon he's got star potential and will likely go between picks 6-13. Macrae looks to be a good accumulator with great footskills. He'd help balance our midfield. Cook looks to be a dashing runner who hits the scoreboard. He'd slot in on the other wing or play half forward. I think those 3 are the best options for our list, but I expect all 3 to be gone a few picks before ours. I'm hoping we trade further up the draft board to land one of them.
  10. That contract is already biting them and will continue to do so for many years to come. No player is worth a 7 year contract, let alone a ruckman. He'll be getting paid $1,000,000 still at 34 years old! Probably the biggest list management [censored]-up of all time. Cheers to the Pies destroying themselves!
  11. Pick 65 is a steal if Hawks have got the cap space to pay him then fair play to them.
  12. Any more murmurs on signing Marley Williams as a delisted free agent? Reckon he'd be good value small defender depth with Jetta on his last legs.
  13. This is a myth and was disproven a few pages back with lots of footage and stats. Ben Brown took more contested marks than Jeremy Cameron in 2017...and 2018...and 2019... is Jeremy Cameron a lead up only forward? If so, why is he worth more than two first round picks? Brown will be a steal and is possibly one of the best suited players to us in the whole league. I'm still pinching myself we'll land him. He'd be our most productive forward since peak Neitz. Even if he goes at half his peak output, he'd still be our leading goal kicker. He's that good!
  14. Covered ad nauseum in this thread. He's out of contract. He had a falling out with North over personal issues relating to death of his unborn child and subsequent treatment where he was asked to leave his grieving wife and other baby to play. He was made to play with knee soreness, which caused further injury. This is about Brown walking out on North, not the other way around. They've essentially thrown their arms up and said yep no contract, sour relationship, cya later! He already passed Melbourne FC medical, so the one injury he's had in his entire career has been ticked off as
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