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  1. Sounds like he’s going top, possibly even bolting to 4-5! I’m not professional recruiter and haven’t had a chance to watch live underage fans the past two seasons due to Covid. Based on highlights packages and write ups only, he shouldn’t be taken in the top 20 IMO. He’s too raw, and has been shown to struggle in key position posts. If he’s drafted, it’ll be years before his body is AFL ready. He’s nearly 20kgs underweight at this stage of his development and was soundly beaten by many other rucks this year at underage level. Whoever drafts him will need to be very patient. He’s no Dogga Jackson, not even close.
  2. Vanders was flagged as delisted. Could be useful for another club like Gold Coast but won’t be back at the Dees as not enough spots left and rule is we need to draft 3 players come draft time.
  3. Had a quick dig. Outside line breaker with good skills. Could be what the doctor ordered. I’m partial to these types to help compliment our awesome inside mid brigade. Langdon has been a revelation in that regard.
  4. With no glaring list needs, we’ll be going best available at 17 if we still hold that pick come time. Draft watchers, who’s likely to be around this mark that fits the new Melbourne model of competitor with class?
  5. Always a good way to get a freebie like we did with Dunstan. Can never have too much depth! Collingwood have delisted Brayden Sier, who I thought looked a decent young inside midfielder. Struggled to get game time in the guts due to Pendles, Degoey, Adams, Sidebottom etc. Geelong have delisted Charlie Constable also. Not the worst prospect out there. Not saying we should take them, but what are peoples thoughts? Do the rules permit us to rookie delisted free agents?
  6. Good midfield depth for us and a free hit under free agency. He’s no superstar, but can clearly fill a roll if required. Strange the Saints let him go as he’s clearly better than a lot of other mids on their list. Their loss is our gain in this case. Importantly Tim Lamb said in interview that Dunstan was a “good cultural fit”. We know how important culture is now!
  7. Best of luck to Nev. Sad he’s no longer with us, but he’s a great person and leader of young people, primed to become a great development coach.
  8. Seen it before and watching it again. Hard to watch to be honest, but what an incredible man Jim was. He showed more fight and love than most could ever imagine.
  9. Just advising the forum that Brayshaw won’t be traded. He’s just got MFC 2021 premiers tattoo on his [censored] hahaha. He’s red and blue for life!
  10. [censored] unreal feeling. Well done to all involved!
  11. Need to tidy up stoppages and stop allowing Daniel and co to sit off the back of packs. Few of of our players MIA and need to get into the game. Kozzy could be the spark.
  12. Have medical subs been confirmed? 7 news said it was Jordon on Thursday night, but it doesn’t get picked until an hour before the game I thought…
  13. First Goal: Naughton Norm Smith: Christian Petracca Most Goals: Bayley Fritsch Winning Margin: Dees by 21 points
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