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  1. The shadow of the Hawks investigation cost him in the end, whether involved or not. Bad luck to Yze. We get him for another year before he likely lands a senior coaching gig elsewhere.
  2. A 26 year old 190cm battler on the fringe at a bottom club with 33 goals total from 36 matches at AFL level. He’s basically a Weid downgrade, but smaller. If we’re chasing him and expecting him to play a meaningful role while clubs like Geelong and Tigers are adding gun talent best and fairest winner level players, then we’re stuffed.
  3. Would’ve lost to Carlton and missed top four without his input late in the game. He was the key driver for our inside 50 onslaught which gave us the win. Hunt is a decent talent and we’ll miss his pace. Won’t be a huge loss as we have a ton of mid sized defenders, but we will miss his pace and attitude. He’s a good driver of culture with his positive attitude and willingness to do the team things. If he leaves I wish him the best of luck elsewhere. He was desperately unlucky not to play in our flag last year after losing his spot through injury late in our run.
  4. List needs in order Key forward - obviously the biggest hole in our team and also poor list depth here. We need another 2-3 to develop as BBrown and TMac are at the end and struggling as is. JVR to be one long term hopefully, but need another one performing now while we’re in our window. Half forward flanker - Upgrade the Spargo/Neal Bullen spots. Needs to be an attacking player who’s dangerous around goals. From 24 matches this year we got less than 20 goals combined between these two. Less than a goal a game combined. That simply isn’t good enough, and we need to use our flankers differently. Outside mid with pace - to run through the middle and the opposing wing to Langdon. We lack pace, skill and dare. Doesn’t have to be a superstar, just bring a different dynamic to our ball movement. Small lockdown defender - Jetta retired. Hibberd at the end. Hunt average and potentially on the move. With small forwards more important than ever, we need to find a new reliable lockdown small to stop them. Possibly more than one. Don’t trust Bowey or Salem to play on Charlie Cameron/Stengle types due to lack of pace and defensive nous. Ruck - Depth, lower priority as rucks are the least impactful and least important position on the ground. Backup for Gawn and developing to replace him in a few years. Small forward - find someone to pair with Kozzy longer term.
  5. Jackson is out of contract. If a trade can’t be arranged, he walks to the preseason draft. Freo have the leverage as a result because we have more to lose. It will all come down to how reasonable both parties are. Freo could stooge us, but it’s not in their best interests to if they want to acquire Jackson smoothly and maintain a positive reputation for trading with the other clubs. Expect it will get done as projected for a first round pick this year and a future first round pick. Would rather higher picks or quality player like Young or Serong, but won’t happen unfortunately.
  6. Kane Cornes originally mentioned it and even said it was based off nothing. Then a few others in the media mentioned it as a rumor. Then Kane jumps up and down saying it's a rumour and Kozzy is likely leaving. All relevant parties - Melbourne, Kizzy's manager, Port Adelaide GM - have now shot this down. Jog on Kane you twerp! Now we just need to sign Kozzy up long term. Out of contract next year and he's one we can't afford to lose IMO.
  7. Credit to the Cats. They belted them. Onto 2023 and if we add a quality KPF and tidy up our ball movement then we can take it up to them.
  8. This has been an embarrassing effort from the Swans. They’ll be mentally scarred from this belting on the big stage. Clubs who get belted in a grand final rarely ever make it back. Plenty of young talent there, but they’ll be mentally shot now.
  9. Absolute stinker of a grand final day. Hollow in every way and an atrocious game of football on display.
  10. Reid should never have played, especially when they had other talls like McDonald and Amarty fit and ready. Swans weren’t strong enough in the air to cover him if he struggled.
  11. Sydney have [censored] themselves. Belted at the contest today. We would’ve put up more of a fight even carrying players with broken legs haha Super embarrassing for the Swans today. They’ll be mentally scarred and go backwards next year as a result of this demolition. Dees we need to take notice of how to manage players and be fit heading into finals!
  12. What a hollow day this is. It was awesome we won last year, but it’s hitting today that we didn’t get to experience it properly at the mcg. Who knows if we’ll make it back there in the coming years. What a [censored] one Don’t want either team to win. Both have some serious [censored] players. Papley is just about the biggest [censored] in the league.
  13. Brisbane official statement, Fagan stepped down pending investigation. https://www.afl.com.au/news/847638/lions-coach-fagan-stands-down-after-hawks-racism-allegations
  14. Sign him long term. Already had back to back 40 goal seasons at such a young age. He's the most impactful part of our forward line due to his impact both offensively and defensively. He's part of our core for the next decade and would be a huge loss. Lock him in Dees!
  15. One of the development coaches was directly implicated in this, pushing to cut off relationship, pushed abortion, fronted partner on players behalf etc. There is absolutely a chance Yze is part of this. Based on what I just read, seems all coaches were likely involved. He's innocent until proven otherwise though, so let's hope he wasn't involved and our club is doing better than the Hawks reportedly did!
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