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  1. We’ve lacked a defensive sweeper or defensive stopper at centre bounces the past fortnight with Viney out. Petracca and Oliver push to get on the offensive, which is fine, but they don’t react quick enough to get back the other way. Guys like Jordan, Harmes, Pickett etc also weren’t paying another defensive respect to opponents as the third mid. Our third centre stoppage mid needs to be coached to be more defensive to allow Trac and Oliver to be attacking. If they don’t win it, third mid needs to lock it in. Recently, that hasn’t happened and guys like Cunnington have just waltzed out of centr
  2. Probably not that much. He’s been average the past two seasons, wins less clearances and contested possessions than both Oliver and Petracca. He’s not a match winner either, and gets overrated by the media. Carlton have other more damaging players to worry about. Walsh is comfortably their best midfielder this year. We need to make sure he has strong pressure applied all day, as his disposal is poor when pressured. If he’s allowed to run then he’ll break lines and do damage though.
  3. Kozzie is going great for a youngster, but to say he’s already better than Cyril is a bit silly. Cyril is a Norm Smith medalist and three time All Australian. Kozzie has a long way to go to be better than Cyril. That said he’s on track to become a star like Cyril was!
  4. Any word on if Melksham will play since his wife just gave birth today? If he’s out, do we think Sparrow or Jones will be the late in?
  5. Goodwin said in interview on club page a day or two ago that Petty will come in and TMac will remain forward.
  6. Lever for mine. He’s been a leader from the beginning of his career. He’s also general out there on field, almost like an onfield coach. It’s a key reason why we brought him across from the Crows. Trac has definitely matured well the last few years, but I don’t see him as an organizer and coach out there. Best for him to lead by example, but not necessarily be captain.
  7. He is performing. He’s averaging 5 goals a game and was performing better than Ben Brown at the same level, yet Brown was promoted ahead of him. Brown had less goals, less marks, less tackles - promoted ahead of him. Weid has right to feel hard done by as he’s performing better than those around him, yet not getting the same opportunities at the next level. If I was him I’d be leaving. Why be loyal to a workplace that isn’t loyal to you? Why put in the work and outperform others, only to watch them promoted unjustly ahead of you? We need to keep improving our culture and reward those
  8. Deserves to be playing in our AFL team on form at present and will rightfully look to leave at end of year. He’s too good for VFL, is in ripping form there, and would comfortably play a role in our forward line at present. At 23 years of age, he’s a key part of our future forward line. Brown, TMac, M Brown are all 29+ and near the end. Jackson is no good as a tall forward and projects as a ruckman and midfielder. If we lose Weid, our list demographic breaks.
  9. Out: Tomlinson (inj), Baker, Jones In: Petty, Sparrow, Harmes
  10. Over. 1.1-1.2 million I suspect. 7 years is too long for any player IMO. So much can happen in that time. He’ll be 33 when that contract ends. Good to see the clubs doing everything in its power to keep him though. All our stars are signing on. It’s a big shift from earlier in the decade where they would leave en masse!
  11. Good news and right decision. Thank god that’s over and we can get on with the match having our leading goal kicker playing!
  12. Well deserved. He was brilliant yesterday, and really took control of the game in the third quarter. He’s still not great as a marking tall forward, but around the ground and in the ruck he’s looking phenomenal for his age. Well done Dogga!
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