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  1. We need to find form quickly. We’ve only won 4 of our last 9 matches, and only won 2 of our last 5. We’re a completely different team to that one that was 9-0. The midfield needs a reset. As good as they are, Trac and Clarry can’t do it all themselves every week. Gawns impact on games has been reduced recently, with less marking around the ground and less clean taps leading to clearances. Langdons form has dropped right off. JJs form has dropped right off. Brayshaws form has dropped off. Harmes has been poor all year with the exception of one March where he did a good tagging job. Viney has disrupted the balance in there since returning. We need to get the midfield firing again or we’ll miss top four and be out in straight sets. Fixing the midfield will mostly fix the forward line issues we’re experiencing. A few more set [censored] nailed and forward line is fine.
  2. Unless we find form quickly, we’ll likely finish fifth and play elimination final against Essendon or Richmond. Essendon would roll us on current form. Tigers without Dusty would be an easier match up. This feels like 2004 all over again. Going well and top of the ladder, then fall in a heap at the end, finish fifth and go out in straight sets to the eighth placed team.
  3. When we play them in finals, let’s beat them at their own game and try throwing instead of hand balling!
  4. Fair few plodders out there for us tonight. Brayshaw, Salem, Harmes, Hibberd, Langdon all poor. That’s one win in the last month. Coaching staff needs to reset this group. Season is teetering on the edge now.
  5. We’ve played like [censored] and yet if it wasn’t for incorrect umpiring decisions we’d somehow be winning. Infuriating!
  6. Free kicks 18-5 now. This is getting beyond ridiculous.
  7. Salem and Langdon were in All Australian form for the first 10 weeks or so. Since Salem missed sore and Langdon missed through concussion, both have dropped right off. Salem was ranked 10th best player in the league before missing. He’s not in the top 60 since.
  8. 14-4 free kick count at half time. The club absolute needs to send a please explain the the AFL about the lack of free kicks paid for incorrect disposal/throwing.
  9. Time to start injuring them to compensate for the unfair umpiring.
  10. Game over. Umpiring is a [censored] disgrace, but we missed our opportunities. We desperately need to improve our goal kicking accuracy. We never kick more goals than points and it’s directly costing us games now.
  11. Dominated the quarter and are now further behind. Game over.
  12. Umpiring pathetic inconsistent trash. Dogs get a free ride.
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