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  1. Yuck, smacks of desperation. Brissie will be licking their lips at the thought of our juicy R1 pick.
  2. Brissie will be licking their lips at the thought of our first rounder. Thanks Mahoney, screwing us even when hes gone.
  3. Rioli actually got the ball, and kicked goals.
  4. Good luck to him for the future, though we never should have traded for a player that GC knew was cooked and didnt offer a contract to. We funded his insect repellent business starting up though i guess.
  5. Will be long gone before 18/19 (or whatever mid 20s picks they end up being)
  6. Just going on whats accepted by the media, they'd know more than you or I. There won't be all the academy/NGA etc picks there are this year either, think that's generally accepted too. Mahoney himself said this years draft was heavily compromised when he traded with north last year. https://www.abc.net.au/news/2020-07-19/afl-recruiters-face-huge-challenge-to-judge-draft-prospects/12462594 Heres one example, but ive seen it in lots of articles. "every recruiter seems certain of one thing: 2021's AFL draft crop will be much better" Clubs were falling over themselves to trad
  7. Had better hope we do well next year and Taylor nails these picks which will end up being well into the 20s. Next years draft is mainly uncompromised and supposedly much stronger. Telling that no other club has traded a future first.
  8. I thought they didn't rate this years draft?
  9. Higgins got North pick 30 at 33yo, surprising.
  10. Is this the guy we picked up with a 2nd rounder after trading two 2nd rounders to get that pick, and no one on the draft coverage had any idea who he was? Still know nothing about him.
  11. Pick 54, they must've wanted him gone pretty bad.
  12. We must also remember his poor 2020 season and that he's 28, uncontracted and unwanted at North. Surely Mahoney's not stupid enough to give up a first rounder. Never know with his generosity though.
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