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  1. Thanks for the info. Ended up I couldn’t make it anyway.
  2. Is it necessary to book for VFL game? If so where can you get tickets?
  3. Thank you to all on Demonland for your contributions over the years. Enjoy this day you all deserve it. You have all kept me sane through the dark days. The future is bright.
  4. I came to Melbourne in early 1965 from England. On the boat over I experienced my first game of Australian Rules football with a film about the 1964 premiership winning team Melbourne. After my arrival I was taken to a game between Richmond and Melbourne by my brother who was a Melbourne supporter at that time. I have supported the Demons from this day to this and never thought this day would ever occur. Hallelujah l can now die in peace.
  5. I don’t believe stats tell the whole story either. You were the one who posted the link as evidence for your point. I just don’t agree with people using cherry-picked stats that “prove” their assertions.
  6. I am not a great fan o f ANB but Cherry-picking stats from a year in which a team came near to last as against the premiers is a bit disingenuous Try comparing their 2018 stats or their career stats which you can find from the site you have sourced. You maybe surprised.
  7. That’s because Essendon are everyone’s second favourite team. Even the umpires.
  8. In future all team selections should have to be ratified by a commitee made up of Demonland contributors. Chaired by ( insert most qualified) What could possibly go wrong?
  9. Tim Smith has been picked because he was the tall forward in the best form. Goodwin has shown his hand that if you are performing at VFL level you will get a game. On last weeks form at Casey the next tall option would be Keilty. Pedo is not in form at the moment and it would have been an injustice if he had been given a game this weekend. I am sure he will be considered again when his fitness and form warrant it.
  10. Played last weekend. Was very ordinary. Would prefer they gave Frost, Smith or Keilty a shot on the form shown on Sunday
  11. Thought he was as bad as Tyson today for causing turnovers early on. Both players played better as the game went on. Both will definitely be there next week barring injury. As will O Mac who I thought was solid today.
  12. Thanks for the tip Jesse.
  13. My advice - take your lead from Game of Thrones. Don't get too attached to anybody even if they are a star, next season they could be gone.
  14. A much more worthy derailment than most on here mark. Hope things turn out for the best for you and your family.
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