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  1. Blakey has a good reputation and did great work as an assistant at the Swans for years. Could be a good option.
  2. Hopefully Maynard and Zorko knock each other out this weekend. Seeing Maynard in particular with a premiership medal around his neck would basically turn me off following the game I’ve followed religiously for decades.
  3. He’s already signed a million a year 7 year deal with North recently. He can’t tear that up for an inferior contract. We’d have to take that contract on, which we’d gladly do if it was an option. It’s not. Larkey is staying put. Even if he suddenly wanted out after signing a huge deal recently, North wouldn’t let him walk and would demand every pick we have plus more. It’s fantasy and we need to chase realistic options.
  4. Interviewed on channel 7 in Brownlow coverage and said he’s signed one year contract to go round once more with the Cats. Close thread.
  5. Don’t even joke about that. The only way we’d let him walk from a 7 year contract is if we were given picks 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10. Even then we’d probably ask for 11 too.
  6. Seems Trac and Bont are destined to never win one despite being the best players every year and influencing games more than their peers. Both got robbed of clear votes tonight. Trac getting no votes in the final game was stupid. Getting 1 vote for his game against the Saints was stupid. The umpires are stupid. I’m [censored] sick of them. The umpires have determined the outcome of games this year and legitimately shaped the entire finals series. It’s beyond pathetic and as someone who’s attending 100s of live games since the 1980s, I’m thiiiiiiis close to giving up on the sport because of their [censored] incompetence and the rules being so vague etc. Stuff this
  7. How did Sam Van Rooyen go? He’s projected as a rookie pick. Might be a late option for us…
  8. Official on AFL website too. Sanders seems like the best option for our first pick now if we’re after an elite midfielder. Expecting Mckercher and Duursma to both be gone before our pick. Bring on the colonel!
  9. Months. It's pure fantasy. North already losing Mckay, they're not going to let Larkey walk away from a freshly signed 6 year contract even if he declared he wanted out. Any other options out there? Ben King gets talked about every year. What's his contract status? Free agent end of next year?
  10. Best footy memory. What a dominant season and a great grand final win. Bang! Bang! Bang! will bounce around my head for eternity.
  11. There can be clauses in contracts around injury management, amount of matches played, negotiating payouts at less than full contract amount (AFL need to sign off) etc. There's options, but it remains to be seen how the club will handle it. We could just keep trying to get them up again next year, but it leaves us two list spots down and seriously undermanned for tall forward depth.
  12. Unless negotiated otherwise, that is correct. Wasn't arguing or having a dig. Apologies if it felt that way! Was more stating why I think they're both cooked and we need replacements asap.
  13. That’s because the player is usually playing for their next contract, and it’s often a big one. There is motivation. In BBrown and TMacs case, neither will be getting another contract at their age with their injury history. Browns knee is stuffed. He’s been managing it for years, but it’s at the point where it doesn’t seem it can be managed effectively anymore. TMac has played 1 full season in the last 6 years, and even that was off limited preseason due to injury. His foot’s stuffed. We’d be negligent to offer either a new contract. We need to find other tall forward options in a hurry.
  14. Probably the least excited I’ve been for a grand final. Very weak season and whoever is the eventual premier will be remembered as a weak premier alongside the Bulldogs 2016.
  15. LDU is already close to brownlow material if he can stay on the park. Simpkin is very good. Taryn Thomas is a hell of a talent and impacts games. Sheezel just won the rising star and is already at the point of being tagged some weeks. Wardlaws already shown he’s capable at worst, and future AA if he continues rapidly building his body up. That’s 5 potential AA level mids under the age of 25, with three of them already impacting games at a high level. Adding Reid or Curtin and Duursma to that is madness. They’d have more top 10 mids on their list that we have mids full stop. They need time and mature players around them. More star youth won’t change anything in the short term.
  16. No worries. Why don’t they just let North pick whoever they want and then the other clubs can fight over the leftovers. North’s young midfield stock is probably the best this century behind GWS a few years back. They need no further assistance, just time for their kids to develop.
  17. They also interviewed that sex pest DeGoey, who for some reason decided to awkwardly hug her and invade her space. Others lose their jobs for similar behavior. Was bizarre and no one bats an eyelid because it’s Collingwood. I hate what this country is becoming.
  18. AFL approved victory there with the umpires getting them over the line. Repeat head high tackles ignored. Repeated holding the balls ignored. Watch Carlton get the umpire ride into the grand final now. The afl would be frothing at the thought of the $$$ of Pies vs Blues.
  19. Apparently holding the man doesn’t apply to collingwood
  20. Cmon Giants fire up. Need to shut this filth up. I don’t want the city overrun by wailing toothless racist zombies.
  21. It was blatant draft tampering that he somehow lasted until pick 10 before a bid. He’s not underrated, was All Australian squad this year and generally regarded as one of the best inside mids in the league already at his young age. GWS weather the storm early and now getting the game on their terms. Hopefully they tear the Pies supporters hearts out and we see their players cry like it’s 2003 😉
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