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  1. Not good enough. Time to go deal with West Coast exclusively. Freo are incompetent. Any pick outside top 10 for Jackson is a failure.
  2. Bad outcome for us. Leaves us no closer to getting a top 10 pick for Jackson. Anything outside top 10 is a failure for us. Sucks for us Freo are a sh*t club!
  3. Not worth anywhere near that. North have to pay higher to attract talent due to being a basket case. We were in the same position 10 years ago. No gun wants to go there, so they're now overpaying for average players. Logue is middle of the road 400k level player. Hopefully for us, the trade is Logue and pick 13 to North for pick 8. Freo then trade us pick 8 and their future first for Jackson. That's probably the best result we can hope for in the Jackson trade.
  4. On draft predictions, you're right he's the next highest rated KPF after Cadman. He's not overly tall and is very slight though at sub 80kgs, so it will be years before we see him at AFL level if he makes it. From the clips I've seen, he' pretty soft and gets outbodied and shrugged off easily by smaller opponents. Cadman is taller and already 90kgs, so he's far more AFL ready. Jefferson had a few good games where he kicked a bag, but he's been inconsistent, so you have to wonder if his good games were just playing against poor opposition. Not against it as we need more tall forwards, but there might be other more physically capable KPF options later in the draft.
  5. Would bloody hope so. If he's gettable he should be our number one target this trade period. He was on the verge of breakout in 2021, kicking 24 goals and averaging 19 disposals. He had some brilliant games late in the season with a 24 touch 4 goal game amongst them. He's still young at 22, is a smooth mover with great skills, and with a fresh start he could become an elite player across half forward or wing for us. I hope we're hassling his manager!
  6. Seriously though, this is a big pain in the [censored] for the club. Lamb came out with a firm statement to try and shut this noise down, Port's list management said not happening, yet Cornes keeps banging on about a rumour he started. A shame we're likely going to have to put up with this until Kozzie extends. Let's hope it's not another year of Jackson type distraction next season.
  7. True technically, but multiple matched bids ahead of them, so neither was in the top 20 players of the draft class. There’s a huge difference between a high first round pick like a Petracca or Oliver, and a pick in the 20s like Bowey or Laurie. If we’re losing Jackson, we need to replace him with gun top end talent, not mid rangers. IMO neither Bowey or Laurie have shown they’ll even make it long term at this stage, let alone be players who impact games.
  8. Proven AFL player so is worth more than pick 50 something to us. Sad to see him move on. He’s been a favorite of mine and I hope he goes well at the Eagles. He was exciting to watch with his pace and dare and was a good clubman, always doing the team things and playing roles he wasn’t necessarily suited to. While he’s underrated and better than others remaining on our list, he won’t be a huge loss as we have depth in that part of the ground with Salem, Rivers, Bowey, Hibberd, Smith, and other youngsters coming through Casey.
  9. Tim Lamb said in interview this arvo that we had initial interest but other clubs are far more progressed in talks with Corbett now, so likely strike this option off the list. Not the type need anyway IMO. Need tall marking options who consistently hit the scoreboard, not more flankers.
  10. Only bother if the club will invest in a chaperone and a baggage handler to accomodate him. And if we give up nothing to get him. In other words, no thanks.
  11. Perfect target for us. He's a smooth mover with good skills, would fill half forward flank or outside mid role nicely. He's young still too so would fit with our list. With a fresh environment and good preseason, he could be a real weapon next year onwards. Go knocking Dees!
  12. If Lobb isn't traded to a Vic team he will sit out for a year and claim mental health. He's already transitioned his life to Vic and requested a trade in successive years. Will be interesting what happens with him after he sits out of the game for a year. Would Vic clubs still be keen on him at his age after a year on the sidelines?
  13. "The kick" is still the best piece of underage vision I've seen. Young showed smarts, dare and skill - a match winner. He's the one that got away in my mind. Will be a multiple time All Australian and the best player of that draft crop. The highlights for this years top 5-10 are pretty disappointing viewing. I'm not able to get around and view any live underage games like pre-covid days, so have to rely on them. Yes they're only amateur youtube clips, but none of the top crop look like they have game breaking abilities IMO. There's no powerful burst out of stoppages, no blistering speed, no X factor kicking skills, it just looks like a bland crop this year. It's why I'm keen on Cadman as he at least fills a need in the rare and important KPF position.
  14. It’s already happened a few years back. Can McCarthy at GWS requested a trade to Freo in his home state of WA. It was rejected. He then returned to WA and sat out for a year. The next year he requested trade again and GWS traded him to Freo for stuff all. Players hold too much power and it’s ruining the game.
  15. Gotta change the contracts for first rounder draftees. The top kids get drafted to the struggling clubs and want to leave straight away. A number one pick leaving after one season is not good for the game.
  16. Acres to the Blues for a future third rounder being mentioned tonight. That’s a steal for the Blues. Acres had a good year and was their best player in the semi final. We need more outside mids so he would’ve been a good cheap option on the opposite wing to Langdon at that price.
  17. Not against the idea as he'd still be a good marking option that generates scoring opportunities. No actual evidence he's looking to move clubs though. I don't think he's exactly the type of marking forward we need though. We need a King brother/Mckay/Cameron type 200cm target that won't get outmarked and can reliably hit the scoreboard. Ben Brown doesn't have long left and is already struggling. We don't have another one on the list unless god forbid they plan to play Gawn forward close to 100% and hope for the best with his kicking!
  18. Jeez Geelong have got more people wanting to play for them than they can fit on a list! Envious of their position attracting talent. They get a big advantage with their home ground and any "country" Vic player wants to head there it seems.
  19. One of our family dogs died yesterday so I’m not in a good mood. Seeing this [censored] feed fuel to a fire that shouldn’t exist obviously annoyed me! Kozzie is going nowhere.
  20. Yep Tsatas looks like a future match winner with his blend of pace and ball winning. Sheezel looks a serious weapon in the front half too, piling on goals as a forward and also playing with impact through the midfield. If we were able to get a top 5 pick, you'd be happy with any of Cadman, Tsatas or Sheezel. All would make us more potent in the front half. Hopefully we can land a top 5 pick and snare one of them!
  21. The shadow of the Hawks investigation cost him in the end, whether involved or not. Bad luck to Yze. We get him for another year before he likely lands a senior coaching gig elsewhere.
  22. A 26 year old 190cm battler on the fringe at a bottom club with 33 goals total from 36 matches at AFL level. He’s basically a Weid downgrade, but smaller. If we’re chasing him and expecting him to play a meaningful role while clubs like Geelong and Tigers are adding gun talent best and fairest winner level players, then we’re stuffed.
  23. Would’ve lost to Carlton and missed top four without his input late in the game. He was the key driver for our inside 50 onslaught which gave us the win. Hunt is a decent talent and we’ll miss his pace. Won’t be a huge loss as we have a ton of mid sized defenders, but we will miss his pace and attitude. He’s a good driver of culture with his positive attitude and willingness to do the team things. If he leaves I wish him the best of luck elsewhere. He was desperately unlucky not to play in our flag last year after losing his spot through injury late in our run.
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