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  1. I was in school around the time symonds was being called a monkey from the stands, i'd never been called a monkey or called someone a monkey as a rascial slur before that, as i said, i was young and maybe it just hadnt happened yet. I dont like wayne carey either, i havent met him, what will you label me for that? I hope i dont upset my sisters young girls next time i see them, blurting out rascial slurs and booing at them. Taking them up to darwin where they're dads from, when my sister was sick and couldnt go, experiencing that with them and a welcoming family was really tuff seeing theyre heritage and my mothers being rascist. While my mother was indigenous, noone believed her when told, you could not tell, she was white, and we grew up in a regional city and it wasnt a big part of my life, my father was born in india to an english dad and english indian mother, my siblings and i copped rascial discrimination multiple times a day due to this, even teachers and still constantly do by adults that would never say these types of things about indigenous. Be honest, do you have an image or pre-concieved impression when indian is mentioned? A lot do. It used to get to me growing up, but i never threw an imaginary hot bowl of curry at my classmates with all that anger. If some poor uneducated yobbo attacked my nieces, id be devastated with them, i would try and teach them not to let it get to them too much, and dont be a victim. dont let someones flaw become your flaw. its rarer now than 25 years ago. Im not saying everyone who boo'd or doesnt like goodes has the same reasons, some were rascially motivated. I dont want anyone to be the butt of the joke because they're different, i seem used to it now and dont bother getting offended. Goodes had it tuff with thousands booing him weekly, and this is what i realized from the doco, was he the one who raised it being rascist or was it the opposite group think that jump on something like this and push it to make them feel good about themselves, insulting others calling them rascist. Remembering back i think goodes was mainly quite on the reason why? Now i dont believe i have rascist undertones, i dont think i have any undertones. cant i just have an opinion on a person? @Neil Crompton you have just made an assumptiom about me. Without knowing me. I am not upset or having a go at you, if you believe that if someone doesnt like someone, and if they are coloured, then they may be rascist, thats fine, you may be drawing that from past experiences. I will ask you and others who all seem very quick to point the finger and mark someone as rascist, maybe what a person has said may be rascist, but if people get called a rascist when they dont believe they are, its the Australian way to dig your heels in. Which i think contributed to goodes. Sorry for the long post, it was strange typing most of it out.
  2. I never boo'd goodes. But i didnt like the way i thought he went about it. What he tried to do i like, the way he came across i didnt. I saw his press conference the day after he pointed out the girl for the first time in the doco, while ignorance is no excuse i only knew it was racist because of the andrew symonds vs indian fans situation, she was a bit young to remember that. He handled that quite poorly, but the next day quite well and put supporting the girl above any other issue, never saw that at tge time and it wasnt discussed around the water cooler. The invasion day line was also different than i thought, there were many interviews and they seemed to proceed with a line of questioning that would draw that answer. The spear throwing, while it showed something different and intriguing, when he did it i thought the aggression at the opposition supporters was never about a underage teams cultural war dance, it was about adam goodes's anger. Goodes never was an afl wide favourite. He was respected but not adored by opposition fans, and when the ugly parts of his game became more and more prominent, and then other issues come up people judge from previous impressions. So, after all that, i dont believe the majority of the boo's were racist. I have more time for goodes now than i did before, not because im a little bit less racist, its because i saw new evidence, mob group think can alter information. These types of documentaries are quite one sided though and make everyone on the opposite side of the narrative look quite bad, and has done so to the fans. Eddys comments were just bad though, no excuses. Sam's i think are a bit like the above, seemed he made his comments on the mob think narrative, but being in media perhaps he should have had his finger on the pulse. One issue I'd like to raise is, people seemed to boo more when they were told it was racist and offensive. Like when i tell my child not to do something she will do it twice as much to prove she can, so, if what you are doing or saying has come from a non racist thought/feeling with no rascial intention, is it only decided by the individual that its racist if they get offended? Could someone order a coffer black and i get offended, and that person is now a racsist. I'll finish with this line this time. I dont like adam goodes, but i have more time for him than i used to. So am i racist?
  3. Goes back further than that, back when we hired misson from sydney i think. Mitch Clarke, jack trengove
  4. I thought the rule was you must use a first round pick? The afl can also approve trades.
  5. If we get pick one why not trade it for 2 early picks? Unless the top 3 are absolute standouts and what we need(not another one string contested onballer) Its worked for us before, tyson made us instantly better, salems coming on and hunts a bonus. We now have Preuss through tyson now too. While id love kelly, we were apparently after billings, out of the first 9, kelly and bont were the only one that would make you think about it in hindsight. 1. Tom Boyd 2. Josh Kelly 3. Jack Billings 4. Bont 5. Kk 6. Matt Scharenberg 7. James Aish 8. Luke Mcdonald 9. Salem 10. Nathan Freeman
  6. Watching kk earlier in the year and his last half for casey against collingwood he needs to work on fitness. Leave him at casey, work his guts out, full pre season and hit the new season giving him the best chance to play good footy.
  7. Interesting watching casey with more afl players available this week had much more space in the fwd50 and a clear change in plan and execution. Hopefully its the start of change.
  8. Id like to know if viney is playing with the foot injury still. If he is, we are failing jack and learnt nothing from the past 8 years of ruining careers. If he can rest and return to full fitness he was showing he was next in line after jones, i think he was probably given co captaincy a year earlier than most thought as jones was still in our top 3 but couldnt question that jack deserved it. If he is going to be hampered long term, i would hope jack would step aside to focus on his game without the added pressure of playing because hes captain.
  9. Is my hungover brain correct in remembering that it was turf toe? i recall fremantle dealing with aaron sandilands when he had the same issue. Dont hold me to this but i think he too tried to play through, then rested came back and flared up again and i think he was out for a large period of time. Freo put one of the top ruckman in the afl out for the betterment of sandilands and fremantles long term prospects. modified his training and sandilands came back and was able to play at a high level. When we hired misson most people were excited, he was a vast improvement from the i dont feel like doing a time trail days. I can recall afew posters airing concern that our long term doc was pushed out and misson given more control of players. I know misson is already leaving and when your not winning you look for people to blame, but the way we handle injury is the poorest in the league. People joke about may and kk at gold coast, being able to get them better, do you think potential players look at our strike rate and think its a positive. All the way back to mitch clarke we have ruined players careers. We as fans were getting frustrated, how was action not taken earlier? I know misson had a contract, but surely some support would have helped.
  10. Spargo is neither the problem or the scape goat, at this stage hes just a nothing. I can see the good things he does, neat kicks that often end up being scoring chains, presents and gets to where he should be and thats it. When he gets to where the ball is he is to often beaten. Doesnt kick enough goals and defenders dont worry about him. I read earlier someone state that hes brendon McCartny's pet project this year. Do track, brayshaw, oliver and our other young guys with big potential stroke his ego as much as if he developes these type. I know he worked close with harmes, but why does it always seem to be a rookie or lower draft pick. I would love for these p lkayers to actually improve to stardom. Its just amazing we continue to play them injured, i dont know for sure but you would assume its related to the previous injuries that they tried to play through and made it worse. Viney going out for a rest may even jump start oliver back into form like last time. A fit viney oliver brayshaw and harmes with jones still in there with our setups seem to hurt all their form.
  11. Sorry if i mixed up your comment about the captaincy and riding on todds coattails with someone else. We traded lever to play kpb, there were many quotes around the start of last year from mfc officials. Was he kpb? No, but was always expected to grow into that role. Im stating that todd removed himself from the drafting process of jack and the gws gc issues at the time of his drafting. Im stating that jack being made co captain had nothing to do with todd being employed by the mfc. Im stating that the coaching staff made the decision on the form and leadership that jack had shown, and (this is just a guess) that they thought it would be beneficial to jack, nathan, and the mfc. Not because it would make todd happy. Todd is a highly respected figure around afl circles and is regarded highly for his football nous and professionalism. While i think its great someones taking them to practice goal kicking, is todd really the guy the players are going get the most out of? His kicking was not the strongest part of his game, but as the old saying goes, those who cant, teach. As with any employment, people grow tired or get comfortable in a position and start going through the motions. If you are suggesting this maybe happening with todd and a change in role or a fresh look from someone new can improve the mfc, im all for it, but on this subject i do not have enough information to form an knowledgeable opinion on this subject.
  12. While i disagree with oliver, may and dropping viney completely, its amazing how quick i forgot about nev in these discussions. He has been what mfc has lacked since junior.(no offence to jones but his game was very centered on jones's game for a few years) If gawn continues his form and style of play/leadership he qualifies in this catergory too, but has dropped his bundle a couple of games. Players that just produce what is expected of them each and every contest. Too many times we've thrown players into leadership roles after one or 2 good years only to see them lose form. We've tried trading experienced leaders in, bandaided the problem (cross, vince, lewis) while our young players learn off them. Nev and gawn are the only 2 that have come on, viney was, but id say that was part of him anyway and injuries have hampered him. Now we need more players to stand up, the next wave of brayshaws, olivers, petraccas, harmes, lever, hunt has shown glimpes of dragging teammates up, but until these are the players that are at that level, we will be lacking.
  13. Absolutely. Did i state anywhere that we shouldnt review everything? I even stated about his current form and injury history. I called you out on the fabricated tale of viney being named co captain because his father is employed by this club. He had nothing to do with this. His father who is involved in drafting and removed himself from decisions involving his son, and even his sons friend to a certain point. You believe what you like but facts speak for themselves. Lever was traded in for a position as kpb. As evidenced by 2018 early season games where he was exposed one on one as a kpb, and goodwin made many comments about lever learning the melbourne way and playing kpb.
  14. Wow an out of form injury returning contested mid worth less than kpp. Mind blowing stuff. One Isolated comment? Similar comments were being made by media personal, and afl fans alike. I never quoted it as an general opinion, it may have not been yours and i would not try to say it was, but many people were acknowledging his rise as a player and i didnt see many if any fans on here questioning his capacity as co captain at this time. He has not returned to that level as a player. As a leader he showed that in finals last year. Where players and leaders are made. Im not denying he has been below this level this year. But to say he is co captain because of his father is just not true. If you would like to make an argument for him to step aside as captain for injury and form reasons, then i have no problem. But you are discrediting him and his work to get to where he has. I see he is working on his disposal and decision making in contests. If jones retires this year, is it a good idea to rip the captaincy away from the heart and soul player that viney is, or back him in to improve his form with consistent games and pre season fittness?
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