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  1. Even with a close loss, and especially a win, I look forward to viewing All The Goals to relive those moments when we actually got things sort of right. Usually there's a five minute reel or so, give or take. I think I've never seen one run 1.18 minutes.
  2. TMac would make a good trade to Hawthorn to be with his other ex-teammates. He should now be battling his brother for a possie in the backline. His days as a key forward are behind him. Look to the future.
  3. Great win. Unfortunately I can't get passed the first three minutes of any presser/interview with Goodwin win or lose. Who knows? He may turn out to be a great coach. But hearing him talk? Rather have a tooth extracted.
  4. Also highly recommended is The Young Offenders on Netflix. Irish lads on a mad mission.
  5. You want a laugh? Trailer Park Boys is my go to series on Netflix in these dire times. Saw it years ago and pi**ed myself laughing. Now rediscovered it and now up to watching season 12 .
  6. I was about to post the same observation until I read yours JB. From my experience it's not as silly as it first sounds.
  7. Greg Williams highlight package. Address: Mr Clayton Oliver c/o MFC.
  8. Thanks La Dee. Best chuckle of the afternoon so far.
  9. I'm interested to know who exactly comprises our current match day selection committee 2020 Covid-19. (I may have missed it along the way but I'm not wasting time trawling back).
  10. I'm going along and being a local resident here's a few tips for food and bevvies. A new Woolies supermarket opened recently three minutes walk away under the new high rise units (which you can't miss) which has a cafe, sushi station, hot pre-prepared food down the back section, a bakery with all the usual stuff you'd find at Bakers Delight and a bottle shop. If that's not enough there's a dog park opposite the supermarket which has a cafe across the road. Further down Macaulay Rd, one minute further, past the Boundary Rd intersection, there's a caf that does burgers, chips, salads etc. You won't go hungry or dry depending on your need. As far as access is concerned, I've always just walked into Arden St.
  11. I live around the corner from Arden St and it's had quite the make-over since the old days. New training facilities, landscaping, a gym, practice facilities for other sports and the playing surface is in terrific nick. Highly recommend a visit if we do end up playing there. A blast from the past for many of us but without the negatives of yesteryear.
  12. "Richardson impressed" that he's not unemployed.
  13. Congratulations to Charlotte and Jack. Fantastic news and all the best to them. But did I miss something? As far as I can tell their baby's gender hasn't been made public so she may just as well create havoc through the centre in the AFLW.
  14. I read, I briefly pondered then decided no. Let it ride.
  15. Of course I never saw Jack Dyer play but a few of the old Tiger faithfuls told me on more than one occasion many years ago when I saw Paddy play..."that's the closest you're ever gonna see to Captain Blood". Pretty great tribute from the fans. And he had bucket hands and played willingly. A Richmond favourite and now a fond memory. Well played Paddy.
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