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  1. I've related this a few times on both Demonology and Demonland but in brief. Thirteen years old, Bay 13, up against the wire fence just down from the bars in what is now the Southern stand. Equipped with torn up phone directories to toss in the air every time we scored. Great vantage point to watch Gabba's run and fumble. Froggy's goal came from nowhere, up went the paper! The rest is a purple haze.
  2. Another 'Ology member here from the early days. Many fond memories of the argy-bargy that occurred on a regular basis. Some great, and provocative, posters there back in the day. My moniker was on_the_bench.
  3. Not to mention Matthews cleaning up Peter Giles on the MCG when he was blind-sided. Absolute dog act.
  4. The 1985 season was Matthews' last as a player. During a wild game vs Geelong which was marred by numerous brawls and reports, Matthews struck Geelong player Neville Bruns in an off-the-ball incident, breaking his opponent's jaw. Geelong's Steve Hocking exacted swift retribution, breaking Matthews' nose and an all-in melee ensued. No report was laid by umpires against Matthews. However, the 'behind play' incident had been captured on camera. After much public outcry, the VFL launched an investigation and subsequently deregistered Matthews for four weeks. He was also charged with assault and fi
  5. Not for long. The MCG turf soaks it up like the Sahara.
  6. Just an aside. When are the umpires for any match announced publicly? I had a quick look at the AFL site and no result for our match. Am I looking in the wrong place or not following the right clicks so to speak. The reason I ask is that Geelong are the leagues worst culprits for staging, going to ground with no evident contact, pretending to get hit high when it was a chest bump and sniping when they think they can get away with it. Impartial umpires would help.
  7. The moniker for him in our household is "Little Richard". All wild hair, glinting ivories, sassy moves and stage presence to burn. Twists and turns and hits the scoreboard rather like LR hit the keyboard. Some of the shots of him bear an uncanny resemblance.
  8. "I've been really disappointed in our younger players. None of them look up to it unfortunately. Who picks these blokes ? Spargo would struggle to get a kick at vfl." (Quote from another post). Thanks for reminding me why I blocked you Elegt. You're a beauty.
  9. Sometimes the obvious is too obvious for some Jaded. As I said in another thread, the result is immaterial. It's about testing, resting and trying out. I'm sure we'll give it a crack however.
  10. I'll assume that Aemond is an anagram... Daemon? Good get for originality if so. Just as well I know Latin to get it. Agree with your assessment in that we need to find out sooner rather than later.
  11. Best to see how Jones, Neal-Bullen and Vandenburg measure up earlier rather than later. We're resting players and trying players. Sensible course of action and giving a couple of key players a rest is fine with me. The result of this match is immaterial in the long-term.
  12. I largely agree with your analysis Hannibal. My only concern is that the club will select maybe 3/4 players in the first number of rounds who are already tried and tested and are either nearing their "use-by date" or simply haven't provided enough point of difference and consistent form in the last couple of years to warrant ongoing selection. We won't have the luxury of 5 weeks say to make the call and give some of the fresh faces a crack if we don't get off to a flyer. If we're still carrying extra luggage by round 5 then a high ladder finish is very unlikely.
  13. I was at the match down the visitors end right behind the goals. I remember Robbie marking and kicking truly from not far out, which if I remember vaguely was an important moment, and then nearly getting my head knocked off for celebrating too exuberantly after the siren by [censored] off Doggies fans.
  14. Round 1 2005 Melbourne v Essendon at the G. This was the Troy Broadbridge memorial match and it's the only match day DVD I've ever bought. Still chokes me up as it did when I saw the match in the flesh. If you've got a spare hour or two, it's on You tube. And we won convincingly. (Pretty bloody good team we had btw when you see them walk out).
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