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  1. It'll be interesting to see which Carlton side turns up on the park tonight given this development.
  2. Well, when the coach says post-match "I'm not worried one bit" you can understand the concern.
  3. The classic line from Breaker Morant. "Shoot/kick straight you bastards".
  4. Passing shower, I'm ever the optimist. Slippery, not soaking. Hardest at the ball will win. And use your brains when going forward. Nothing fancy, a boot off the ground will do. As long as it's in our forward fifty most of the night.
  5. The BOM may have got its original forecast a bit wrong. There's rain a'coming for sure but it's light to medium according to the current radar images. And no mega front by any stretch. Fingers crossed for reasonable conditions tonight.
  6. Re the Collingwood coaching appointment. The name that keeps bobbing up in the media (as a side-bar admittedly), as a strong candidate, is Adam Kingsley. He's currently at Richmond and well regarded. As an aside, I'd think Collingwood would be the last place Clarkson would want to end up.
  7. Rain easing, a few light showers during the evening. It's rained a bit during the last few hours so condition of the ground will depend on how fast it soaks it up. It'll be slippery nonetheless.
  8. So he's fourth in line for the throne then.
  9. And they're best mates who'd love to knock the granny out of each other given the chance. Two hard nuts. I may be wrong here but wasn't Ollie Wines Jack's best man at his wedding?
  10. Well go figure. If Mark's doing ABC commentary, including pre-match, I'll always listen. Of course he'll stumble and contradict occasionally. I'd rather listen to his individual take on the game than the AFL endorsed blather spouted by most of the other commercial commentators. He's a breath of fresh air compared to them.
  11. Save yourself some grief. Block is a good option.
  12. Well in that case, they were all involved in the film industry. Actors, directors, Oscar winners is my best shot.
  13. Chuck? Or music -related. Now I'm thinking it's film/cinema linked.
  14. Just a little concerned. Elwood: "We'll be all right if we can just get back on the expressway." Jake: "This don't look like any expressway to me!"
  15. Horses for courses. Let me know when your next up and coming maiden is ready for a gee-up.
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