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  1. I largely agree with your analysis Hannibal. My only concern is that the club will select maybe 3/4 players in the first number of rounds who are already tried and tested and are either nearing their "use-by date" or simply haven't provided enough point of difference and consistent form in the last couple of years to warrant ongoing selection. We won't have the luxury of 5 weeks say to make the call and give some of the fresh faces a crack if we don't get off to a flyer. If we're still carrying extra luggage by round 5 then a high ladder finish is very unlikely.
  2. I was at the match down the visitors end right behind the goals. I remember Robbie marking and kicking truly from not far out, which if I remember vaguely was an important moment, and then nearly getting my head knocked off for celebrating too exuberantly after the siren by [censored] off Doggies fans.
  3. Round 1 2005 Melbourne v Essendon at the G. This was the Troy Broadbridge memorial match and it's the only match day DVD I've ever bought. Still chokes me up as it did when I saw the match in the flesh. If you've got a spare hour or two, it's on You tube. And we won convincingly. (Pretty bloody good team we had btw when you see them walk out).
  4. Surprised that the Pies didn't snap him up.
  5. No further discussion required Nev. Enjoy your New Year.
  6. For goodness sake. You're either wet behind the ears or simply ignorant. It's not about "football departments". Do you have any basic understanding of the differences, responsibilities and roles of the AFL club board members versus the quite separate responsibilities of the football department? Your reply clearly demonstrates that you don't. And yes, I'm happy with Brad on the board and Brown assisting our forwards if that eventuates.
  7. Brown was never going to be on the Board of the MFC. One of the more bizarre suggestions I've ever heard. I'm not sure many understand the varieties of skill-sets required to cover the board members responsibilities. And we now have Brad Green in place to cover the footy experience and knowledge portfolio. Brown would have been a fish out of water and lasted one term. Best not. Happy to see Brown in a support role with the forwards perhaps as a part-time assistant. He would be a great asset.
  8. Not quite that ancient Cards! The Sullivans TV series covered the period 1939 to 1948 so I've learnt. (Must say I didn't watch it at the time). I was a baby-boomer of the early 1950's so by the time the 1964 grannie came around I was wearing stovepipe cords, desert boots, a duffle coat and getting excited about the Mersey sound and the Stones. Hardly the Sullivans turf.
  9. Peanuts in the shell sold in a paper bag at the G from the short old bloke who lugged them around in a hessian sack in the outer. Forget shillings. Sixpence, (my bus fare in '64), then got you minimum chips - in other words heaps. It was a bit of a walk home unfortunately but happy to share with my mates who I used to play kick to kick with on the road with only an occasional car interrupting our speckies, balks and sealers. Fond memories.
  10. Where on earth did this "learnings" word come from? I'm hearing it in every second radio and vid interview. It used to be "lessons" or even "experiences", or whatever, but I assume that's not quite "mindful" enough now for our suddenly enlightened new-age coaches.
  11. I'm pretty sure I've never seen a first name Denver, Tanner, Reef, Finlay or Braeden pull on a guernsey in the AFL. (Just filling in time until the draft gets underway}. Other contributions welcome.
  12. Goodwin just got thrown the best life-preserver he could have hoped for.
  13. Hats off to Tyrrells wines for being a sponsor for so long. Covid-19 hasn't helped their business and the PRC whacking on exorbitant tariffs I assume was a tipping point. Bleasdale welcome aboard. I just hope they make a pinot grigio, my favourite summer drop. But yes, good work on securing a new sponsor.
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