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  1. What's the point? 29 year-olds, even good ones, have close to zero trade value. If he maintains his current form throughout the year, we might get a late third round pick for him. He's worth more to us than that. Making players kick the door down is well and good, but the problem is that Weideman seems to need to prove himself for Casey far more than the Melksham's of this world. It took until round 6 before he could get a game last year despite a string of good games in the 2's. Same thing is happening this year. I wouldn't blame him if he was getting frustrated. There's a reason cl
  2. Hope he managed to get his BBQ at least. He made it to the Mascot BP for a gas bottle and the Bondi meat shop afterwards, so I'm feeling pretty good for him.
  3. Not to mention every single BBQ store in the Greater Sydney area.
  4. Summed it up well, good post. He gets judged harshly because he looks so damn ungainly, but his defensive efforts are actually pretty good for a bloke that's 2m tall. His tackle on Ziebell to create a Fritsch goal during the third quarter was a case in point. It's obviously never going to be a strength of BB's, but there haven't been too many top 4 sides without a tall bloke at FF with defensive limitations.
  5. So he needs to kick more goals than any forward since Kennedy in 2016 (80 goals) to be best 22? Pretty high bar to set mate. The value in any key forward is the goals they create as much as the goals they kick. All he needs to do is bring the ball to ground, kick his 2-3 each week, and not be a complete liability defensively. On another note, pretty sure Fritsch is only the 3rd Demon since Neitz to kick 6 in a game (after Hogan and TMac). Sheesh.
  6. TMac broke the golden rule of country footy today - never play a good game in the backline. Weid mostly played pretty close to goal last year, but I think he can play the high half forward roll pretty well. Can take a grab, good endurance, and underrated defensively. The final against Geelong springs to mind. Petty vs TMac in the backline is probably a 50/50 call, but I'm leaning towards sending TMac to CHB. I rate Petty, but I think he's a couple of years away from holding down a key position. Weideman is too good a footballer to not be out of the side, and this is the perfect oppor
  7. In other words if we're losing, it's all Goodwin's fault, but if we're winning, it's all down to the assistants. We've reached peak Demonland.
  8. Theoretically yes, but it doesn't seem to work that way in practice. Has there been a single high profile free agent that didn't go to a flag contender with a bunch of highly paid stars? If he nominates us, it will happen. He's a very, very good player. Not on the level of Oliver or Petracca, but he'd be our third best midfielder and offer a point of difference. He's just about the best kick in the league and would comfortably slot into our midfield rotation. Not saying I want him necessarily, but worth having a serious think about. Given our list profile, we might get better ban
  9. TBH the main reason I'm glad he's playing for us is that he isn't playing for North. Sometimes, in my darkest moments, I get flashbacks to North surging forward with Brown one out with OMac in the goal square. We can finally watch us play that mob without the crippling and entirely rational fear that he's going to kick 10 goals on us.
  10. This. We might have been top of the ladder after round 18, but we weren't even close to being contenders, even without the injuries. We were a couple of gun midfielders short of being able to compete with Brisbane, Port or St Kilda in finals. This year feels different. There aren't any sides that we aren't capable of beating.
  11. It's a strange quirk of the media that they only talk in terms of first round, second round picks etc. It's not like we handed over 2x top 5 picks for him. Lever and third rounder for picks 10 and 19 = 2 first round picks - overpaid! Lever and third rounder for picks 10 and 20 = 1 first round pick and exchange of later picks - bargain! I'd doubt there's a single dees supporter (and certainly no one at the club) that wouldn't do that trade again in a heartbeat.
  12. Might not be your thing, but you can always pitch a tent at Yulara or Curtin Springs for $20 a night. You can see some cool gorge country in the West MacDonnell ranges along Namatjira Drive (just out of town) which is all sealed from memory. If you have access to a 4wd (or a car with a bit of clearance at least), Finke Gorge national park and Rainbow Valley are worth checking out. The loop from Uluru to Alice via Kings Canyon is epic, but you'd want a few days to do it.
  13. How's old mate whistling to himself near the microphone.
  14. Our forwardline has been functioning well, mostly because each player has a clearly defined role that they understand and suits their skillset. Replacing half the personnel in the space of one week is asking for trouble IMO. Like most, I've been a Melksham critic, but the fact is that he can do things in our forwardline that no one else can. Plus he's probably the best set shot in the team. He stays for mine. Fritsch for M Brown, and May for Petty are obvious changes. Having said that, I loved Brown's effort against the hawks - he's a limited footballer, but he put his body on the l
  15. He's been flying under the radar for the last couple of years. Never had a breakout game ala Gawn at Kardinia Park that made everyone sit up and take notice, but he's developed into one of our most consistent performers without anyone in the footy media really noticing. There's not too many better half backs around and he should go close to the AA squad this year. Great news that he's signing on.
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