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  1. To be fair, I think quite a few in the camp against this rule change (myself included) aren't necessarily anti-change per se. Your first sentence highlights my main concern - we haven't seen it, because it hasn't been tested, nor does it sound like they have consulted with coaches. The AFL's form on this isn't great - they have introduced a raft of rule changes in recent years, mostly under the guise of reducing congestion and increasing scoring, and I'd argue that not a single one has worked as intended. The thing with these rule tweaks is that they will almost certainly have unintended
  2. Yes, that would be no different than the current rule ie; if the man on the mark takes a forward step before play on is called. It's fundamentally different to the current rule. Otherwise, why bother changing it? As it stands, you're within your rights to move laterally when standing the mark. It's important in several contexts - for example, if a player runs past for a handball receive, you don't just stand there dumbly waiting for the umpire to call play on - you can move sideways off the mark to put pressure on them. Or if a forward is kicking at goal from the boundary, as a defen
  3. Add this to the long list of poorly thought out, untested rule changes the AFL have introduced on the back of the myth that high scoring = good football. If a player takes a mark, and takes a couple of lateral steps and is clearly about to play on, is the bloke standing the mark seriously just meant to stand there glued to the spot until the umpires call play on? They'll be paying an extra dozen 50m penalties a game. Although that will increase scoring, so I guess the AFL will pat themselves on the back.
  4. I don't have an opinion on Mifsud one way or the other. Matt Rendell's quote was that, as a recruiting manager, he would be unlikely to recruit an indigenous player unless they had one white parent. Sure, his underlying point might have been that Indigenous players from remote communities face additional hurdles adjusting to the AFL, which is obviously valid. But what he said was racist in the most literal, unambiguous sense possible. The widespread outrage at the time was pretty well justified.
  5. Good on Champion Data for trying, but Aussie Rules just isn't a sport that lends itself particularly well to meaningful statistical analysis. Most other sports have reliable KPI's - rebounds, batting averages, etc. What defines an elite AFL player is essentially how damaging they are with ball in hand - but it can't really be measured by disposals, disposal efficiency, clearances etc.
  6. Viney has got to be the weirdest choice for forum whipping boy in the history of Demonland. Foot injuries are always concerning; we've had plenty and I can't remember a single one turning out to be minor.
  7. We haven't had a good opening combination since Hayden and Langer retired. Katich and Warner were great but never played together, the rest of our openers have been a steady string of NQRs. I'd leave Warner in for the SA series (assuming it goes ahead), his record over there is actually pretty good besides sandpapergate. I like Harris but he's looking more and more like another NQR with each passing test. I'm all for giving batsmen an extended run, but 2 x 50's in 10 tests doesn't cut it. Bryce Street is one to watch, he's been making big runs opening the batting for QLD and he's only 22. I'd
  8. Ah, pre-season. At the same age, Cyril had been one of the best afield in a premiership team. Not to take anything away from Kozzie, but geez that's an unhelpful comparison. I never get the 'Cyril was overrated' crowd. If he's overrated, so is every other small forward to ever play the game. Sure it was infuriating listening to BT et al wet their pants with excitement every time he went near it, but he was genuinely one of my favourite all time non-demons to watch, and saved his absolute best for finals. Mark of a true champion.
  9. We've been spoilt for batting depth for a long time Macca! Sadly the days of Lehman, Hussey, Katich et al toiling away in the Sheffield Shield seem to be over for now. It's been an issue for a fair while, but Smith and lately Labuschane have been good enough to paper over the cracks. I agree with you on Paine, I think he's exceeded most people's (fairly low it must be said) expectations as captain. It will be interesting to see if he captains the Ashes side next summer - it probably hinges on how the tour of South Africa goes you'd think. When he steps down (probably either just before or
  10. Also, take nothing away from India. We had a lot of passengers, but Pujara was an absolute wall against some brutally hostile bowling from Cummins. Pant also played the innings of his life (again). The kind of resilience in the face of adversity that you can only dream of as a dees supporter.
  11. Pattinson is injured again, wasn't available for the Sydney test so I assume he wasn't fit for Brisbane either. In hindsight, we probably should have given Neser a debut on his home deck in place of Starc. Hindsight is easy of course, Starc was still topping 145kms deep into day 5 so you'd think his drop in form is mostly above the shoulders. Conditions haven't suited him, but he hasn't looked right all summer. I'm willing to put Labuschagne in the elite category now, he's played 18 tests in enough conditions to show that it's not a fluke. Things always seem bad after a home series los
  12. Clutching at straws to blame Paine for that, he had a good test (and a pretty good series save for the horror show in Sydney). 320 should have been enough, we lost the series because Cummins and Hazlewood were the only two bowlers that showed up. Every time Starc or Lyon came on the pressure evaporated. Nothing wrong with Paine's fields so not sure how you can pin it on him. Full credit to India, one of the all time great backs to the wall performances. Pant is a star.
  13. Lol, that's like arguing that the charges against DeGoey aren't serious because hey, who hasn't brought a girl home after a night out. Sexting isn't the issue - it's the lack of consent.
  14. I hate Friday night games; watching us get obliterated ruins the whole weekend. Sunday twilight games are the go. At least we get to enjoy a couple of days of foolishly naïve, care-free optimism before we get belted.
  15. Surely p2j is the same poster as jakovichscissorkick and whatever other pseudonyms he was posting under. If he is trolling, he's remarkably consistent, I'll give him that. I get strong boomer vibes.
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