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  1. I don't think it's comparable. Anzac Day, Big Freeze, Dreamtime at the G etc have been successfully developed by the participating clubs into major annual events that transcend the match itself. IMO the season opener should be treated like any other prime time fixture - good teams that play entertaining, high quality footy should be rewarded.
  2. I'd love to play the dogs round 1. As an aside, why the hell do Richmond and Carlton still automatically get granted the season opener blockbuster? You have to laugh at some of the 'VFL' conspiracy theories by interstate fans, but complaints about this fixture are entirely fair IMO. It's only been happening for around a decade, so it's not exactly a longstanding tradition. Plus the match is always a fizzer. Why not open the season with a GF rematch? Or a proper rivalry (showdown, derby etc)?
  3. The most incredible thing is that he's still underrated by nuffies who think that the ruck is an obsolete position in modern footy. The finals performances of Max and Jackson have surely put that debate to bed. He could retire tomorrow and still go down as a hall of fame player. A couple more AA's and another flag or 2 puts him into Barassi territory. Permiership Captain Max Gawn sure has a nice ring to it!
  4. My love for Nev easily exceeds my hatred of the filth. There is no higher compliment I can give. Best of luck Nev.
  5. I don't think there's anything wrong with 'overpaying' for proven talent - hell, we've been criticized for that as recently as last year. The problem is they've been spending big recruiting the icing instead of the cake. At least Cerra is the type of player they actually need. He's a seriously promising footballer. Doubt he'll ever be a game breaker ala Bont, Trac, Oliver etc, but well and truly worth a top 5 pick.
  6. Pull the other one. Absolutely nothing in either.
  7. Doubt we'll be able to match Geelong's inevitable 3 year offer tbh
  8. Two Sheds, I raised a glass for you tonight mate. I remember first reading this thread as an 18 year old like it was yesterday. I never even met you, but I’ve always tried to live by the courage and strength of character you showed here. It’s lived with me ever since and I’ve never forgotten it. Rest easy mate. Go dees.
  9. This gets repeated all the time and it's complete bollocks. Since 2000: Neale, Tom Mitchell, Dusty, Danger, Fyfe, Sam Mitchell, Swan, Ablett, Bartel, Goodes x2, Cousins, Buckley, Aker, Black, Woewodin all won brownlows in top 4 sides. Winning games >>>> teammates stealing votes.
  10. Logic agrees with you, but history doesn't. Aker/ Voss/ Black; Judd/Cousins/Kerr; Ablett/ Bartel; Mitchell/ Hodge; Swan/ Pendlebury; Fyfe/ Mundy; Danger/ Selwood, etc. Not many Brownlows get won by good players in bad sides (Fyfe the only recent exception). The winner almost always comes from a team that wins 15+ games. Bont, Oliver and Wines will be a clear top 3 I reckon.
  11. 2020: we need a vaccine, fast! 2021: whoa, not that fast.
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