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  1. Can't wait to hear Scott's presser. Couldn't happen to a bigger ****.
  2. Just to re-enforce the old MFC stereotype, I have a couple of bottles of Italian Balliamo Pinot Grigio delle Venezie on hand. Described as "crisp and refreshing" and "vibrant". Exactly just as I hope our Demons play tonight. Unfortunately the only cheese will be on the nachos currently being prepped.
  3. What's all the fuss about? Is there a game on tonight? Sheesh, I'd better check the finals fixture.
  4. To get you through to the prelim. I need some calm. Maybe some early John Martyn, Joni Mitchell or a couple of tracks from Emmylou Harris and Rodney Crowell would do nicely.
  5. I'm still trying to work out how to artistically arrange my rather large collection of Demons scarves inside my front window. If we get through this weekend it'll then be time to don the flashing red horns I got yonks ago and scare the local kids.
  6. One small blessing. Considering that most of us can't attend any matches, the work that the MFC media department is doing to keep us up to date from W.A. should be applauded. Once I've dealt with the afternoon emails, MFC official is the first site I hit. I'm loving the effort they're making from the Joondalup Resort. Interviews and footage...eating it up (more than once). The club is clearly making an extra effort to keep us in the loop for good reason as most of us are stuck elsewhere. Hats off to Ben Gibson and Caitlin Nobes. You're doing a great job.
  7. Ease up. You're trying too hard. Take a chill pill, relax and watch the footy as it happens.
  8. Thanks for the literate update. Hope it's all good in Texas for you Dwight.
  9. Seriously? Assuming we make it to the GF and then get beaten by a better team on the day...you call it "a choke"? There's no way this current side will "choke". You've been reading too many articles about MFC v Eagles and underestimate the steel of this side. Get there first, win or lose, this won't be a choke. It's a very different team.
  10. "You've got angry, you've got sad, you've blamed Tmac and Spargo". You got me sucked in with that line. Now I'll go and read the whole thread. Happy Friday evening all.
  11. "IF" we make it to the GF in Perth, it's going to be super-important that one way or another we can get as many Demons fans at the ground on the day. Say we're playing Port and the SA/WA border is open, just imagine how many Port fans will flood into WA and overwhelm our supporters. Not to our advantage but then again, it could make the premiership even sweeter.
  12. Q 1...doesn't matter Q 2...doesn't matter
  13. You all beat me to the mark. Just saw his presser. Quality person, quality footballer. And for those who doubt his effective input into our stellar season so far, take a bath.
  14. As an aside. In the old days, if you were an umpire, you'd pull out your note pad and pencil, turn the player around and write down his number and confirm his name and tell him he had been reported. Then game on.
  15. It's just gone up a notch. Obviously disrespectful but now also intentional (what a surprise). Greene should get 6-8 weeks on all the available evidence. If the lily-livered AFL hierarchy ever wanted to set a precedent, now's the time. Think of all the junior umpires out there looking at this behaviour. This thug has got away with too much in the past. Time to call him to account.
  16. GWS were overrun in the last quarter and, thanks to the Swans poor conversion , could have lost by 4 goals. Yes, poor kicking is poor football. Couldn't care less who wins their match. It's Port who are our major threat.
  17. As Goody would say, "he's playing his role".
  18. This Spargo is a ducker theme is getting way out of hand. It's like a "jump on the bus now" response or otherwise you'll get left behind. Not sure where the latent dislike for Charlie stems from. Reminds me of the numerous posts that said he couldn't kick over 35 metres. Watch his highlights and reconsider.
  19. In the past that would have earned a justified 4 to 6 week holiday. Intentional physical contact with an umpire. If that prat gets off lightly I'll go heave.
  20. Part of Scorsese doco that featured Charlie Watts on JJF. Master class.
  21. Only Keef and Mick left now who have played on every Rolling Stones album.
  22. Well we always wish for the best don't we. Premiership, Brownlow medal and Rising Star. Dare to dream.
  23. 1. Clayton Oliver 2. Ollie Wines 3. Marcus Bontempelli Melbourne.
  24. When it comes to repelling the Demons, there's only one word that matters - it's "exorcise". I'm pretty sure they're already well-exercised. But point taken...Petty will need to be on his game if that's the match-up.
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