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  1. Weideman is not going to pop up suddenly and kick 5 goals any time soon no matter how many more weeks we play him at the moment. He's never going to be a Neita or a Schwarta with an intimidating physical presence anyhow. He has to either get really smart about positioning or develop a stronger lower body, torso, and stronger hands. He often gets to the right position but then doesn't have the strength to see it through. Brushed off like a fly. BBB is reported as going through a mid-season pre-season. Make of that what you will. (Clearly not meeting expectations set by the football departm
  2. Just checked my blood pressure. I'll give it a miss for a while. Need to catch up on FB.
  3. What, someone finally woke up?
  4. Mark Williams, pull on the jumper, get out there and show them how it's done!
  5. Well, according to the 2021 stats, we're the second half and last quarter specialists. I wait in hope.
  6. Surprisingly it isn't from memory. One wing boundary to the other is pretty much the norm. It's the distance between the goals that's the difference.
  7. You can also take Mark Williams out of the equation. No way Collingwood will appoint him. And unless Adem Yze has changed his name by deed poll, that's how it's spelt and pronounced. Bit over the ignorance of most sports journalists and commentators who are too lazy to know better. Simply disrespectful.
  8. Just checked the Sydney metro forecast for tomorrow. Max 19 degrees, partly cloudy, light winds. Chance of rain 10%. I'll take that any day.
  9. Just checked that it wasn't a full moon tonight but it may as well be it seems.
  10. Big Max was 18/19 yrs of age when he we got him at pick 34 in the 2009 draft. He was tall but skinny as all get-out. We got lucky with someone who looked like a stick insect at the time. The patience and nous of the MFC in nurturing his talent over the journey, despite major injuries, should be applauded. But yes, clearly, at that time, not a top twenty pick. Always a diamond in the rough however. (Credit John Prine).
  11. Exactly what was expected. Well-balanced team. And I assume that Ruby and TMac are putting the new bub on hold for a day or so as M. Brown is not on the bench.
  12. It's all in the eyes and the attitude. Welcome aboard lads.
  13. PS. I well remember Garry Lyon being interviewed in a winning Melbourne side in his early days at the MFC shortly after coming down from Kyabram. Struggled to put sentences together but made sense. In contrast, in the same situation, Buckley was still learning the alphabet.
  14. Wouldn't have Buckley anywhere near the MFC. Very poor fit.
  15. Here's a bit of a left field/loopy idea. We're not short of tall forwards now that TMac has reinvented himself and we have some cover currently playing at Casey. Weid or BB, who's the keeper? Essendon are crying out for a designated full forward now that Daniher has left for the Lions. Trade one or the other directly for Zach Merrett for the icing on the cake. He'd love it at Melbourne. Get the Melbourne Grammar boys back together... Merrett, Spargo, May.
  16. Never in doubt. If our vice-captain is fit for a finals campaign then let him loose. He'll do to whatever opposition we face the same that we copped in our last two appearances in the GF. Take no prisoners. It's in the Viney DNA.
  17. It's not off topic. Read what I posted. Enjoy the game.
  18. Enjoy your enthusiasm. Perhaps entertain the idea of trimming your "biography/interests" so we can move on to the next post without trawling down through air space.
  19. Speaking of Bach...I forgot the Vandenburg concertos.
  20. You have all forgotten the most important player in our Bach line.
  21. You forgot the most important player in our Bach line.

  22. Nice line from the Hawks Big Footy site post-match yesterday. "Horrid. We may struggle to defeat BYE next week." Followed up by: "Looking forward to not watching us next week". Schadenfreude I know but it couldn't happen to a more deserving smug fan base.
  23. It may have been posted already but the Doggies supporter site referenced, (as opposed to "sight"), is https://www.woof.net.au/ Always interesting to read a mix of objective and biased comments on the oppositions assessment of their own team and us. Once the dust has settled, these sites are an informative read.
  24. At least we're giving Weideman a crack at it. The next six weeks or so (depending on Covid) will tell the story...and soon to be out of contract. Interesting times. I still reckon that Mitch Brown is stiff not to get more games. Good grab, knows how to find space, contests, understands his role and kicks goals.
  25. I did mistakenly suggest that we hold AVDB back until the PF. Let him cut loose now if he's fit but within limits. Hit a few hard in the meantime. Have a few games. But save his best aggression for the GF. Just like Essendon did to us. No quarter spared. (Long memory and still dreaming).
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