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  1. Year 2000 still hurts. My MFCSS will only heal when I can cover it with a Premiership Flag.
  2. I was in Row T for the Sydney game, we were getting very light mist. WNW wind on Sunday you might be right but being in the G the wind will swirl around a bit.
  3. North Melbourne [censored] the bed getting rid of BBB and Majak. They can lie in it for a bit longer.
  4. Fitzroy had the red socks with blue tops. I have a memory of my auntie buying me "Melbourne" socks... she didn't watch much football for they were in fact Fitzroy socks.
  5. Watching the Friday night game and James Brayshaw had a dig at Bill Brownless, yeah they're mates but I'm finding the laying the boots into Brownless tiresome. Cheap laughs, that's all I am from Channel 7.
  6. Not a great game to watch, annoying swans supporters being rude around me but a win is still a win. I'll be smiling all day tomorrow. Was annoying watching the swans continuously come out of contests with the ball. Good teams find a way.
  7. I got a low of 14 at 11pm. 11 should hit us about 5am
  8. I feel bad for sharing this. I apologise if I have triggered any ptsd
  9. I don't like the idea of recycling someone else's identity. Oldest professional football club in the world, let's not borrow songs from another club.
  10. We need an Aussie song and it's funny because I have been toying with this very thing. Parkway Drive is an Aussie band and we could get them to do a special production for us. Song is called Dedicated and you just need to adjust a couple words in the song. For years I've fought for this For years, our heart still beats For the ones who've stood beside us Still strong, you can't break us You should know by now Here comes whats next Through blood, sweat, tears We're still here Unbreakable!!! And yes it's very heavy so there maybe a few horrified.
  11. This is an old fashioned shellacking
  12. My MFCSS is in fine form. I was ready to swing the axe on all of them in the 2nd qtr. Witches hats the lot of them. Win is good, but there have to be a couple rested before we take on Sydney.
  13. No point risking Jones in a game in Tassie against North Melbourne. Eye is on the prize. Remember Bob Murphy didn't get to play his GF due to injury. Long way to go in this season.
  14. Cotchin really injured? What's the rules with using the medical sub?
  15. No, he wouldn't be contributing anything of great value. MFC don't owe him anything and he doesn't owe MFC anything.
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