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  1. http://demonwiki.org/Arthur+Pound Resident of Mt Waverley. A great innings.
  2. Yes Dazzle-got done by Greta last Saturday though. I occasionally do my morning exercise on the oval-for some reason early morning its always wet that time of day-guaranteed wet socks and feet! :) I'm a couple of klm's north of Moyhu but can see the lights on during training and can hear the boys calling for the ball. :)
  3. I'm from Moyhu.....unfortunately my footy credentials don't quite stack up against those two! :)
  4. Darn it-I thought I fixed the "Harem" spelling error! Oh well-good for a laugh. :)
  5. Yes there were a few errors - but she made some good calls too - including Langdon's blatant push. Rather a courageous call. Trac would be a bit cheesed off at Langers rather than the ump for that one after he saw the replay. To be honest, I was a bit more concerned with the 50 metre interpretations of the other ump rather than her performance which I thought was Ok overall despite some errors. On most occasions she gave very very clear explanations and instructions. Thats my take on it.
  6. Just like their namesake, they both were very capable in multiple roles. I'm sure Harems would enjoy the name tangle. and comparison. Wonder if he would also appreciate the statuesque representation? :) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hermes
  7. Could be quite a composed player under pressure?
  8. The ruckman in question was John Winneke. :)
  9. I do remember him being switched to full forward on one occasion during a match and kicking several goals. He had the skill and being a good mark and kick, as well as perhaps playing the famous decoy full forward role.
  10. There was an incident in one game I seem to recall, involving Brendan Edwards, the Hawk centre player?
  11. Spot on..and not only that he was nudged in the back several times in marking contests as was Tom McDonald. See Gerard Healy's article. https://www.sen.com.au/news/2021/07/09/the-only-steve-hocking-rule-change-gerard-healy-strongly-disliked/
  12. As well, he didn't back out of that contest when he kept his eye on the ball and got crunched..despite being hurt he got up and played on.
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