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  1. They have a young gun forward that they wanted to develop and he started to deliver late in the season
  2. Our side has added a number of players May, Lever, B Brown, Langdon, Hibberd, Melksham that have made us better and those players have added to the culture of the club. Jones has retired, Jetta will most likely do the same, AVB is borderline, TMac gets a new deal that we all expect is deferring some cash. We have a list that can have sustained success, this year is the start we want 5-6 years of finals and premierships. Cerra would be a great addition, he adds to our midfield and basically replaces Jones on our list. We don't need to add kids in this draft, trade picks get Cerra, elevate D Smith to primary list and get Woey Junior with last pick or add the other player from our NGA. It would be a different story if we thought we could get Mac Andrew as we would need points to cover, with that looking unlikely we can use future first and our first 2 pick this year to try and get something Dockers will accept.
  3. Just goes to show how much Collingwood wanted him out and the salary cap pressure the pies are under
  4. I think the Club and Sam have always said a deal would be done. Journo's have driven this, Sam isn't playing no contract must be looking elsewhere. His manager may also put this out there to raise the price or get the formal offer on the table.
  5. Why not, we have no idea what our salary cap pressure is, if we can fit him in the cap with out risking losing key players you get him. The best thing about our side is the age demographic, not to many players that will play on Saturday that won't play for another 4-5+ years.
  6. Going back to Perth or SA you only have the choice between 2 clubs, 50% chance you would support one of them growing up. Chris Judd and Buddy were Melbourne supporters, it has minimal leverage. On Cerra, if we come to terms the deal will get done, might be our first 2 picks this year and 3nd round next to the bulldogs for this year first round pick. Future first and Dogs first this year for Cerra, so pick 17 this year and pick 18 next year for Cerra, or we trade these picks to GCS with Weiderman for Pick 3 and 3rd round pick this year and offer Pick 3 to Fremantle for Cerra and their second round pick.
  7. Our mental scars are healed with the premiership, walking into work as the reigning premier supporter and drinking with happy tears watching the reply through out the summer.
  8. The best night out in Perth was the Cottesloe Hotel on a Sunday afternoon, it was great because it shut at 9pm not sure if that is still the case. Straight off the beach when the Doctor came in into the beer garden home before 9.30pm. The last thing both the Dogs and Dees want is anyone from their clubs getting into any trouble before the GF. You have snipers out there that would love to film any player or official out and about doing the wrong thing
  9. Spot on, this will be his manager throwing this out there to try and extend his AFL career. Stays at the Dees most likely in and out of the side next year and with the age demographic of our list he wouldn't be offered another contract. Looks now for a club that he can get a 2-3 year deal. Or the Dees want cap space to go after a player
  10. I don't think the club would fully extend May until the GF, they will have him running and doing drills but doubt he would play in any match simulation stuff
  11. There is no way he is getting dropped for Hunt for the GF, Bowey was amazing in the Prelim especially early in the game. If Hunt comes in it will be for Hibberd but I can't see that happening for balance
  12. I don't think Cerra is a must have need. He is a little bit of cream on top that would be a bonus but not essential. We will still look at adding or developing outside mids to complement what we already have.
  13. Great ground Lathlain Park. The WCE have a Cafe and Balcony area that over looks the oval. If it is open it would be a great spot to watch training from.
  14. My GF week prediction Brownlow: The Bont First Goal in GF: TMac GF Winner: Melbourne 26 Points Norm Smith: Petracca
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