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  1. GWS had a very simple game plan, stop us scoring and get us on the rebound. They basically played a 2 man forward line with every other player behind or around the ball. Once they won the ball it was a mad dash forward. Worked well in the 1st qtr with fresh legs but then tired. The lose of players didn't help. It meant our forward 50m arc was always congested, we adjusted to move the ball through our spare players. A win is a win, wasn't pretty but we grinded this one out.
  2. I'm involved in a local based club, we book and pay for the slots we use, our cricket pitches are covered last week of March. We have rocked up to Junior matches/training and pick up groups have removed the cover, set up games on the oval and protest aggressively when we tell them this is a booked slot. Good for us now the council has gone back to dumping sand on the pitches so they can remove the temporary covers we did have. If we aren't using the oval go for it, the issue that casual groups face is you want to use the ovals the same times the clubs do, after work and weekends.
  3. Kev, you have the same opportunity to book facilities as long as no one else has booked these and as long as you pay to book. I have no idea which other councils they are comparing pricing to, the going rate out in my area is about 6-10K per season depending on the hours of usage. That would be the rate for Training 4 nights a week 5-8pm and match days 8am-6pm Sat and Sunday.
  4. He is a role player, nothing flash but does what he is asked to do. The third rock we need down back
  5. Nick Smith, had to feel for this guy just couldn't get a run at it. Luke Molan, Aaron Rodgers, Mitch Clarke, Chris Dawes, Jesse Hogan really every key forward we have drafted/traded in since 2001 falls into the 426 category,
  6. Richmond are well drilled and all players play there role. Dusty has a big role and with out him you are most likely right but that is irrelevant as they have him and 3 cups. Pettacca has an equally important role as Martin. Like Martin, Petracca alone doesn't win you flags, helps but needs all other players to play their role
  7. There is nothing going on in the Footy world outside AFLW. We will always be the easy target for comments like this because of our performance. Only one way to shut the journo's up.
  8. Like your post. AFL is a job to the players and staff. Like any job it is different from other jobs, different skills are required as you point out, outcomes can sometimes be taken out of your control as you are chasing an oval shaped ball for a living, this uncertainty is in most industries just different variables. It is a job and with that comes certain levels of expectations, you are expected in all jobs to execute the skills of that job at an acceptable level, you need to show the required application at you work place, adhere to certain work place standards. The members
  9. Yep, more words. A few years back they would have sold memberships but I think any Melbourne supporter is sick of words.
  10. The hardest thing being a Melbourne supporter is going to games not knowing what side will turn up. We are either on or we are off and the gap between the two are a mile apart. Every club has bad games, the good clubs don't go from looking like a top 4 team one week to a bottom 4 team the next, their good and bad aren't that far apart. This isn't just the Bulldogs and Richmond games this year, this is basically been a massive issue for our club for an extended period of time. We have turned the personal over players/coaches/administration/conditioning/medical, we have seen period
  11. I agree with your comment about the intensity and this should be a non negotiable, we are very hot and cold with our intensity levels. On Skills, I can't believe that we have so many bad kicks in our side. How can one club draft so many players that fail to execute a fundamental skill of the game. Our recruiting team went over board for 3-4 years drafting contested ball winning players and to me it was more important to be able to win the ball at the contest then disposal. Top level players should be good to elite kicks, I reckon we only have a handful of players that would be rated as
  12. Only on Field performance can silence the negative noise directed at our club.
  13. Our club is getting great for making big statements off field but not backing it up on field. It is well past the time for all our coaches/players and officials to shut up and deliver. A strong performance yesterday would have seen all the fans turn up at the MCG in a couple of weeks time. Now I bet the AFL wished they could have switched the games. The biggest concern is the injuries again. We heard all pre-season how healthy our team was, it gets to the start and we are severely depleted. On the game it is what you expect when you have 8-10 players out V a pretty good side.
  14. No game plan will matter if we can't keep the football. We don't have a contested marking forward means we need to hit up players on leads. We don't move the ball clean enough and will turn it over that will lead to opposition scoring. Until we can get out disposal up to scratch we will not be contenders. We can keep composure for small parts of the game, but like the third quarter yesterday as soon as we lose it, bad kicking spreads like Co-Vid through our side everybody starts missing targets.
  15. This article is nothing that hasn't been posted on here for the last few years. We are a see ball get ball team, all our players are drawn to the football even when we have it and more so when we don't often we have 2-3 players going for the tackle. Our mids don't work for each other, our forwards don't work for each other. Our defenders are starting to really work well as a unit my feeling is they will have to especially in the first 3-4 rounds. Max needs to stop tapping the ball behind, we don't play a defensive sweeper at centre bounces as we leave that space for Max to hit
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