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  1. I just think he showed for all but the last 4 games he was heading in right direction despite the poor skills kicking into our 50m arc. Still kicked 19 goals from 13 games so really only needs another 21 from 9 more games. Cairns was a nightmare for all tall forwards.
  2. In a 22 game season you are looking for an average of 2 per game, I think with the right delivery the right forward set up he can kick 2 a game.
  3. When was the last time this guy played a game? The guy has played 3 or 4 games in as many years, even if you add in Casey games he has struggled getting his body right. He played a forward cameo for 2 games, his debut down back wasn't good. I think people get over excited by a player. Could he get his body right and claim either a KPP Forward or back role, yes, will he be able to maintain a high level performance no idea he hasn't to date.
  4. Petty can't get his body right and Sparrow is more of what we have. To have pick 19 and 22 you can use one to on trade or bundle up to get into the top 10 or take to the draft there will be good players available at these picks.
  5. I reckon the list will be 38 players, plus 1 Cat B rookie. Whether that is 36 + 2 Rookies or just straight out 38 players no more rookie list Certain Delistings Bedford Chandler Wagners x 2 That would bring us to the 40 players. We need another 3 for draft picks Dunkley Bennell(unfortunately stuffed up completely) Omac Trade Buddle up Sparrow and Petty for Adelaide second round pick 19 Tmac for Steak knives which will suck as we will be left with tops third rd pick and paying some of his contract might be worth more to keep him on the l
  6. I think the last game summed up our season. Slow start, followed by a period of great football, then really poor football and to finish with a almost there game, got the win but should have been Ruthless in the last half and won by 10 goals, we weren't rested on how good we played in the second quarter and hung on. Highlights May, Petracca, Rivers, Jackson, Langdon and in the last half of the year our backline group by far our best performed group. May, Lever, Tomlinson, Salem, Hibberd, Rivers are a back 6 that kept us in a lot of games. Concerns Midfield we have massive
  7. He is better than Spargo, ANB and Bedford and I leave Pickett on potential ahead of him. So second best small forward on our list
  8. I reckon the Eagles will be barracking for the Dockers tomorrow as well they would rather play us than the dogs
  9. Or if they are smart they trade this years first round pick for a player or future first round pick or 2020 second rd plus 2021 second round. If I was in the Bulldogs position I would be looking for a future first round pick, the NGA's stop next year except for NSW/QLD clubs. They get a kid touted as Number 1 pick just need to ensure you have the points to cover.
  10. Before someone puts out that everyone should wear helmets, lets look at the NFL, they have massive helmets and this is a big issue. My experience especially with kids wearing helmets they lead with their head and don't learn to protect themselves. Like the NFL if they weren't wearing helmets they would learn to block and tackle not head first like they do. It is part of their sport but the helmet is needed but you need to learn how to protect the head both yours and when your opponents. The biggest issue in AFL for concussion now is sling tackles, these are plain dangerous not only for
  11. There is a massive difference in how concussion is dealt with today. Back in Frawley's playing days you get concussed you spend some time to regain your head then went straight back to playing. Most likely you would sink 10 to 20 pots after the game as well. Unless you were severely knocked out you wouldn't go off and if you did you most likely came back on.
  12. There ha to be something wrong with his body,can't accelerate, can't turn and can't jump. His biggest asset was his running capacity, getting up and back, thats why he worked well with Hogan, both had really good running capacity so one worked up and created space behind.
  13. Sydney yep but Collingwood touch and go, hopefully someone bids.
  14. I don't understand, Goodwin's comments Jack is Red and Blue, we want him. If that is the case with a little over 1 month before trade week starts why haven't we agreed to terms. You always will have negotiation take place MFC offer a lower amount, Jack wants higher and somewhere in the middle is the actual amount. Is the MFC offer to low or Jack's management think he is worth a lot more than MFC. Or like many players/clubs in the past what is said during the season is fluff and he is already out the door. The only other delay, has the AFL set player salary cap for 2021? I'm hopin
  15. GWS played pagans paddock for Cameron, he basically had the entire 50m arc to himself. Can't compare old school forwards to today, they basically played one on one or at worse had 1 player drop back in the hole. Also they had ownership of the forward 50m arc everyone else out. I'm not against bringing in a key forward, I am against bringing in one that will take 1mil+ out of your cap, we just aren't ready for that at this time
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