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  1. I'm not concerned about him leaving this year, I don't think he is silly enough to go to the Dockers and West Coast's Salary cap is busting at the seems. There is no question WCE will be looking at him to replace Nic Nat.
  2. Great start to the year, I think the development of Spargo, Jordon, Pickett, Rivers, Jackson and the return to form of TMac have been the real pleasing aspect of this year. TMac made a choice to fight for his spot and great for us he did this, his last 2 years were terrible and we hope that he can maintain his form into the back half of the season as he is the real barometer from the team. Back line has been great, mids we still lack a bit of disposal polish and need to get better with clearance work, forwards have looked good, we seem to have them go missing a bit whether that is due to
  3. Would love to know the stats for centre clearances with a break down on hitting the ball forward of the centre line, straight down and backwards. I have to admit I hate seeing the centre set up with no sweeper, 2 reasons if we lose the clearance the back is open for a clear deep clearance kick and it shows what Max is going to do drop it behind for a mid to run around the back.
  4. I still go into every game not knowing which MFC will turn up, I hope that the contested team that we have shown most of this year turns up each week, but I have no confidence that it will.
  5. The worse thing is that after the first 5 minutes of the game we all saw the warning signs. It starts with the flick handballs to no one, moves on to the missing of targets by foot, then the lack of defensive running.
  6. Applying pressure comes down to effort, why does our effort drop against bottom sides. Would love to see the behind the goals footage I bet it will show us not running hard to defend, we allowed Collingwood players to get goal side running hard. I don't buy into we were flat we had a good break and we didn't turn up.
  7. In the AFL you are always going to have losses and I never get upset when we lose to a better side if we have a crack. What is frustrating is when you lose games by lack effort. We lost today because we thought it was going to be easy and it wasn't. Our kicking skills are still and underlying issue, ok we are in a great spot but will this be exposed when finals pressure us applied.
  8. This is the Melbourne that everyone has been waiting to show. The total lack of effort is concerning
  9. No question Weids has had no impact but our turnovers and kicking into the forward line has been terrible. Seems to be 3 on 1 every time we go forward. Last week Weidermans impact was at least bringing the ball to ground and bring small forwards into the game. Can allow them to mark the ball inside our 50m Can we kick the ball well
  10. Is Collingwood sitting on top of the ladder they are making us look very ordinary
  11. Do we still have the Father/Daughter academy, I remember this from a few years ago but nothing since.
  12. You can just imagine the list management conversation that lead to this. Wright basically will be staying the list is stuffed, we have massive salary cap issues we need to off load players to start a 3-4 year rebuild. Bucks saying I'm not hanging around to see more senior players off loaded and sitting in the bottom 4 for the next few years. Ross Lyon isn't the man for the job, they need a massive rebuild. Ross is better suited at Carlton that have enough good young players that need a senior coach to take them to the next level.
  13. He was a 60 goal a year forward, if he was still that North wouldn't have traded him. What Montagna fails to think about is what effect bringing Brown in will have on the other forwards. I just think what Weiderman offers compliments what the other forwards offer and is different from a TMac/Fritsch/Jackson. That is the difference between the 2021 demons to other years it is about the team and not the individual, Weiderman should have kicked 2 on the weekend didn't but the team still kicked 15 against a side that has won 7 straight, we scored on 57% of our inside 50m entries, even the first
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