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  1. The only place it can be is the current training oval with an indoor facility/offices and Social space over the existing outside carpark. The greens will not let us develop any land in the park lands surrounding the MCG. The club won't want to move outside the Olympic Park/MCG precinct, the study will be the best location at Gosch's paddock , that is why the clubs line has been that the oval is smaller than MCG.
  2. I agree with this, a paper that ranks the top 100 WAGS is a absolute disgrace. On Patton just plain stupidity if the allegations are true.
  3. Our game plan over the past couple of years has been about winning the football at the contest. Our Number one strategy was to push an out number to the contest control the football mainly by hand till we get a player in the clear to kick it forward. To achieve this outnumber has severely effected our forward structure, most clubs will push a forward into the midfield to ensure we had the outnumber at the contest we often pushed 2 to 3 forwards to the contest. Our opposition knew this held their back six structure and basically allowed us to win the ball at the contest and get us on the fo
  4. Love to see Oliver really start to hurt sides by foot. There was one game this year might have been V North where he was bursting away from the contest and kicking the ball, that was the most damaging game I have seen him play. Like most on this post have said, we have really lacked any high quality midfield group. If this current group Gawn, Oliver, Petracca, Viney, Langdon, Brayshaw, Harmes, Sparrow, AVB and the rest can start to play more team football with better structure they have the talent to be an extremely good group if they keep playing the same selfish way it will be a waste
  5. He gets to enough contests, he does jump at the contest really well but just drops to many marks that he needs to start taking. A bit more strength will help. His contested one on one improved a lot in 2020 still needs work but we saw him able to hold body position a bit more. Needs to Nail those 30m out 45 degree angle shots, these should be bread and butter for all forwards a couple of games he could have kicked 3-5 goals if he nailed these easy shots. We also need to remember the way our game plan is to push forwards around the contest to get the outnumber there means our tall f
  6. I like the idea of a summer training base and for this year a training base. your away from everyone and sole focus is improving. The Oval is in ripping condition and the new building out there looks great.
  7. Interesting in the Article in the Herald Sun, Pert said due to covid we will be at Casey for 2021 because of the share arrangement at AAMI Park. Interesting though our AFLW side is training at Goschs paddock, maybe the training times for AFLW doesn't see the Storm or Victory at AAMI park.
  8. This is not just a Casey issue, the AFL has head in the sand about the drop in participation rates of Boys between 12-18 years old. Auskick and the massive growth in female participation have boasted numbers. You think the quality of AFL is bad now wait a few more years the talent pool is shrinking. Cricket is growing rapidly due to the large number of migrants from the Sub Continent calling Victoria home, you will see in particular in the outer rim many local footy clubs struggle and ovals being allocated 12 months a year to Cricket. AFL clubs have zero interest in developing players
  9. At least we will be ready for the wind at Casey the following week, 4.10 at Fremantle oval the Freo Doctor will be well and truly in
  10. We talk about the lifestyle Geelong offers to potential players, 1 hour from city a number of Surf beaches 30 min away, the coastal life. Casey although not the same would open up to players living on the Mornington peninsula, Philip Island and one of my favourite places Inverloch. You have 2 u18 sides out that way with good programs. Hawthorn are moving to Dingley to me that is worse than Casey
  11. And you have seen them play how many times or you just looking at their Bio's and limited footage that the club/AFL has put up. Why don't we wait and see how these guys go after a pre-season and we get to see them play either at AFL or VFL level before we make any judgements. The best thing about AFL is there is 18 positions on the ground that are filled by players of varying height and body sizes. We had a 177cm Brownlow medallist this year, that isn't overly quick but he can find the Footy, work through traffic and hit targets.
  12. Weiderman is no lock for the CHF role, most of us, me included have him there more hoping he can continue to improve and lock away his spot in the side. We also expected that to happen after his finals performance in 2018. I reckon TMac will back himself to take Weidermans spot.
  13. Will be interesting to see who is on the permission to train list for all clubs.
  14. If Tom McDonald plays down back I reckon there is a very high chance Steve May will punch him. Tom was out the door as a defender, cooked, finished, done if he wasn't re-invented as a forward he wouldn't be on our list. Tomlinson, Petty and Hore are ahead of him as our tall defender with May/Lever
  15. Yep, the beat us in the middle as they are better at contested footy than we are in the midfield, it is their model that we have based our midfield around. Cairns, we all knew we would lose those games we have a pretty long history of losing games that we need to win. If we don't have good dry conditions with little wind we struggle, this comes down to 2 things game plan in trying conditions we don't adjust we continue to over possess the ball and skills to play in tuff conditions you need top line skills, we struggle in good conditions to control the footy add in Rain/Wind/Humidity we h
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