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  1. Add him to the list, Petty, B Brown, Fritsch got no where near the footy all night. Our forwards don't work for each other and set up very close together. Need to drop B Brown, play Fullarton aa a true second ruck and leave JVR and Petty as our true tall forwards.
  2. The Eagles went hard for Kelly thinking he would help them push for a flag. They also got stuck with dome big contracts for players that have rarely played since 2020. They cleaned out a bit last year that will give them cap space to make a big offer to English and Sydney's McDonald. They stuffed up with the coaches contract, he would be gone if his payout didn't go into the soft cap. Train wreck at the moment, but no way they are getting and draft assistance
  3. Thanks, I think they will still be strong and continue to be strong on the back of the northern state NGAs.
  4. Why not, you have 4 NGA academy's that have priority access to every player in their respective states. They actually speed a lot of time developing the kids in an elite environment.
  5. CEO first, if they get Brendon Gale great start Football Manager: an ex Coach Bolton, Al Richarson Coach: Al Clarkson You get that right and gives you a chance to lure some top end talent.
  6. Bit like Max, TMac, B Brown and Jackson
  7. Every decent coach from u12s teaches in one side out the other, drills are based around bring the ball out the fat side of the ground, that is where the space is. To do this you need players working hard to that side, the ability to hit a low hard 35m kick and the courage to do it. Our problem is the last 2, our players work rate is high, or skill and therefor courage to hit the kick is low. Strange, when we had no expectations on us in 2021 we took that kick on, now there is expectations that we win we play safe football.
  8. The VFL game whenever it is going to be important. Love to see Woey, Brown Jnr, Fullarton kill it and get their spots. I'm concerned about May's fitness, no doubt he hurt something last night, last thing we need May to be out and tmac come in, bulldogs talls will kill us.
  9. A couple of bumps off the ball, they aren't big hits just annoying jack Russell's at you all night. Doesn't excuse him for the garbage he put out there in the last half. Grundy tore him a new one in the last half and Max couldn't or wouldn't keep up. I thought we should have kept JVR in the ruck for longer.
  10. Will May be out for a couple of weeks, it looked like he tweaked a groin and couldn't change direction or accelerate in the last quarter? Excluse ANB as he really plays that 5th mid role rather than permanent hff, non of our small forwards offer any pressure inside our f50, Pickett coming in helps but Chandler, Laurie, Spargo they never seem to be where the need to be front and square crumbing, frontal pressure f50 tackles.
  11. It was bad, no hiding away from poor skills a slippery footy will always find out players with poor skills. The amount of time we had multiple players going for the same ball, Sydney just let us and circled the contest on the outside, as soon as we turned it over they pounced. Positive we had 2 very good young players debut, negative these 2 young players played better then a large percentage of our team.
  12. Fritsch kick some goals but he was woeful last night, just looking for the easy goal out the back. Bowey was good before injured, Salem was good in the midfield
  13. Grundy smashing Gawn, our small forwards are terrible, Lever bad, any chance we can stop Blakey off half back
  14. I really hope that they don't make helmets mandatory at junior level, unless there is clear medical evidence that it will reduce concussion. I get the feeling the AFL just make it mandatory to try to increase participation rather than decrease concussion. The concern with helmets for kids, there will be an age group say u14s that helmets are no longer mandatory, kids will need to learn at that age how to protect their head. I see kids u9 and 10 level now that wear helmets just go head first into contest, tackles it gives them the false sense of safety.
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