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  1. The noise at that point was incredible.
  2. I don't think we're fit enough.
  3. Cats were third at the end of h&a last year
  4. I've been to manuka a couple of times and it's a great little ground. It would be perfect if there were 7k diehard giants fans to give it some atmosphere. There's generally 500 Melbourne supporters, 500 giants and the rest are neutral meaning it's kind of a weird atmosphere. You feel like you're in the minority in actually caring about the game.
  5. I reckon this is true - we were the best in the comp by an absolute mile last year. Don't have to be as dominant as last year to still be the best team!
  6. I always run with "Melbourne invented football and built the MCG". The second claim is a longish bow but there's no space for reasonableness in footy arguments
  7. Hmmm interesting. So does that mean you can't say "politician x is hopeless" or "the umpire has no idea" or even "I hate Essendon"?
  8. Are they? What's the difference?
  9. Better than standing on the Gary Ablett terrace directly in line with the kick!
  10. What do you mean by this? That any criticism of anyone should be avoided?
  11. Scotty Thompson breaking his toe sunk us that year.
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