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  1. This was before my time, but the most amazing thing about this game is that we won the next week!
  2. That 1990 finals series was I think probably my first memory of being at the footy.
  3. Realistically the late 80s/early 90s dees were very good and had a lot of heart, but ultimately didn't have the talent to go all the way.
  4. Caro put dogs, Bris, Geelong and port ahead of us for the flag this week. No other contender has got anywhere us.
  5. We are the only contender not to lose to another contender. That's not going to change tonight. CARN THE DEES!!
  6. I hate Gary Moorcroft. So flat when he came to us. The only goal he kicked was a mung from a free kick that he played for.
  7. The ticket companies have been garbage for years. It's unsurprising their systems are creaking under the pressure of changing government restrictions.
  8. I assume you are referring to me as I was the first person to mention "overconfidence" in this thread. Your post is a pretty substantial misrepresentation of my view. I didn't accuse Collingwood fans of overconfidence and never said we weren't a chance of dropping this game.
  9. Big call. What do you define as a massive slump?
  10. 😂 love their overconfidence. Very Essendon. As I said on another thread, would love to [censored] this mob.
  11. This. Have hated them since the 2000 granny. I've been rapt with the consistent 4 goal wins but I'd love the boys to get some real bloodlust up against this mob.
  12. Have they really got their tails up though? Took until the last minute to break Hawthorn yesterday, allowed the Tigers to kick 7 in the last 10 mins against them the week before, bye the week before that. I except us to hit them with the reality bus.
  13. Well before my time but I thought they used to do it back in the 50s.
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