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  1. I think all the other teams should be more worried about dropping off than us given they've won fewer games than us.
  2. Swans are good. But not as good as us. Dees by 6 goals.
  3. In their last four games they fell in against Essendon, lost to GWS, got thumped by Gold Coast and absolutely burgled that win against Geelong. With Fritta beating the charges and trak a dee for life, the lid will be off at the G on Sat night. Dees by six goals. Bathwater Express rolls on.
  4. Great stuff. We need more Dees literature. Congratulations.
  5. Main thing is to accumulate the 15/16 wins necessary to get top 4. It's a long year and we're not even a third of the way through.
  6. Further question for the Hobart locals- can you get a ferry to the ground atm?
  7. I'm heading down for this one. Any locals know of a good pub for before/after?
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