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  1. Round 4 recap: https://spotify.link/8bHlYqQRDIb
  2. Round 3 Recap with a lot of chatter about the dees! Have a listen!!! https://spotify.link/3r4SCYzNtIb
  3. Clarry with a significant brace on his fingers on instagram…
  4. Round 2 recap! have a listen and let us know your thoughts! https://spotify.link/SuVLufNngIb
  5. Hey guys, My mate (Brissy supporter) and Myself (dees fan) have started a podcast to discuss all things footy with a bit of a Melb and brissy bias! Opening episode here. Chuck it a listen if you're interested, I would love to get your thoughts! Cheers, Tom
  6. The culture talk is a funny one tho. Praised when we win the flag and now it’s awful over the past few months. Kidding ourselves if this wasn’t happening in 2021 but just not getting caught - equally the other 17 clubs would all have their own things every year.
  7. How disrespectful from the Crows, you would never hear a dees person say that someone has a strong desire to get to Melbourne unless they had requested a trade.
  8. If WCE received all our picks then why wouldn’t we take pick 1?
  9. You would hope it's being used for something though...would hate to miss out on a player that 'pops' up because we no longer have the draft capital
  10. Very different in September to March when we played them last. driest weather you’ll get there in September.
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