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  1. Can I ask what your avatar photo is?
  2. Great post, Never. The fact that she has not made any decisions or announcements, got chosen for the job due to her outstanding qualifications and is already getting shut down in a forum based on her desire to increase gender representation in business...which she would understand how hard it is to get to because she's a woman, shows just how much harder it is to be a woman in a male dominated environment. I hope she does well in the role as I love this club and wants the best, but her success or not will not be based on her gender.
  3. That would be my guess. Jonesy’s 300th and BBB. Would be huge.
  4. I know BBB and the Weid were supposed to start training today. Anyone manage to get down?
  5. Any ideas what we would have to give up to get Smith? ...And any clue on the second player?
  6. His durability actually isn’t that bad though. 10/17 -20 24-19 17 -18 21,22,21 years before that
  7. Honestly either enjoy the fun rumours on this thread (which may or may not be true) but some people have a good record, or just don’t come to the thread. You’re not held with a gun to your head, if you don’t care about it just don’t bother coming here and give everyone else a break.
  8. Love the man and has been an amazing serviceman of our club, but it is clear his time is coming to an end so if it sures up his career than I would shake the man's hand and say all the best. Also frees up a rumoured $500k for next year which would be handy!
  9. I'm happy to volunteer...might have to get channel 7 to give me a sound effects mic
  10. On my count we have 4-5 best 22 players and they have 13-14 so it will be a bit of a flogging me thinks
  11. Was confused RE the Hore situation. Would’ve thought he would be a good third tall option with lever and may. Anyone with any info?
  12. From our best 26 missing I would say it's only: - May - Brayshaw - Gawn -Hore -Petty Other notable absentees: - KK - Hannan - Hunt
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