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  1. I'm happy to volunteer...might have to get channel 7 to give me a sound effects mic
  2. On my count we have 4-5 best 22 players and they have 13-14 so it will be a bit of a flogging me thinks
  3. Was confused RE the Hore situation. Would’ve thought he would be a good third tall option with lever and may. Anyone with any info?
  4. From our best 26 missing I would say it's only: - May - Brayshaw - Gawn -Hore -Petty Other notable absentees: - KK - Hannan - Hunt
  5. Also, afl rules state that you can't have a pick swap with a huge differential of points or something to stop something like that happening.
  6. I don't think we have made it known, but I think GWS are basically saying if it came to it, they would take Jackson over Greene
  7. Personally I think we could trade 8 for freo's 10 + 22 allowing them a boost up the order before a Henry bid. Then I would trade 10 for 15 + 20 from the suns as it is clear they want another top 10 pick as they might not even be able to use pick 20 due to list space. Would leave us with picks 3, 15, 20, 22 = essentially 4 top 20 picks It would be 8 for 15, 20, 22.
  8. At the end of the day if we lock down a solid deal with Geelong that we think is fair then we can wait until it is time for us to call out pick 8 on draft night and see if the deal still suits us. For example, if on the night somehow young or Flanders slips to 8 and we are really interested in them then we say no to the deal and take them. If there is no one we rate head and shoulders above the rest anymore then we do the deal. Ball is firmly in our court and I only see positives for this. We hold all the cards
  9. If we were looking at the likes of weight man, Pickett, Gould types we could potentially do 8 for 10 + 22 from freo and then trade 10 for 15 + 20 from the suns as apparently they want another top 10 as they might not even be able to use pick 20 which would give us 3, 15, 20, 22 so effectively 3 first rounds and one really early second.
  10. It would only push it back by 1 though? With GWS taking a pick before Greene and then Greene getting matched it would make our picks 8,9 and 11. Getting 2 picks in the top 10 is exactly what mahoney and co. wanted with this evenness of the draft, And we get 3 top 10 picks for this year which would be a huge boost for our young talent stocks. would be a win, win, win IMO
  11. Would it be fair for all clubs if it went Melb: Out: 3 In: 7, 10 Freo: Out: 7, 10 In: 6, GWS future 1st GWS: Out: 6, Future 1st In: 3 If we are going to bid on Henry at 8 then Freo lose 10 anyway so they would be upgrading their First pick by 1, getting a future first and therefore not having to 'lose' a pick on Henry.
  12. Not that I think Nixon is right but there is so much noise around Brayshaw that just seems to not stop. Would be disappointed to lose him though Pick 3 that is still young and although his putrid 2019 his absence would leave us too thin in the middle of the ground IMO. Unless we could really over-capitalise on the trade I'd say no deal because he's worth more to our team and list than his true worth atm I think.
  13. I’m a Physio and although it looked horrible and definitely shouldn’t have been done for the look of the club, it really wouldn’t have worsened the injury. Comes from overuse and not a specific incident.
  14. Cheers lord nev (love the name by the way) have you got any other whispers about where we’re looking at the end of the year?
  15. I’m honestly stunned as to what the FD see in smith over the Weid. He’s played 2 vfl games and dominated in both of them.
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