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  1. As someone married to a person of colour, albeit Indian not First Nation. I have forever seen the sacrifice and hardship that she has faced due to her skin colour, religion and overall appearance. This is a current day problem, and not one “in the past”. People of colour go through daily racism and ignorance due to their appearance, culture and beliefs despite their education and intelligence. My partner is a well respected lawyer and an amazing wife and it pains me to see what she goes through on the daily. I cannot begin to understand what these people have been forced to go through. People saying these are alleged accusations, I ask what possible benefit these First Nation people would have gained from making false accusations. This is a part of Australian society, and something that is not new or different for people of colour to face. As Gerard said on AFL 360, it is the stolen generation repeated. People of colour have and will continue to be used for entertainment purposes only. It is time the world takes a stance, and that people of colour, or in reality, non-westernised people, are truly appreciated for the value they bring to society besides their entertainment capacity. I’m sorry if I’m emotional, this is just a topic that speaks so true to me through second hand experience. I have shed some serious tears today running through this topic and hearing the press releases. DO BETTER AUSTRALIA. With much love, Tom
  2. Fancy and skilled but incredibly lazy. Personally don't rate him, which is why he's dropped from top 5 expected last year to late second rounder now.
  3. I tend to agree WA. A lot of doom and gloom here, and rightly so if tomorrow night doesn't go our way. But if we win well, I wouldn't want to be a cats fan waiting for the next Friday night to roll around. We've been there and done it before, Richmond looked cooked after the QF in 2020, same as Hawks in 2015, Dogs came from nowhere in 2016, Collingwood almost got there in 2018. Not impossible or unusual really now with the pre finals bye
  4. I want Jacko to stay as much as the next person, but history says that clubs who lose big name players never end up really losing. Bulldogs lost Ryan Griffin - flag West coast lose Judd - Kennedy Hawks lose Buddy - Flag Geelong lose Kelly - look how that's turning out I think if this happens we have to leverage everything we can and get ourselves a star Key Forward... one of Curnow or Mckay? Nick Larkey? and i think if we managed to make this happen then we could come out on top and stil be premiership favourites
  5. If we have a list spot Dees are very interested x100 in Wade Derkson if he gets to them
  6. You can see the seam and the edge of the jaguar logo. Navy Blue back woooo
  7. We had have 6 cases over the last 2 days so I'm conceding there'll be no chance we can get there unfortunately seeing as McGowan wanted 28 days of no community transmission. Unfortunate but it's life.
  8. Am from QLD and am not able to attend...Thanks McGowan. If anyone wants to buy my barcode off me, let me know - won't want too much but a bit of a financial contribution for an expensive membership would be appreciated. GO DEES
  9. The one thing I know about the MFC recruiting team is that we're targeted and strategic. If we're going after Cerra and have the money for him (which we clearly do) then we'll find a way to get him across. Might involve losing a couple of lesser players (Weid, Sparrow etc) but we don't go out on a shooting spree like Norf. If Cerra wants to come to us, we'll find a way.
  10. Not that high but I reckon top 10
  11. Sorry to burst your bubble, but trust me. It will happen. Clubs and media all over him - Luke Jackson ruckman type- esque
  12. That’s [censored]. I get moving due to Covid but changing the venue for venues sake 2 weeks out from the game when I’d set my whole weekend free to go down to the coast and watch the game is a mockery for fans. AFL proving out of touch.
  13. Saw him getting on the plane in the MFC instagram
  14. Could be a bit of 'draft play' as well with clubs potentially taking NGA players they rate a little bit higher to ensure they have the only access and don't have to 'bid' on them. Wouldn't be surprised if a team had say picks 16 + 22 that they would take an NGA player at 16 just to make sure they nabbed them
  15. I live on Vulture street in Brisbane. I sure as hell ain’t supporting those lions tho! Go Dees ?
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