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  1. GWS 41 tackles to Carltons 16 and are four goals in front.
  2. Out of these three guns who would you want kicking a set shot to win a game. Oliver, Fyffe or Dangerfield?
  3. Lying is the second language of the AFL and player managers lie and talk as much spin as politicians. Lots of players change clubs at the end of every year with speculation about most of them half way through the year and it’s very rare a player manager ever says anything other than there fully committed to the club. Hope the club is into him big time.
  4. Both as bad as each other for me. Yesterday’s loss and having the bye this week is really annoying me though.
  5. No. Just when I started to think about trusting them the old school Melbourne mental weakness shines through again. While today’s loss may not end up being the end of the world, a win today while it would have only been against a bottom four team it would have been so much more. I am stoked with where we are at but still a long way to go for me to trust the team.
  6. Great post AF, the only thing I would argue is that I don’t think Ben Brown would be adding much more than Weideman the way the ball is coming into the forward line. I think we might be better playing without both of them, particularly on small grounds like the SCG.
  7. That was putrid, and people still wonder why we don’t all trust this team still.
  8. Anyone else concerned about our forward line on the SCG? Hoping to see Oliver, Harmes and Petracca kick a few between them.
  9. It should be in the AFL TV rights deal that no game in Cairns or Darwin are shown in prime time slots, possibly not shown at all.
  10. No not really, I actually think it’s great that the slight easing of restrictions is making some people feel better.
  11. I wish I was as upbeat as you.
  12. Are we really coming out of lockdown? I am not excited at all.
  13. I think he is a super player and would compliment our backline beautifully. I just can’t see Collingwood letting him go and doubt we Could afford him.
  14. Yes, don’t think it will happen though.
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