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  1. I won’t be shocked. The competition is ridiculously even, last years premiership team didn’t make finals this year. Sure their list demographic was different but it won’t take much to go wrong for us or most teams that made finals this year to miss.
  2. Warner has been outstanding in the field.
  3. Our bowlers so far making the most of a pitch with some help, hopefully continues.
  4. Mathew Hayden and Shane Watson are very average commentators.
  5. Yes unlikely they will push back when they get an extra game the MCG. But I think they might and should if Carlton play GC again at the MCG.
  6. Just read the Age article suggesting St Kilda are trying to get a home match at the MCG against Collingwood in round 2. I for one am totally over non MCG tenant clubs getting home matches at the MCG, I really hope Melbourne, Richmond and Collingwood push back hard at the AFL on this.
  7. I wouldn’t rule out a further list spot becoming vacant.
  8. I am not against recruiting Reid because if the recruiters think he will be a gun then happy to go that way. Particularly with question marks over two of our best midfielders going into next year. But I also think our list could really do with two top end players. All drafts are important but with where our list is at this one feels super important.
  9. True you never know what your going to get but in Rayner’s draft Noughton was pick 9, Oscar Allen pick 21 and Sam Taylor pick 28. And in Rowell’s draft Hayden Young pick 7, Serong pick 8, Pickett pick 12 and Will Day pick 13. I would much rather two of those over Rayner or Rowell.
  10. He’s kicked over 60 goals five times two of which have been in the last three years. He’s not going to leave Geelong so doesn’t really matter.
  11. I know this is a rumour thread but sorry I have to address the midfield talk. I love the input both binman and his pa put into this forum and yes we have a very good midfield and yes you could argue that our best four our the best. But I for one don’t just look at four players as a midfield and for me when you include the wings and some rotations our midfield is not the best. Collingwood’s midfield is / was better than ours this year, their disposal efficiency in particular is much better than ours and they have a better balance and have smarter players than ours. Coll Disp Eff Kick Eff Hand B Eff ND 75.1 69.2 81.5 JDG 71.1 61.1 81.6 SP 73.6 68.5 79.3 JC 71.5 61.9 82.4 JD 71.2 64.6 79.5 DC 67.5 53.2 85.5 TM 72.9 60.8 80.5 SS 67.1 61.1 76.9 Av 71.25 62.55 80.9 Melb CP 66.8 55 78.8 CO 67.2 52.2 817 MG 61.6 50.9 78.5 JV 61 49.5 73 AB 73.4 66 81 TS 70.1 58.7 83.5 EL 72.2 63.2 83.5 LH 66.4 56.5 79.6 Av 67.34 56.51 79.95 Our midfielders kicking is miles off that of Collingwood’s, six out of eight of their core midfield group average over 60% we have two and JV didn’t even average 50% Our midfield is very good but it needs improving from both personal and coaching to maximise our strengths
  12. I was never a fan of getting Hunter and I would have preferred us playing others on the wing this year but he certainly was solid this year. I just don’t think he actually improved us or fixed any of our issues. But I know I am probably in the minority with my views on Hunter.
  13. Whitfield was available last year, he would have made us a much better team than what we did with Hunter and Grundy. Our list management has been pretty good but last year wasn’t their best.
  14. Yeah just had to drive down punt rd and started getting very jealous watching all the Collingwood supporters walking towards their home base to celebrate some more.
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