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  1. The Ox being interviewed on Fox at the moment, I still love him.
  2. Great interview, what an absolute legend of a person and so happy he played for Melbourne. Disappointing the timing and lack of any seconds football just didn’t give him that chance to push for selection. But he will always be remembered by the football club and members.
  3. Agree with the Libba bit, I personally feel McRae is getting about as many votes as he deserves.
  4. I am surprised people are getting upset about how many votes Bontempelli is getting. The guy is a superstar and had a great year.
  5. Travis Boak is going all right.
  6. Looking at that list it looks like there will be a few one year contracts offered to some players to give a bit of flexibility in list management in the next couple of years.
  7. Garry Lyon with the Wizz on his shoulders.
  8. Is this Geelong playing in Port jumpers
  9. How weird but great is it to be in the Grand Final and just sit back and watch this Preliminary final to see who we play. I don’t care who wins just hope it’s a good game, we will beat them both if we play our best.
  10. Well what a great day, seriously how well did we play fantastic team performance. Loving the whole vibe coming out of the club at the moment and also one of the best and funniest days on Demonland.
  11. Can we play the last qtr with ten?
  12. It seriously is a joke how often he does it and gets away with it.
  13. This game should be over but it’s certainly not. You just need to your opportunities when they come.
  14. Loved hearing Garry Lyon talk about former teammates sitting in there lounge rooms in their Melbourne jumpers pumped for the game. Nerves are off the charts but how good is it sitting down to watch a Preliminary Final that where in and are favourites.
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