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  1. I hope your right. I look forward to next year’s fixture when Essendon, Carlton and Collingwood all have to play in Geelong.
  2. Port could have and probably should have pinched that.
  3. The rugby certainly hasn’t helped the surface at Optus.
  4. I think you might be underselling how good the Pies are.
  5. The Daicos brothers are very good players.
  6. Surprised the umpires aren’t in white in the Cats v Roos game.
  7. Tigers and Dogs for me, we seem to match up better against those two.
  8. I am pumped Oliver is my favorite and the best player I have seen play for Melbourne. Yeah there are risks with these long contracts but happy to take the risk with Oliver. Without wanting to get off topic to far can someone explain to me how Robbie Flower only won one B and F? I was only lucky enough to see the end of his career and still remember his skill and grace. But am generally interested in how an all time great of the club in an era when we were rubbish only won the one B and F.
  9. Lol. Your probably right but Carlton are your second team.
  10. I sent my sister who is a fanatical Carlton supporter a text in the last quarter saying the umps doing everything they can to get Carlton over the line. Her response OMG are you f______ kidding me. I love my sister but boy it’s so easy to hate that club. They could well pass Essendon as my most hated club in the next couple of years if they actually win a premiership.
  11. Massive goal, even with the injuries they should hang on now.
  12. Carlton losing after the siren would be a great finish to this game.
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