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  1. He’s definitely not wasted at Fremantle in my opinion.
  2. This is beyond a joke. Totally unacceptable.
  3. If you tell me your husband has flown over, I will load up with the house on us again.
  4. I am feeling more and more confident by the second and all that from listening to David King.
  5. I wouldn’t mind the other Daicos.
  6. Not worried about his size anymore for the midfield role?
  7. It’s hard to believe how much money has been spent on such an average stadium.
  8. That their interested or that it will happen?
  9. It’s quite possible that teams seventh and eighth this year end on the same wins as the fourth team. The competition is that even I don’t think we need it.
  10. Suck [censored] [censored] Essendon
  11. Please please don’t screw this up Adelaide
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