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  1. Our mental scars are healed with the premiership, walking into work as the reigning premier supporter and drinking with happy tears watching the reply through out the summer.
  2. The best night out in Perth was the Cottesloe Hotel on a Sunday afternoon, it was great because it shut at 9pm not sure if that is still the case. Straight off the beach when the Doctor came in into the beer garden home before 9.30pm. The last thing both the Dogs and Dees want is anyone from their clubs getting into any trouble before the GF. You have snipers out there that would love to film any player or official out and about doing the wrong thing
  3. Spot on, this will be his manager throwing this out there to try and extend his AFL career. Stays at the Dees most likely in and out of the side next year and with the age demographic of our list he wouldn't be offered another contract. Looks now for a club that he can get a 2-3 year deal. Or the Dees want cap space to go after a player
  4. I don't think the club would fully extend May until the GF, they will have him running and doing drills but doubt he would play in any match simulation stuff
  5. There is no way he is getting dropped for Hunt for the GF, Bowey was amazing in the Prelim especially early in the game. If Hunt comes in it will be for Hibberd but I can't see that happening for balance
  6. I don't think Cerra is a must have need. He is a little bit of cream on top that would be a bonus but not essential. We will still look at adding or developing outside mids to complement what we already have.
  7. Great ground Lathlain Park. The WCE have a Cafe and Balcony area that over looks the oval. If it is open it would be a great spot to watch training from.
  8. My GF week prediction Brownlow: The Bont First Goal in GF: TMac GF Winner: Melbourne 26 Points Norm Smith: Petracca
  9. How good are our young players Bowey just amazing
  10. That is a win, what a smashing
  11. That is the hardest part, covid lockdown, I have done my exercise time, been to the shops, lacking any focus to do any work and need to hold off cracking the first can for a few more hours
  12. Out Liddle in Cook, I reckon AFL might get involved to give Cook a push to save this sinking ship.
  13. Would we look at Jarrod Brander from WCE
  14. First game can't remember Worst Game: Has to be the the start of the 2008 season back to back 100+ point losses to Hawthorn R1 followed by Dogs in R2 Best Game: 1998 R22 V Richmond followed by Adelaide and St Kilda matches in the finals.
  15. We can break them early, get a fast start, do what port did get 5 goals up by Half time then just watch them fall to apart in the last half. Each year you usually have 1 close Prelim and 1 that is a walk over, god I hope ours is the walk over.
  16. The big difference in 2018 playing in the prelim was well above any expectations and after winning a couple of finals it was like we have over achieved and relaxed. 2021 the entire club has raised the bar, this is our expectations and we won't be happy till we get it, the group has the strong belief they can win the flag and won't accept losing.
  17. Correct, you ask the question see if he is interested, ask the question of Fremantle what they want and if it all lines up we do a trade. If it doesn't we move on to the next target.
  18. Correct, what a month it could be a flag picking up a bloke that will make us better then hopefully the footy gods keep smiling on us to deliver Andrew, Woey Jnr and another developing tall in the draft.
  19. If Weiderman does leave just means you keep M Brown and M Daw on your list for 2022 whilst you try to identify another KFP either through draft of trade over the next 18 months.
  20. Agree with this, with the knowledge we will most likely get Woey Jnr in the back end of the draft and we could elevate a player like D Smith from our rookie list if needed we could give up our first 2 picks and do some future pick swapping. Brisbane will have a few R1 picks we might offer them future R1 pick for the pick we traded them last year.
  21. Geelong is ranked No 1 for Marks inside 50 with nearly 11 per game on average, I don't see them with any real ground ball threat inside 50m.
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