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  1. Happy to share my gas bill...… in fact any of my bills.
  2. Sadly missed. I remember sitting in the old Northern stand, next to the players race. Robbie was chasing the ball toward the boundary against the filth and had two opponents whacking him from either side. He still gathered the ball and kicked it into our forward line. I screamed blue murder at the opposition tactics. You could clearly see the hits to the ribs. In fact, from my vantage point, you could hear them. But no free kick. Robbie played when footy was hard and physical, yet for a man of his physique he managed to rise above the thuggery and was a star in some very mediocre sides
  3. Listening to Neil Balme on SEN this morning was a salutary lesson on just how the modern day coach needs to change, as well as general management practices of any AFL club. Hence Richmond's recent success, when not long before, they were seen as a basket case, with moves behind the scenes to remove the President and Board in one fell swoop. Maybe that is what Goody and co are searching for during their O/S trip. Hardwick did a similar thing before the 2017 season. I say, give it a crack.
  4. Also was the Doc at Liverpool FC
  5. Demonsone was spot on with his post. Trenners was made captain, along with Jack Grimes at a time when the club was seriously maladministered and it did set us back a long time. It shot his confidence and then injury soon followed. Some on here might not want to accept that, but it is simply the reality. Back then, securing draft picks seemed to be all that mattered and even then, that administration could not even get that right. We did not have a culture of development from within and we are paying for it now.
  6. Unaware as I was at the time, that so many had gone in for surgery in 2018/2019 pre-season, for the first 15 minutes of the first game against Port this year I thought, yep, we’re a bit rusty, but moving the ball in to the forward line as I would expect, after our 2018 season. From that point on, we went missing and of course lost comprehensively in the end. Our worst losses were against Geelong, Sydney and Collingwood. We managed, too often, to find ways to lose the close ones, but our average losing margin was just over 26 points. In today’s modern game, that is not exactly a savaging. A combination of bad preparation pre-season, injuries during the year to key players and demoralising close losses, in my view, gradually took their toll on the playing group in terms of confidence and morale. I am not all doom and gloom with the current list, although I admit, there are some deficiencies, in terms of outside run and crumbing forwards. My greater concern is that I have a sense that not all is well off the field.
  7. I am too acutely aware of defamation laws to go down that path, but there are some drums beating from within I believe and that's all I am prepared to say.
  8. An interesting contrast are those teams which currently have 'caretaker' coaches and have since been winning their fair share of games. In those cases, the coaches have simply said, go out and enjoy your footy and back yourselves in, within the gameplan structure. It does not seem to me that our guys are enjoying their footy. I guess you wouldn't when you are beaten by what should be inferior sides and often, we are in winning positions, only to throw it away. That would give anyone the irits
  9. To whack Roos for expressing an opinion with his media hat on is off the mark. In my view he is 100% correct. His and PJ's jobs were to stabilise the MFC's business and footy culture which was so damaged by the previous administration. To a large extent, they got that done. But I have to wonder, despite what they said when their tenures were apparently over, did they really want to leave when they did? I have a sneaking suspicion that over the last 18 months or so, there have been a few 'captain's' calls made, which have not gone down that well with many inside the club. ..... And I don't mean the captains on the playing field.
  10. What we did back then was wrong.......... simply wrong. It set the club back years. I think it is clear though, that Dean Bailey always conducted himself with dignity and should not wear any of the blame. I have my thoughts as to who perpetrated this scandalous episode in our history, but certain defamation laws preventing me saying so here. However, those concerned are no longer at the club and I suspect will never get another job at the elite level again. But to dredge all this up again, when we have well an truly moved on is a travesty. My only real regret is that none of us will ever know, just what DB might have achieved, if he wasn't so blatantly white anted. RIP Dean.
  11. At his best, Col was a prodigious talent. Gone too soon of course. I wish his family and friends, peace and time, as they mourn his loss. Requiescat in Pace Col.
  12. In the light of day, this makes me smile.
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