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  1. My post was not about the politics of Covid but that we could not afford to attend as we are now on the dole directly because of Covid. I have had a very long history of membership with the club and am disappointed not to be a member this year and your heavy-handed censorship only adds to my disappointment.
  2. Hey Mods, why was my post removed for explaining that we are on the dole? I cop enough being Aboriginal without your discrimination thanks very much.
  3. But to be fair, we didn't play Waverley that we'll. 😕
  4. Looks like things are happening at Hawthorn. Two super egos in Kennett and Clarkson going at each other. Don Scott throwing a king hit from behind again. Grab some popcorn, this may get very entertaining.
  5. I think your in the wrong room. This is the weather room.
  6. Such wisdom. I feel as though I should be trying to snatch pebbles from the palm of your hand.
  7. I couldn't watch a Melbourne game only partially drunk.
  8. He'd require a frontal lobotomy first and foremost.
  9. Sadly (or probably more perversely), the perils of the Manor Maid will be more interesting than tonight's match.
  10. So he bites necks and only plays in night games. Hmmmm.....get Van Helsing here at once.
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