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  1. To quote that coach" They made me eat humble pie"
  2. Hopefully Mark Neeld will get the job., He fits all the necessary criteria. as far as I am concerned.
  3. Well DubDee at least you are in blissful ignorance I like classical music and some of the composers, but this thread really is off key.
  4. True, I don't think that there was any malfeasance demonstrated, although the correct decision which would have enraged the Adelaide crowd on their home turf, may have swayed the umpire.to make the easier decision,. In any case when the level of umpiring plunges to the depths shown on Saturday there is an absolute need for drastic action. Obviously this umpire was not up to the task on Saturday and it is to the game's detriment that he could be allowed to continue umpiring at this level. I think that promotion and relegation of umpires needs to become a normal; consequence of incompetence with penalties applying through loss of income upon relegation.. The relegation and promotion process needs to be open and the arbitrators need to be broadly based with representatives primarily coming from the clubs with minimal interference from the AFL.
  5. Absolutely his playing style determination and talent are just like the great RDB
  6. Exactly, I recall Footscray many years ago being stripped of its best players, Kelvin Templeton (capt), Garry Baker, Alan Stoneham,, Laurie Sandilands (capt) Robbie McGhie, Bernie Quinlan to name a few. It ripped the guts out of the club and broke their supporters hearts. I would hate it if Melbourne was seen as a development centre for the larger clubs and would lose interest.
  7. A good friend of mine went to school with Murray Weideman. He roved to Murray at primary school, taught him everything he knew about football. On a more serious note he said that he was a genial person -in other words a good bloke.
  8. Exactly, He is a bully who mocks and picks on the weakest sections of Australian society. In particular the aboriginals.
  9. Under Section 9 of the Racial Discrimination Act 1975 nationality is included in those criteria covered by the act as unlawful
  10. I recall going to a supporters dinner at the Sydney Cricket Ground in 1996 where Jim was the main speaker He told of playing a reserves match against Essendon early in his career where they they were making disparaging remarks about Ireland so he meted out the appropriate retaliation to the main culprit after that he was chased around the ground by almost the entire Essendon team trying to bash him. So yes he was abused based on his nationality.
  11. Absolutely, best comment so far, it was a cowardly disgrace
  12. Just implied it. The point is that once these arguments become personal the focus is shifted away from the club and players onto the posters to the detriment of Demonland. I don't happen to agree with Dr. D but his comments weren't offensive or personal and they are fair.
  13. There is a spelling error on the line relating to the IC (Interchange). "Darft Pick" should be "Daft Pick" The word is British informal English meaning stupid or insane. Of course Melbourne has made many daft picks. The excreciable Nield era was noted for them. Fortunately I think we are far more professional now and it would be unfortunate to label the player on the interchange bench as a daft pick, although at some time the description may be accurate.
  14. My brother and his wife had six children all of whom were Melbourne supporters. however at one stage one of his daughters announced that she was transferring her allegiances to Richmond. My brother replied well every week we go to the football to follow Melbourne and you can come along once or twice a year when Richmond play Melbourne , she reconsidered her loyalties.
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