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  1. MIght be a long session this week.....Has Andy's MFCSS been cured?
  2. The Dogs have the same salary cap as everyone else. Treloar is included in their cap. Collingwood are paying $300K of that cap to get Treloar off their books or they would have exceeded their own cap.
  3. ...."Without concrete interest beyond those two teams" says it all really.
  4. As long as it's not Findlay, Williamson or Chamberlain......or Nichols ( but then Hawthorn aren't playing)
  5. Not talking about capital gains tax. Talking only about capital gains. You can only crystallise those if you sell. Otherwise they provide no cash, unlike the pokies.(Not in favour of them) we forewent renewing the pokies licence at Bentleigh club from August 2022. We lose the $1m +per year of profit. That is what we have to replace just to stay where we are today. The problem is how do you generate the same level of return without substantial risk.
  6. Darren Burgess.....We have and have had essentially a full list to choose from all season, which has got us to this point.
  7. And that is the challenge. A 6% return is required to just hold us in the same position as we were with the gaming venues. Or in simple terms a dividend equivalent to 6%. Capital gains doesn't put food on the table, which is what the club needs....just to stay where we are at the moment. A mighty big ask over the long term.
  8. People need to read this again and again. He has been on the list for 6 years and has never kicked more than 20 goals. He has no other capability than a FF. He is being held out of the team by TMac and BBB who is signed on for another 3 years. We have 3 years to find another second stringer ( or first). Giving Weid another year means we are another year behind finding what we want. Just cut the losses, or we finish with another Jack Watts or Colin Sylvia scenario.
  9. Very Impressive ADF!! And thanks for your contribution to the Podcast.
  10. Simples.....We are in quarantine. We can't have contact with outsiders. So in order to run full match practice we have taken the whole squad. So Hore, Majak, Chandler, Jones, Bradtke etc are all there.
  11. That is correct. I checked out the replay last week. I think there were 4 goals kicked in 2 min 40sec of play.
  12. Absolutely. The opportunities don't get any better than this year. WE finished top of the ladder. WE are the best side in the competition. We have a full list available to play. This is it.
  13. GWS have said they will not appeal. Titan is correct the AFL should appeal under the 4th ground. The penalty is so obviously not adequate for a repeat offender. If you go to Court after your 22 appearance and 7th imprisonment you don't get a slap on the wrist, after being found guilty.
  14. One of the guys in this isn’t bad either…..wonder what became of him?
  15. There is no room for this kind of action and the AFL rules means Greene is off to the Tribunal, no MRO needed: From this article in the Age: https://www.theage.com.au/sport/afl/there-is-no-defence-for-it-grand-final-umpire-calls-for-greene-suspension-20210829-p58mua.html "The AFL tribunal guidelines state that “contact with an umpire that is aggressive, forceful, demonstrative or disrespectful” will be classified as intentional, and therefore the player will be directly referred to the tribunal". The AFL knows they have to come down hard on Toby, because they won't have any umpires showing up at all manner of competitions next year.
  16. The central controlling umpire at the time was Stevic. He didn't call Gus's "indescretion" same as he didn't call Selwoods. Fleer was the forward umpire who should never have even made the call against Gus, as it wasn't in his controlling area ( apart from being blatantly wrong).
  17. How could they possibly give us Fleer (26) again this week after that appalling "no intent" OOB against Gus?
  18. I think this conjecture is simply a journalists stuff up confusing one car park with another. The logical solution is carpark F. It is bigger, on the right side and is easy to access for redevelopment. The redevelopment will be a consequence of the 2023 Womens soccer world cup. I suspect they will need indoor warm up facilities, press rooms, team meeting rooms etc. At the end of the competition, we will take up residence.. Only my conjecture, but.... .....
  19. Played one game this year. Two sets of surgery on his back. 30 years of age. Still contracted until end 2022. Why do people think Hawthorn is willing to let him go? If he was serviceable, they would be keeping him next year. Lewis, Hodge, Bruest were all useful in young teams which needed leadership. Now that those teams are contenders you don't need those types any more. We don't need to be doing the Hawks any favours.
  20. Good chance we will be taking a large contingent: https://www.theage.com.au/sport/afl/cats-dees-to-go-to-perth-as-afl-waits-on-grand-final-confirmation-20210825-p58lsb.html Probably going to be away for 3 weeks, and will need others to train with at least.
  21. Called twice last night for throwing the ball....the umpires have finally been told/caught up/opened their eyes to what has been going on for the past couple of years.
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