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  1. Seen that one too. Only ribbing. Seriously though, there were a few soft efforts highlighted last week that BBB needs to get out of his game.
  2. Think I have seen that post before.
  3. How good would it be for both boys to announce to their team mates in the rooms before the game they are staying?
  4. I have been a fan of Rosman and Deakyn Smith for a while, but watching Casey games this year, they don't seem to have improved noticeably. Maybe they are playing their roles though. I hope both are kept and with another pre season and then a season of games, they can take the next step.
  5. Wouldn't expect Membership to say much more. Try contacting a Director or the CEO.
  6. The areas Weid needs improvement in are attack on the contest/ball and self belief/confidence. Improve those two facets of his game and he will be ok, if not his AFL career may just peter out.
  7. I can't see Weid going out, with Brown staying in. Weid is the one we are trying to improve. Being wet, I am pretty sure Toby is safe. Maybe Weid as sub.
  8. Goody is now a very polished and confident performer at these media conferences. He still rubs his leg intermittently.
  9. Another thing I'd like to see. "Jackson and Brayshaw sign as Dees for life".
  10. With Tom back for another season next year and Turner evolving down back there are more options. Getting another key forward remains a priority though and a depth ruckman.
  11. But to have one of the rucks forward means they are not getting a break.
  12. Hopefully we hear before Clarry's contract ends in 2030.
  13. Interesting that Herald Sun has Hawks leading the race, even though they are probably the furthest from a GF. I think we have bigger needs. Pass from me.
  14. He would fix one of our remaining two areas of concern immediately, but realistically we would be no chance to get him. The AFL would probably try and veto any deal. While I don’t mind Tomlinson, I would offer any and all of him, Chandler, Laurie, Baker and Melksham to get Larkey.
  15. There is an AFL rule that says that the MFC must play at the Cattery every year. It has been in existence for decades.
  16. Thursday night at the Cold Cattery, with no Dees fans and struggling key forwards. Should be a great night. A win would be brilliant.
  17. Tigers to contest suspension for Vlastuin. They should, as he only smashed the young kid in the face with a forearm, behind play. It just stuns me that he gets a week and challenges and has form I think and Chandler, with no form, copped two for a legal tackle in play, that only went wrong when the victim hit his head. Not a bump to the head, but a legal tackle in play and then the accidental result. The whole system is a joke and again the big clubs fight everything. I would give 3 weeks at the tribunal, for the Tigers being idiots and it being a dangerous blow behind play.
  18. Tomlnson was great last year before injury. This year he has been fantastic at Casey, but put in a poor one against the Swans. I would have tried him up forward, to see if he could have helped the totally out of form BBB, while Tom is out. With Turner coming along well, that will put pressure on him, but he is not useless.
  19. Well the elbow must be protected.
  20. Probably none. They have Dixon, Marshall, Mitch and Finlayson. 4 marking forwards. We have Fritta, a mid size and then BBB and Weid available.
  21. You can understand that, with Cats’ form, played at Geelong, Cameron and Hawkins hot, against our undermanned out of form key forwards and uncertainty about our ruckmen.
  22. Well if you want to put it like that, we should close down DL and all social forums and only deal/discuss the serious world issues. Probably a good idea to cancel all sport and leisure activities while we are at it. Blistering was making a joke, you do realize that don't you? Think you went a bit over the top don't you think?
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