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Discussion on recent allegations about the use of illicit drugs in football is forbidden


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  1. What is the “ potential to cause injury” when you jump up after running at full pace and brace and hit a bloke coming the other way, who is looking at the ball, with your shoulder, flush on his face?
  2. Disappointed if Kolt is dropped. Think you have to give new kids a small run at it, not just one game, especially where the whole side was pathetic and he was far from the worst. New kids need confidence and dropping him in the above circumstances is not helpful imo.
  3. Our game plan should be don't let Bolton touch the footy.
  4. I didn’t think Hogan’s slap was any worse than several others that have got fines or completely let off. It was retaliation, other player wasn’t hurt and it appeared a reflex action more than a deliberate attack. 1 week for Toby was a gift, potential to injure was high.
  5. I think we are now into about 8 months on this and no result. Imagine if he was a Chinese swimmer and they found that his sample was contaminated.
  6. Just saw McCreery and ex-Pie, now Bulldog Poulter having a coffee. Really wanted to ask McCreery if he would like to come across to the Dees. His pace is a real weapon. Good player.
  7. That's not true. If he simply put his arms out to take the mark, no issue. He braced and hit other player's face with his braced arm and shoulder. That is what they are trying to stop. The aerial or on ground shirt front to the head. Might be lucky and get a week. Giants would be mad not to take that.
  8. Experienced player averaging 30 possies, gone in first few minutes, replaced by a rookie player who got a few meaningless possies. Players in shock for at least a quarter. One fresh player down for nearly the whole game. We lost by 7 points. Yes you could argue strongly that hit cost us the game and possibly a flag. Most thought the winner of that game would win the flag.
  9. Does he qualify for the good bloke defence?
  10. Toby, Coniglio and Taylor out helps Lions.
  11. Thankfully we have great commentators. Darcy at 13 minutes to go in game, with Cats over 4 goals up, in rain, says ” if Lions are to win, they simply must get the next goal, you would think”. Yes most of us would think that. Lions had only kicked 4 goals for the game. Then at 9 minutes to go, he says “ the Lions need the next goal” and at that point they are nearly 5 goals down. Maybe I am being a bit hard, as most of them are just ex footballers, not professional sport commentators.
  12. How could Tigers and Crows get rid of him, even if he was a bit naughty.
  13. Concussion. Back for us of course.
  14. Now Blues play Cats without Stewart and coming back from a heavy interstate slogfest.
  15. Willy Rioli as selfish as you will ever see.
  16. Cox puts the knee up and into the opponent at every contest. Needs to get it returned.
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