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  1. Get him a Melbourne girlfriend like Rivers has, quickly.
  2. Interesting that the Herald Sun article says Cerra will go to Carlton and because of it, Jackson will consider going home over summer. Do these guys even proof read what they write?
  3. He played every game before injury. Why would he want to leave?
  4. Would be nice to walk into training past the 2021 Premiership Cup.
  5. That would happen if he lifts the cup up after the game.
  6. Rather than hoping he belts someone, it would be better to hope he plays a full game like his PF first half. That would be an enormous start on a win.
  7. He has a full pre season to get up and ready for a big year. More muscle, more confidence and belief via Choco and we will see if he can become a regular again.
  8. If Hunt was quiet in the practice match, they have obviously decided missing so much footy has affected his game and that was that. I said I wanted “a fit “ Hunt in, but that includes “match fit” and he obviously isn’t. Hibbo needs to lock down a forward like he did on Cameron. That will be a win for us. Go Dees and just win.
  9. You mean that person “knows” that he will nominate us. I am pretty certain no deal has been done with Freo yet.
  10. That’s disappointing Froggy. Hopefully a flag will make up for missing it live, like most of the rest of us Dees fans, locked down, banned, or simply not living in WA.
  11. The next two words were the important ones “ if needed”.
  12. Couldn’t keep up with Johannisen and Smith. Would back him in a contest with them but he would get beaten by them on the spread.
  13. Mitch Brown will go. His position is covered, with Weid staying and Tomlinson back, maybe releasing Petty forward if needed. I would get Choco onto Weid over summer and try and turn around his mental approach to the game. Another pre season in the gym will help as well.
  14. Would mean Mitch Brown is gone and pressure is off for another key forward atm. He also can pinch hit in the ruck, with Tom Mac another and if they keep Bradtke then that is not an immediate priority either.
  15. Don’t think the throat is dependant on build. If I remember correctly, Wallis smashed Green in the throat and sent him to hospital with a fractured larynx. No doubt Sheedy orchestrated it. He then in another game wrongly accused an Eagle of sniping his player and made the throat cut sign with his hand and was fined by the AFL. There have been no dirty hits in recent years in GF’s just a few suspect tackles.
  16. He didn't dish it, he pushed and shoved. For a guy known as the ox, big and strong, it was weak and he knows it. I was 15 metres from the Long hit on Snake Simmonds. I thought he was dead. Unfortunately no one else did anything to retaliate. It is the only time I have been disappointed with the Ox. If not for 3 knee recos, we would be talking about him as Carey number 2. I met Long a couple of years ago and told him he was a great player, except for that incident. He said he could have killed him and was happy he was ok.
  17. SOS suggesting that Giants would move on Coniglio, for points and salary cap relief. So, could we give them some late picks, to clear Coniglio to Freo and we get Cerra. Then we do another trade to get a bit more, like say Weid for a pick that goes to Freo. Result is the Dockers get Coniglio and a pick for Cerra and Giants get salary cap relief and a new Captain, plus NGA points they need. If we did that, would you look at Jarrod Brander, as a cheap pick up and versatile cover player. He was originally a forward and is 195 cms and can play at both ends. Eagles happy to move him on, again probably for salary cap relief. You would then get Cerra and Brander, for mid range picks and Weid.
  18. Thanks Ash. Watched a bit and will finish later. Fantastic memories of our most skillful player ever. Never forgotten.
  19. I would prefer a fit Hunt to Hibbo. His run and carry off the hbf could be of great benefit in a GF. He is also a long kick and can snag a goal if moved forward. Hibbo can fumble badly and those left foot sliding kicks often go to the opposition. Hibbo is probably a better lockdown defender but I would rather Hunt if he is fit. He was very good for us before the injury. He just offers more than Hibbo.
  20. Disagree. Max could be BOG and we still lose. Need more than Max to play well. We could win with Max having an average game too.
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