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  1. Sometimes things for free aren't worth the price. I think I have morphed into a philosopher.
  2. Love you ET, but make sure that you break news and not wind.
  3. Don't be disappointed, I won't be. I think Brown is the big fish atm and if we get him we have done well. Smith is a little aging fish and old fish can be very smelly and you don't want them hanging around smelling up the place for 3 years. I think we can find younger better fish than Smith.
  4. I would not blame you if he indicated he was happy to join us and then changed his mind after a late Cats pitch. I actually am no t keen in him anyway. He is not the player he was and I would prefer Getting someone younger and also developing Baker. Maybe it would allow us to look at a Treloar deal or Phillips, or even poach a Cats player.
  5. Let me get in before the decision. I am not particularly thrilled to get him on a 3 year deal at 32 and couldn’t care less if he goes to the Cats. We can target someone else younger.
  6. Yes. If Smith goes to the Cats we can be sure of two things, first Dr. Evil will cop a pasting on DL and second there will be a flood of posts about how Smith is no good, too old and didn’t want him anyway.
  7. Sorry didn’t see Preliminary Final mentioned. Just assumed Suns as that was the rumoured likely destination.
  8. If it's the Suns, then it makes sense why they are not interested in the expensive Treloar.
  9. If his Manager looks at Gresham, Lonie, Billings, Butler, Jones, Hill, Geary, Dunstan, Sinclair and others I forget atm, you may be right.
  10. Why, they know what they are talking about. I actually think they are two of the best. Know the game, know the players, know culture, speak to players, know what is needed.
  11. GWS now will have some cap space with Cameron, Corr, Williams, Caldwell, Hately and others gone. It needs to be used and Preuss and Tom MAC would be useful additions so we won’t be paying any of their salaries, IMO, it is just the trade we get. That said, Tom may be Bomber bound. They have space with Saad and Joe and others leaving. Personally I would prefer him to go to GWS as they don’t have Dodoro.
  12. Don’t worry about the pick, it will be pick 90 if they offload most of his salary. Can’t have it both ways. Again like some other players, there are other issues. These and cap room all need to be evaluated. Personally I would only look at my early suggestion for him, worse than pick 50 and Pies to pay $400-500 k of his salary for every one of the five years left on his contract. If not, we don’t consider it. Even at $400k for 5 years and with his issues, it could be a problem. Actually, on reflection it is probably all too hard, pass. PS. I can see him being traded at th
  13. Could ET be about to "dust" off his cobwebs with the biggest trade of all.
  14. Under my fantasy proposal, we would be paying him only about $300-$400 k a year.
  15. My absolute favourite post of the day so far.
  16. We should help the Pies out. Offer pick 50 and they pay $500k of his salary for the each of the next 5 years.
  17. I would take him for pick 50 and Pies paying $500k of his salary each year for the next 5 years.
  18. If not he stays and gets paid for 5 years or leaves/retires and gets paid anyway.
  19. It could. Don't think his team mates or prospective recruits would like a 5 year to go contract just ignored.
  20. With his being lured from GWS, his wife playing Netball in Queensland and his mental health issues, this is a big call actively pushing him out the door. Not sure his team mates will like the optics, nor some Player Managers who will be wary of the Pies promises to their players. This type of action can be a culture killer.
  21. But at least you’re first with news.
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