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Discussion on recent allegations about the use of illicit drugs in football is forbidden


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  1. What a dog act by a little boy. PATHETIC.
  2. Picket doesn’t seem to have learned anything from his last suspension. Looks like he might miss a week again. He needs to learn from his mistakes.
  3. Phew did what we had to do but geez won’t be watching the replay of that one. A win is a win is a win. Onto next week. GO DEES
  4. If u look closely when he is on the ground he is looking at what I assume is the umpire to see what the decision is. It was so obvious he throws himself as he is tackled which is why TMac was giving it to him after he kicked the goal. Slimy little [censored].
  5. Priceless From news.com The unfortunate mistakes led Fox Footy’s Ben Dixon to say: “Ratugolea is now ‘Ratugol-error’.”
  6. Absolute heart and soul of our great club. Loved his old man and absolutely love the way Jack goes about it. IMO he will be one of the best to ever pull on a dees jersey by the time he retires
  7. I think there would be more than just a bit there would be a hell of a lot Jane based on that pic 😁
  8. One (actually a fair few) flew over the cuckoos nest!!!!
  9. Great goals from Windsor, Brown, Gawn, ANB and Fritta. Loved Fritta response to the ferals over the fence after he kicked that goal from the sidleine at 50, was priceless. Didn’t look like there were too many brain cells over the fence tbh.
  10. ANB what a great game. Viney another great game and congrats on 200 games GO DEES.
  11. Hey WCW any news on May and how long he will be out.
  12. Awesome surname recruit him on that basis pls!!
  13. I know Derm is not everyone’s cup of tea but he is dead right here. It’s been an issue for a long time without being fixed properly and it seems to still be an issue. Does anyone know why Stafford is our forwards coach? It is going to potentially ruin/waste another season. Our list is running out of opportunities to win another premiership and this is a key reason why imo.
  14. I hear Schache is coming along nicely 🤮
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