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  1. I have been saying this fo a while now. Rotate the mids to f50. We need more than 3 mids going around during the game.
  2. I did ask the membership Dept Diamond and The person I got double checked with someone else and advised it had happened to a couple of other games but weren’t sure why.
  3. That’s interesting cause the games I have been to there hasn’t been much social distancing occurring.
  4. Ha ha Pickett, not sure my vocals could be heard considering I won’t be near a fox camera. Sorry mate. In saying that I don’t think some of the stuff I say would be allowed to go to air especially with they way the umps are going.
  5. Just got tickets and very happy but what they did was u could only purchase in lots of 2, 4 or 6 tickets. You could not change It to how many you needed. I needed 3 of course. I just can’t understand why they do that. It seems to me they are taking advantage of people who want to go to the footy. 😡 Btw all seats at the Gabba are good whether u are in the stands or at ground level. God I hope we play better than we did against Port.
  6. The umpiring this season has been unbelievably horrendous. it seemed like nearly every time North got the ball in the first half they got a free kick. FFS umps stop looking through ur butt hole.
  7. Calm down dd. It’s not like Melk will be dropped who I would prefer but won’t happen.
  8. In Gawn and Viney out Jones and spargo. For god sake play Harmes as a tagger against sidebum.
  9. Truck reminds me of the Ox in the way he instinctively moves. Good signs.
  10. Good win by the boys and have won 2 games we were expected to win. Next week is a huge game against the pies and hopefully we don’t get smashed like we did against port. We still have a lot to improve and next week the pressure will come in the game big time and will be interesting to see how we cope with it
  11. What a captains goal 😳😳😳 Thats all he’s done so far.
  12. Yep Harmes is certainly being wasted. Brayshaw moves back into the midfield and bazinga he hits form. Move Harmes back to tagger role and I bet he would come into some form. Doesn’t seem all that hard to figure out but it seems it might be for some.
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