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  1. I like this version of the story much better than the 2-4 months. Let’s hope Lever is right.
  2. If Kate can do what Peggy has done at Richmond, then I’m all for it.
  3. Btw it’s great to beat those puzzie cat censored]. Selwood getting done holding the ball a couple of times was icing on the cake.
  4. WE are FINALLY playing as a TEAM. Amazing what happens when you do that. GO DEES.
  5. I cant understand why Thursday night is not a regular feature just like Friday and Sat nights.
  6. Bloody hell it’s hard to play well when the ball is being bombed into our f50 with 2 or 3 opposition players around you and a very crowed 50. Tmac was important tonight to our structure and has been playing well in the first couple or games this season, let’s not forget that Also I think it was spargo who kicked a point when Tmac was only a handball over the top on his own in the goal square. Should have done the team thing rather than going for the individual glory thing. We still have things to learn as a team which will hopefully come as the season goes on. On a side note
  7. The umps were ****house. And we still beat the giants.
  8. It was on kayo or Foxtel. Pubs normally show the games on fox too.
  9. Well I thought we would be out paced and out coached. I am glad to admit I was wrong. Well done MFC.
  10. FMD we are our own worst enemy. FFS.
  11. No and the Saints will run us off our feet and we will be out coached (not for the first time) this season That’s my positive take on tonight’s match
  12. Good to see another sponsorship on board, well done MFC. The only thing missing now and has been for a number of years is consistently winning. Up to you now boys.
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