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  1. Thanks for checking in on me wcw. I’m getting there but it will take some time. Cheers
  2. Thanks to all demonlanders for your well wishes today. The boys definitely did it for my mom tonight and I am very grateful. Well done boys. What a win and great noise from the small crowd. GI DEES.
  3. Thanks Worn Smith. looks like the boys are doing it for sure.
  4. Thanks Dani. Imo despite our differences we are all family.
  5. Cheers Harmes. One memory that will last my life time now.
  6. Thanks litb. We are all family here on demonland. We even argue like family.
  7. Well for me personally today started horribly, my mum passed away. Let hope the Dees do the right that thing and win in her memory. Nice memory just Monday gone I told her that the Dees were on the top of the ladder and she said “what” the surprise on her face was priceless. Even with her memory loss she still new who the Dees were. Never mind she forgot who the hell I was ha ha Go Dees.
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