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  1. Not sure either mono but if Tmac can go from back to forward then why not Thomo.
  2. Could we possibly put Thomo up forward with Brown? IMO it would take some pressure off Brown as he is a big strong body and aggressive. Just a thought.
  3. It will prob bring back the good ole days playing at Melbourne 😜
  4. The best thing about the umpiring is that Adelaide STILL LOST. This is despite the umpires best efforts to get them a win in front of their feral home crowd. (Which happened last season) Great work Dees, we beat the team, the feral crowd and the UMPIRES. It really was a genuinely pathetic display of umpiring and why they are not liked at all. The decision to award walker a free kick against Brown in the ruck contest for BLOCKING when walker clearing hit Brown high with a knee to the face is one of many examples of poor decision making from the umps It should be investigated to explain why the decisions were made but the AFL will do nothing which doesn’t surprise any of us Dees supporters. Those umps should NEVER umpire a Melb game in Adelaide again.
  5. I don’t know what it is about bogan stadium but this is the second yr in a row the umps have been PATHETIC. Lucky this time it didn’t cost us 4 points but my god they tried their best to get the cows over the line. It’s a disgrace.
  6. Viney is an absolute animal, love him. Petracca and Oliver sublime. Awesome combination.
  7. Sub Brown off as he looks injured and stick Tomlinson in as a forward. Can’t hurt to try something different.
  8. The umpiring is YET AGAIN A JOKE. Seriously the umps need GLASSES. ABSOLUTELY USELESS just like last year.
  9. Disappointed that Jackson is out but liked this bit in the article “In a huge boost, Gawn is expected back for the Demons in round 17”. Thank god Max will be back. Can’t understand MBrown coming in would rather Thomo.
  10. Great player and person. Time passes very quickly.
  11. It’s funny as I don’t care how much or if it’s back ended etc cause I now have faith in our club to manage the $$$$$ properly. It’s an unusual feeling but one I am getting used to.
  12. U little beauty. Well done Dees and Clarrie. Seemed to be a much easy process than Jackson.
  13. So relieved after that win. Gi Dees
  14. Viney led by example and was a BEAST. Loved his game. Gi Dees
  15. Been said before hopefully this time he takes his chance.
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