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  1. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family and friends during this time jules. Its never an easy time.
  2. You look like dicky knee from hey hey its saturday Calidula. Ha ha.
  3. My condolences @Hell Bent. Very very sad news.
  4. Thanks for the report Lucifer. How often in past pre-seasons have we seen the above which has transposed into the real season. God help us if it does AGAIN. Time will tell.
  5. Does it really matter what the training reports say old dee as we are always training well and players are in the best shape of their careers and yet we still manage to stuff up our season year after year. To me pre season training reports are just fluff pieces and to be taken with a tonne of salt I am sick of hearing about how great our pre seasons are and I am more interested to see how we play this season and to see if it will turn into another [censored] show.
  6. Merry Christmas to all. Mods thanks for all ur efforts In Keeping demonland up and running. Here’s hoping 2021 is a better yr/season. Go dees.
  7. Massive pressure on the goody and the dees next season. Imagine if we lose to Freo at the G in Rd1 next season. It would be the beginning of the end for goody imo. My hope for us to do well next season is the lowest it has been in a number of seasons. I really have bugger all faith in Goodwin.
  8. No suprise there. Im just suprised that it didnt happen earlier.
  9. I’m not a Goodwin fan and don’t think he is the right guy based on the last 4 yrs as head coach. My take is that it’s good insurance to have Williams on board if Goodwin doesn’t perform again next season then I would be happy to see him in the top job if the opportunity arises.
  10. You don’t have to read it Kent. Posters will always go over the top with some comments. Don’t let it bother u.
  11. Thanks Grr Not suprised Goody said no and look how thats turned out. How things have changed. It would be interesting to know if Pert and co have laid down the law so to speak to Goody and have said you need Chocco on board whether you want it or not or if Goody has realised he may need assistance because this is his last chance and what he has done previously has not worked properly. Time will tell.
  12. Given how bad our player development has been this is a great appointment imo.
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