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  1. It’s not being sold by us so doesn’t count. Don’t stress.
  2. Would like Hunt in the team as a late change or med sub.
  3. My son drew this for my Father’s Day and I found it again today while looking for something else, which I think is a good omen. I will take any good omen at this stage.
  4. Totally agree. It’s an ALL TEAM effort. All players on the list deserve it.
  5. I have a feeling we will win by about 35-55 points. My reasoning is that the dogs have travelled a lot and it’s their own fault due to missing top 4, they seemed to have really celebrated maybe over celebrated the preliminary final win, had beers too, which is unusual, Bevo was cranky about Trelors criticism during the week, then he cracked it at one of their staff members showing them celebrating the prelim win and maybe us vs the rest of the world crap might be wearing thin. God I hope I am right but time will tell. Go Dees.
  6. It’s a bloody great idea. Keeps ALL the players focused on the gf coming up and reinforces that it’s not party time (yet).
  7. Bloody brilliant news. TMac is an absolute professional to come back this year and perform given the club wanted to trade him last year. Well done TMac now for the big one. GO DEES
  8. Love RDB. Wish Robbie Flower was still with us to share in this experience. I am sure he is watching from above and hopefully help guide us to our first flag since 64.
  9. Some people are just scum and then you have to try and explain why someone would do that, to your kids. It’s pathetic.
  10. They can use the same violin and that Scott uses when he craps on about Geelong.
  11. It’s going to be a cracker of a GF. Both teams play a similar style and if we bring the heat for 4 quarters (and accurate goal kicking) we will win. I am less nervous about the GF than I was about the prelim. BRING THE HEAT DEES and the result will follow. GO U MIGHTY DEES.
  12. Well that explains it then. NOW WHERE IS MY VIOLIN. Scott and the team are full of excuses when it doesn’t go his way PATHETIC.
  13. Geez duckwood is a bucket of puss. In the third he gives away a 50m and says Langers dived, well he would know all about that as he is the king of it and just continues to whinge and carry on like a spoiled brat. Then again in the third he puts the knees into Oliver when he was going for a mark then pretends to give a [censored] and helps Oliver up. SUCH A ENTITLED [censored]. God I hate Geelong. GOD I LOVE THE DEMONS. ❤️💙
  14. How important is Ben Brown to our structure. He was immense last night and good to see his goal kicking accuracy improve with the more games he has played with us. Bet he is happy he made the move from a wooden spooner team to a gf bound one.
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