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  1. It’s our own fault we are not a destination club and we need to fix it but that seems really difficult for some reason. We were on our way with Roos and Jackson but since Roos more so left we have gone south. THIS is the problem. A good type player will look at the way the top teams play then look at us and the way we play. It’s no contest. If I were a player I wouldn’t choose us either Generally the only way to get a player to the lower clubs is by giving them crazy $$$$$$$$$$$$$ I wish I could change who I support but unfortunately I am so invested in this nut house
  2. Not even sure we will get Brown or Smith. One of the issues when we r so inconsistent on the field is that we are NOT a destination club and its been that way for a long time. I cant see it changing soon either unfortunately which will also affect our current player movements. Good players want to go to good clubs with good culture, front office and coaching group.
  3. It’s good to see a STRUGGLING club like Geelong can land a gun forward to bolster their lineup. That’s what happens when u play finals consistently and have a good culture and head coach. Then there’s us.........................FFS Goodwin and co better get their [censored] together next season otherwise we are screwed AGAIN.
  4. Is the Goodwin thread still floating around somewhere as I can’t seem to find it?
  5. Well he can get in line behind most of us supporters. FFS if we are [censored] again next season bye bye quality players and it won’t only be Oliver who will want out imo. Goodwin betta hit the road running like the Flash cause if we are zip and 5 he is gone and so is ANOTHER season.
  6. Couldn’t agree more picket in Goodwin playing favs and this was evidence of this. I really fear for our club in retaining players and how we will go next season with goody in charge. I am not looking forward to much at all next season and can only hope Yze has a positive impact on goody. God help us if he doesn’t.
  7. Had to read that a few times to before I understood what u meant Jack 😁😁
  8. God its annoying and bloody frustrating we are YET AGAIN talking about trades and coaches at the end of the season rather than about our finals performances or who we are playing this week in the finals. I thought we were past this as a club but obviously not. SO FRUSTRATING.
  9. Lord we know how important a forward is to us given our goals this yr and last so we SHOULD MAKE ROOM for a forward imo. Time will tell.
  10. Bloody hell we need a foward next season that can kick goals and take the pressure of Weid. If we only end up with Smith and draftees its going to be a long season again especially if goody is still in charge which looks like what will happen unfortunately. Still dont understand how we dont have much wriggle room tbh.
  11. This is the most important part of any new assistant. If goody doesnt listen then we may as well either sack him or not hire assistants and save the money. Doesnt look like he will be shown the door this yr so i hope for all our sakes he BLOODY LISTENS.
  12. Great to sign him up long term. Good work @Lord Nevand @Lord Travis Keep posting the info you hear despite some demonland posters going full on detective inspector gadget mode. Sauce seems pretty good I would say 👍
  13. Why would Goodwin not try it given our performances over the season. U have nothing to lose if you try it given the way we were playing. Try different strategies when what you are doing is not working and that ain’t rocket science.
  14. 1. Why does it matter what other teams are doing? Why should we follow other teams? 2. I back our midfield to but when we have Harmes who can tag the best oppo midfielder and reduce their influence then why not do it. 3. Why not when we can reduce the influence of the oppos gun midfielder with a tag. 4. Our mids all know how to kick goals and rotating them makes sense and gives us flexibility if a midfield combination isn’t working. Couldn’t care less if tagging is out dated or boring. If it works for us then we should do it. (It would be have been
  15. If, but’s and maybes but we ain’t and it’s our own fault we aren’t playing finals at the end of the day.
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