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  1. I am not much of a watcher or follower of AFLW but to have the game at 1.40PM in Springfield on sat avo is ridiculous and dangerous. Springfield is also a couple of degrees hotter too The weather up here has been stinking hot and humid. Very bad decision.
  2. Great news. Concerning still no Pickett news yet. Me thinks we are going to have another Jackson type scenario next season unfortunately. Hopefully he keeps his head in the game unlike Jackson.
  3. Really hope if Gawn is going to be spending more time forward he improves his goal kicking otherwise it won’t work.
  4. It will totally screw the collywobbles if they keep him. Good luck.
  5. Hope Kozzie is not in the same boat.
  6. Good point D and I’m sure Gawn will have a bit of extra motivation.
  7. I think Jacko was injured so it may have affected his performance this yr.
  8. Will be real interesting to see how he goes without Gawns support and mentoring. Pressure will be immense to perform and no doubt the Freo ferrals will let him know if he ain’t going well.
  9. Sounds positive but until he signs an extension it’s up in the air and this is why the speculation will persist. Jackson take 2
  10. Today is a sad day as it’s the last day we are the reigning premiers. I am so glad I had the opportunity to watch our mighty Dees win the premiership together with my family. It was something I never thought would happen. Hopefully we all get another opportunity to see another premiership next season. GO DEES
  11. Don’t care to watch it all I hope is that the Swans win. God I hate the pussie cats.
  12. Thanks for sharing GNF. Brace urself for the abuse!!!
  13. Agree. Like Roos said when he was our coach (something like) if we have a player who has one yr left on his contract and doesn’t want to sign when there is talk of other clubs circling then we should try and trade them. We need to be more ruthless in this area while still not going over the top and destroying our culture.
  14. Unfortunately I agree and money talks too. The players will get more at other clubs and that seems to be part of the reason for leaving.
  15. I know Demonstone but usually where there is smoke there is and if he wants to stay then sign an extension (I think I saw somewhere that the club is trying to re-sign him but can’t remember where).
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