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  1. To Rome Forza Azzurri🟩⬜🟥👍
  2. Line in the sand game, we will belt them off the park in front of their home fans sending a message to the rest of the competition on a big stage. dees by 43
  3. I Still think if there is room for a score review... there's room to use technology to your advantage in this situation.
  4. The AFL need to adopt a system similar to the VAR rule. Maybe the same bloke who does the score review. Could have stopped the clock and gave the free kick. Not just because this was Melbourne, but this is amateur by the AFL. If you have technology USE it to help the umpires make the right call... imagine if this happens in a grand final.
  5. Think we should of left BBB in the team also, knowing we have a big Friday night game coming up, and he plays well at marvel stadium continuously changing our forward mix will be our undoing. Find the right balance and stick with it. We can't fit everyone in gotta do what's best for the team balance
  6. Serious question Where will the big party be held if we happen to win it? I too will take all my leave and turn into a mad drunk for a month
  7. Dunno about anyone else but i fill full of apprehension watching us play I can't bear to see us loose a game just thinking about how we will respond the following week, I almost want it over with😲. At the same time I'm loving it and hoping we go undefeated all season including finals......
  8. He and Oliver resigning is just massive... WOW... go DEES
  9. Make them pay overs we still win out.... but seriously Weid will get his chance, it's a long season he just has to make sure his in good form all year and he might come in at the right time.
  10. Rodman with another Goal, how good is it that they are television the game.....long overdue
  11. I have no problem with quiet achievers, but at least release a short video introducing yourself to us the members.
  12. I've heard many off these over the years... I've learnt to embrace it as a good thing and i make a point to go to the snow every QB weekend and drive straight to the G on the Monday... When we finally win a flag il get my chance to give some stick back🤞
  13. Hope I haven't missed it, but as a long time member and someone who loves the club, I'd like if Kate could do a media release. Letting us know who she is? What she stands for? And What she wants to achieve? Hopefully it's inline with us the 'members '
  14. Side looks good on paper, but I think leg speed will be a problem against tigers. And they are the no 1. Team in the league when the ball hits the deck so going to tall could cost us especially in a night game. I'd expect Weid to throw his weight around when the ball hits the deck, his a good tackle for his size
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