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  1. He and Oliver resigning is just massive... WOW... go DEES
  2. Make them pay overs we still win out.... but seriously Weid will get his chance, it's a long season he just has to make sure his in good form all year and he might come in at the right time.
  3. Rodman with another Goal, how good is it that they are television the game.....long overdue
  4. I have no problem with quiet achievers, but at least release a short video introducing yourself to us the members.
  5. I've heard many off these over the years... I've learnt to embrace it as a good thing and i make a point to go to the snow every QB weekend and drive straight to the G on the Monday... When we finally win a flag il get my chance to give some stick back🤞
  6. Hope I haven't missed it, but as a long time member and someone who loves the club, I'd like if Kate could do a media release. Letting us know who she is? What she stands for? And What she wants to achieve? Hopefully it's inline with us the 'members '
  7. Side looks good on paper, but I think leg speed will be a problem against tigers. And they are the no 1. Team in the league when the ball hits the deck so going to tall could cost us especially in a night game. I'd expect Weid to throw his weight around when the ball hits the deck, his a good tackle for his size
  8. If we could take our chances in front of goal we'd be 5 goals up. Just tidy this up and the 4pts are ours
  9. Beat the Hawks first
  10. Try calling the club, I called today. After waiting 25 mins I got through because 2 of the 4 memberships I buy for the fam haven't arrived
  11. Likewise this season things seem to be different, the boys playing for each other is fantastic to see. He has to become a leader now and help drive us to a flag
  12. This is the biggest change this season, finally all this talent is starting to work together. Still a long season ahead so lid firmly on, from here we should aim for top 4 if we roll the Hawks il start beliving the players are grounded enough to not get ahead of themselves.
  13. If it's the Melky of 2018 I agree with you, if it's the Melky of the last 2 years id rather get games into younger players. The no chasing and tackling down hill sking we saw of Melky the last 2 years sets a bad example. I hope the group is beyond this now
  14. And il add the players wages are paid by the loanee, so wouldn't work with salary cap in Afl
  15. Agree, and most teams loan out players to different leagues around Europe.
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