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  1. If you are looking for some artwork to have printed - these will work pretty well - https://www.myheartbeatstrue.com/images/ - The Ai file are scalable and the PDF files are sized at A0 - however can go larger
  2. Apologies for my shameless plug - lots to read, listen to, watch over at https://www.myheartbeatstrue.com/
  3. Full Match replay available here https://www.myheartbeatstrue.com/replays/
  4. It took for us to hit rock bottom and the AFL appoint Peter Jackson for us to start breaking the shackles that have held us down for so long. Peter Jackson can't be thanked enough. Sure, he was in a paid position and all, however I think he certainly deserves Life Membership. You read lots of comments about how we missed 4 flags by not merging with Hawthorn (but there is no guarantee that would have happened if we had), but i wonder how we would have gone if we hadn't been divided as a club, torn apart by the attempt to merge.
  5. https://mailchi.mp/aabd62570f75/perth-cats-2020-5632625?fbclid=IwAR0cU7z_xJ3vlu5cgURPLwTIGfXPtYzhq-i-ReeTOWa2BxSRrBjGJnWg5lM
  6. First - Can't recall my first game but the first I can remember was vs Geelong (Away) R3 in 1982 - My dad and I left at half time as the score was 10.4 to 1.7 #shattered Best - 1987 R22 vs Bulldogs - I was one of those kids with a pocket radio supplying the scores to the crowd Worst - So so many but these stand out - 1987 Prelim VS Haw (Waverley), 1994 Prelim VS WC (Perth), R1 2008 vs Haw (MCG), R23 2019 vs North (Hobart) and lastly and the one that had the potential to feel the worst - R22 1996 vs Haw (MCG) The Merger Game - lost by 1 point, Dunstall kicked his 100th, club future uncertain, last game i worked for MFC. #shattered
  7. Our Day Our Dream Our Year
  8. https://www.myheartbeatstrue.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/09/Its-A-Grand-Old-Flag-Remix.mp3
  9. https://www.myheartbeatstrue.com/beat-the-paywall/full-article-demons-flag-nicked-from-mcc-roof-in-1964-finally-found/ - Now expired
  10. Nothing more than a popularity contest and I don’t think our "team first” bunch of players will give a crap
  11. Thanks for sharing. I’m always up for a war of words about the merger. Speaking of which…. The Demon Alternative (Melbourne’s anti-merger group formed in 1996) is planning a 25 year re-union. Anyone who was involved in the group and would like to be kept up to date about the details, please reach out to [email protected]
  12. What traditions, celebrations and superstitions do you take into this time of year. I’ve got a 1980 bottle of MFC premiership port that was given to my late father and at the time we vowed to open it if a GF win ever came our way. Would love the chance to crack it open this year. Not sure how it will taste but it would be worth it.
  13. New page for the latest replays https://www.myheartbeatstrue.com/replays/
  14. Have a look at the state of the footy with the sponsor logo - Looks like something they found after it was kicked over the fence!
  15. It's certainly a good time to be a Dees supporter. Don't forget all the Demon news you could hope for (especially full of great Demon news this morning) - https://www.myheartbeatstrue.com/
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