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  1. Least I have another "Proud to Belong" email to look forward to this week...
  2. Can’t seem to kick, take a contested mark, receive the ball, collect a ground ball, keep on our feet or aim a tackle below shoulder height. Glad we are fit though. bloody frustrating.
  3. For sure, there is a bit of a gap in the stats!
  4. Playing the same 3rd qtr style as the men, looking good.
  5. Announced just then - Heard via SEN. Will look to get back this year if we go deep, but looks to be then end after... Vince to retire at season's end
  6. My mate in the office just got 6 in the olympic stand - quick in and out...
  7. Can we pass a hat to pay for some long stops for the boys?
  8. No point having a hail mary kick-in when you play in a team that cannot take a contested mark...
  9. From the article "Johnnie Walker will also be a partner of the AFL’s founding and arguably most prestigious club, the seminal Melbourne Demons as well as a proud sponsor of Seven’s Friday night’s appointment viewing TV broadcast of the AFL." Well, they have covered their bases given that we don't get the chance on a Friday night game! But I must say I read this while having a neat green. Tasty.
  10. Frawleys blow job numbers are starting to show in his knees...
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