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  1. Thats what I was getting at, I have a feeling that I read somewhere that this membership excludes QB, Anzac eve and interstate home games. But how there was no token/qualification method to take it up had me surprised, as you say, anyone could grab a free one. The Coll mate said he signed up (grain of salt here) so I am staying onto him about whether he gets a membership pack...
  2. All good OD, I have hit year 17 on membership, so i'm already spoken for!
  3. Sorry if its been mentioned somewhere else, but what is this about? Seems to be a link to a free 3 game membership for us. Any Idea why the club is sending these out (on ozbargin website)I have removed the link, but anyone can head and look, or I can PM it (I have gone to the site and had a look, a collingwood mate sent it to me, so that was a fun text exchange :/) The link is to mfcde.es so the domian looks correct. "Just got an SMS from the Melbourne Demons inviting me to take up a free 3-game membership. I believe it can be used for home games at the MCG (possibly not for sellout games but uh… will any be selling out?) The text message was targeted but it looks like anyone can submit the form at (Link Redacted) Paying it forward because I got my original free membership after seeing it on OzB!"
  4. The Kayo app is pretty good, don't get me wrong. I have an apple TV (4th gen) and it works well, as well as running it on my laptop and connecting it to the TV via HDMI. Still no support for Xbox or Playstation, but I suspect that it will be this year. There are replays from 2018 onwards only (not that I am chasing much outta 2013...) but most relevant is the fact that as Fox does not have rights to the finals series, the 18 finals replays for example are not available on Kayo...
  5. Part of the pinch here will be mobile data if you are out and about. AFL was unmetered, I liked to watch matches etc while at the gym, made easier as the data did not come off my mobile monthly usage. Will be the killer for me...
  6. Least I have another "Proud to Belong" email to look forward to this week...
  7. Can’t seem to kick, take a contested mark, receive the ball, collect a ground ball, keep on our feet or aim a tackle below shoulder height. Glad we are fit though. bloody frustrating.
  8. For sure, there is a bit of a gap in the stats!
  9. Playing the same 3rd qtr style as the men, looking good.
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