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  1. I think a loss to a bottom 4 team means our head was in the wrong place. A loss to a top 4 team means they might be better than us. While i'd choose to never lose at all, losing to Collingwood and Adelaide but beating WB, Brisbane, Geel and Rich is way better than the other way around.
  2. Jackson, ANB, Jordan and May good so far. Weeds hasn't got anywhere near the ball. Oliver quiet. Our first quarters have been so often underwhelming. We're ahead. Confident we'll smash them.
  3. You got me! I won't sleep til I get this one.
  4. Malcolm Fraser Robert F Kennedy Norm Gallagher Tony Blair Martin Luther King??? Jack Mundey
  5. I'm comfortable with being 10-1 and so good that a player of BB's calibre can't get a game. Forget his past, what we're paying him or his trade cost. When/if he's good enough on form to crack into this elite team known as the 2020 Champion Demons than good for him. If we keep winning, who cares!
  6. My first thought on seeing this, was "I hope his preferred side is Melbourne, who is making a play for him?". FMD please don't do that to me!!
  7. It's not as much fun to read the opposition fans' sites now that people are taking us seriously. Where's all the "who have they beaten?", "Pretenders!" posts gone? I'm also getting a bit sick of my non-MFC friends saying stuff like "well, if my team doesn't win, I hope you guys get up this year". I want us to be hated.
  8. I think you're mixing up 1994 and 1998! One interesting point. In all the years we made finals between 1987 and 2018 we NEVER finished high enough to earn the 'double chance'. At this stage, even 6/5 for the rest of the season should place us in the top 4.
  9. Re Brownlow. I did a calculation on Brownlow votes if they matched AFLCA between Clarry and Bont. After Rd11: Bont is on 13.5 votes with a range 12-14. Clarry is on 14.5 votes with a range 12-18. Not sure about other players. Clarry has possibly 4 BOGs so far. Another 4 in the second half and the Charlie is probably his.
  10. I was thinking the same thing!
  11. The 3/0 split on Petracca is interesting. Was it Beveridge giving him 3 votes because you really notice him, and Goodwin thinking 'meh, just another good game, nothing special' or the other way round? I think it more likely that Goodwin gave Harmes 3 votes given the way Goodwin, May etc spoke about Harmes post-game. (BTW I don't think it's possible that Harmes/Lever were split 2/2 but my brain is hurting with the maths).
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