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  1. Is anyone else fighting off nausea? I've been trying to distract myself all week and (thankfully and ironically) have had some full on stuff to deal with - but every time I 'relax' and think about Saturday night I feel like vomiting. Or crying. And then vomiting again. I'm going to be a mess on Saturday. No drinking before the first bounce!
  2. This is what happens when they take Grand Final Week away from Victoria. Everyone knows that this week Melbourne (the city) is supposed to be the centre of all news. Yesterday - protests in the city. Today - an earthquake. Tomorrow?
  3. Oliver still has 2 x BOG (rd 20 vs GC and rd23 vs Geel)
  4. Bont will get max 1 vote in the last 4 rounds. Wines and Clarry come home with a sail.
  5. We now hit Wines purple patch - maybe 12-15 out of the next 5 games. I think Parish will drop off. Oliver gets 3 votes in Rd23. Maybe Wines gets 2. Boak will get the 3. It's going to be close. Lets hope Wines doesn't get more than 12 in the next 5.
  6. Oliver is a chance for 3in Rd 11 and maybe 1 in Rd12 but is then quiet for a few games
  7. Oliver will be ahead of Trac by Rd10
  8. Channel 7 are big fat ones I'm not gonna kick my wife off the TV so I can watch something that is as boring as counting beans to someone who's not as invested as I am.
  9. If history were to repeat and we lost this one but went on to win 5 of the next 6 and snagged another 4 years after that, then I’d have no problems dropping this one. All of us Demons are conflicted now. Of course we want to win in 2 weeks and break our drought but it wasn’t supposed to be like this. I was overseas in 2000 and promised myself after that that I would never be in a position where I could have to miss a MFC GF again. I have dreamed about this all my life. I have planned GF week - going to training, seeing the parade, meeting up with family before and after the game and just being there! F… COVID C’Mon Dees
  10. That Hannan bloke! What would it take to get him to the Dees?
  11. It is a very grand grand old flag!
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