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  1. Let's just call it the Harry Potter round
  2. On a fairness level, the Showdown should be held that round so that no team is disadvantaged playing against ADL or PtA. But instead, I'm sure they'll try to maximise crowds and have ADL and PtA headlining separate 'blockbuster' double headers, so eg GWS v Freo is the curtain raiser to PtA vs Syd. I guess, as long as they rotate this round each season, the advantages will even out (in theory)?
  3. We've got to be a good shot at taking out next year's AFL basketball 3x3 comp. J Smith / Petracca / Farris-White seems a pretty handy side.
  4. Interesting ideas DS. I like the general gist of adding restrictions early and loosening them later. It would become very difficult and probably unlikely to see movement of star young players. Do you have any thoughts on mature-age recruits? ie is a 21yo recruit treated the same as an 18yo (year 1) or come in at year 4? Do you have any thoughts on clubs trading players involuntarily? As an aside, I've long supported the raising of the draft age to 19yo or even 20yo. I might start another thread re that but helping protect teams from losing high draft pick kids was one of the reasons I support it.
  5. This guy seems pretty handy. Where is expected to land in the Draft?
  6. Exactly. If we ended up re-signing LJ then we wouldn't want to sign Grundy. f we were to sign up Grundy and the LJ trade with Freo (or WCE) fell over we'd end up having to give LJ away. There is a lot of pain for everyone if a deal doesn't happen.
  7. Travis Johnstone was unbelievably good in that 3rd quarter. It was a crazy game for emotions. At the end of the game I walked home from the MCG all the way to Brunswick, randomly swearing and kicking things.
  8. If you watch a highlight reel of Robbie, you'll notice how many goals he kicked on his left foot. He was a right footer but when it was appropriate to use the left he did so. And his non-preferred left foot was better than most peoples preferred. None of this awkward shifting to get on the preferred side that so many (most?) footballers today do. When watching youtube clips, I remembered another thing about Robbie. It was his state-of-origin games in the 1970's that announced him as a superstar. In the 1970's, the Demons were a lowly team for the most part and never got their games played on the Sat night replay (typically the last Qtrs of two games would be played, and a highlights of a third) so non-MFC fans never got to see him. When SOO games were played EVERYBODY got to seem him. As a little kid, I was very proud of him at the time - circa 1977.
  9. Demonland voters have once again picked the same winner as the Club - and in this instance have the same Top 6, albeit slightly different order.
  10. Add 150 more games, maybe a Brownlow, another 2 B&F and another 3xAA (excluding all his Premiership medals) and much as I hate to say it...move over Robbie Flower. That Gawn and Petracca are in the same team at the same time is nuts. We have to win at least one more premiership and hopefully 2-3 more with these guys in our team.
  11. and Clayton will win more. I am sure he will be considered amongst the best 3 Demons ever, and possibly the best, once his career is over.
  12. That we managed to pick up Petty in that draft makes it a superb trade in hindsight.
  13. AFL is very hard to predict Only 3 out of 10 people predicted Geelong to even make the finals and the highest spot was 7th. They were also the most predicted as 'set to fall' All 10 had GWS in the finals and most of those were in top 4 or GF. Nobody saw Collingwood's rise. Most people got sucked in by the Bomber propaganda Me? My best 'outsider' result was probably picking Freo as an improver.
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