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  1. Not according to that media [censored] Robbo. Would love to ask that [censored] why 3 oppo players were played on Clarry. Simple answer; because nobody could negate him
  2. Once we lose a game Salo comes in for Bowey. Now where did I put that helmet and body armour?
  3. I thought it was 198, could be wrong.
  4. And Hird, because he will have a way of injecting some spine in them.
  5. "We will get you to 200 games and you will retire at the end of the year".
  6. Thanks JJC, so it appears the ground received a lot of rainfall in April and the drainage wasn't up to the job, hence the players breaking through the surface. If it keeps up it might be a mud hole by the time we play the Dorks there.
  7. It wasn't just him and I don't think it had anything to do with boots either. It appeared to me that the surface was letting go. In some of the interview footage you can clearly see the surface is patchy and getting to the muddy stage. It wouldn't be a surprise that WA hasn't put the best drainage in (like the "G") as they think they don't need it because they don't get a lot of rain but do get a lot of wind.
  8. From the Ch7 site. VFL: Rnd 8: Box Hill V Richmond 12:00pm - 2:30pm
  9. Thanks rp, I would just add; you only have to listen to Steven May at the launch to understand how much it means to him/them. Comments regarding the jumper design is very much a personal taste thing. I really like it for the story it tells; literally painted by a proud young indigenous woman.
  10. And the value to the MFC is what? I started out thinking we are again being shafted by the AFL. There is great value to the AFL in terms of what they get from this, especially with new rights being negotiated. But it does nothing for increasing membership or attendance. The counter argument is our sponsors will be loving the bang for buck they are getting. So the big question is; what is the biggest contribution to the Club?
  11. While true, it also means we should get a 9 or 10 day break the following week when we are set to play the Crows in Adelaide.
  12. Knowing how much a Platinum Player sponsorship costs x 2, I would suggest there is nothing "common" about it.
  13. Kozzie shares a house with Spargo and Bedford. I did wonder at that situation but they may have already had it as you said. A good thing that the close contact rules have changed. As an aside, Tuesday last week I stopped at the Cheeky for a coffee, a black Ford Ranger parked in front of me and Koz and Toby got out. Didn't get a chance to talk to them as they looked to be in conversation with one of their sponsors. I don't know the gentleman but I did hear part of the conversation and I do know both players have a common sponsor.
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