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  1. Interesting that when he was drafted I thought he was shorter than his dad. Doesn't look that way anymore.
  2. Sorry to disagree Fork (soz not soz), they absolutely have a defence 1st ethic, you only need to watch Banno get back to the last line of defence or listen to Macca in her interview. They are well coached, practiced and implement what they have been taught. They would be an absolute delight to be involved with and are loving the game and their teammates, long may it continue. On a a different note; anyone who hasn't watched the singing of the song after the Hawks win, do yourself a favour and watch it. I think it says everything you need to know about our women's team. GO DEES!!!
  3. Just think of Collingwood.
  4. I do like you WCW, you really are a glass half full person .... well except when you spill some.
  5. I'll be interested to see if he winds this back a little. Something along the lines of "I went too far", "I was hurting too", "we're all in this together", "I'll do better". It's a stick then carrot approach, if this doesn't happen then he runs a very real risk of losing some of them.
  6. You are going to continue to be disappointed. My tip for the day; go purchase some plastic sheet to put down over the floor.
  7. The vagaries of the goal line decisions and the inconsistency of the MRO does my head in and I agree we seem to be on the wrong side of these on a regular basis. The thing that really irks me is the guessing that goes on when an Umpire is clearly unsighted. There was a great example during the Carlton vs Sydney game. The Goal Umpire gives a soft call of "Behind", "I think it was touched" The ARC reviews and gives an insufficient evidence to overturn ruling. The problem was; during the playback of the vision, the ball clearly obscured the players hand and so it was impossible for the Goal Umpire to tell if it was touched or not. Essentially and much like the Kozzie result earlier in the year, the result was determined on suspicion.
  8. No love for Lever, Brayshaw?
  9. Have I missed this? Has Kye Turner been delisted?
  10. Shouldn't that be bending over forward for you? I'm so going to cop it from WCW for this.
  11. No need to talk about MFC bias Red. I was confident what would happen given the past "management" of these matters. It's all about the timing and the team. Do you remember Barry Hall getting off so he could play for Sydney in a Grand Final? The facts are below and the salient point bolded. After an incident involving a punch to the stomach of St Kilda's Matt Maguire in a 2005 preliminary final match,[11] Hall was reported for a level two striking and offered a one-week suspension for a guilty plea. This suspension would have meant missing the next week's grand final. Hall's representation successfully argued that the incident was 'in play' despite the ball being 50 metres away. As a result, the charge was reduced to a level one offence which reduced the penalty to a reprimand and he went on to captain the Swans to their first premiership in 72 years. It's a Jedi Master trick that the AFL is known for. It will be scrutinised in Court soon and their latest admissions may well lead to much larger payouts, not that that is much consolation to someone with brain damage.
  12. The AFL will never introduce a Red Card system because they wouldn't be able to control the narrative.
  13. Yes, yes that's right, if Gus didn't run on to the field this wouldn't have happened. Well said Einstein.
  14. Yes, the triple spacing between sentences should have been a giveaway.
  15. Yes, that was hasty of me lets take that out and insert c/ Muppet
  16. I can see another poll coming up, with what occupation do we associate BoBo (when you pronounce that, is it like Yogi Bears friend?). I'll start; a/ Evangelist? b/ School teacher? c/ Social worker? d/ Collingwood troll? e/ University professor? f/ Movie critic? Apologies to anyone that fits into the above categories that I've offended, it was only my intention to mock BoBo.
  17. I told you, you haven't been here long enough. For a small bit of insight look at my avatar. Just for fun I'll reply a bit more to you.
  18. Oh, hit a nerve did I? For your info I was being SERIOUS. You are obviously new here, ask any of the longer term people. Start with Binman, you are encroaching on my soapbox and I won't stand for it!!
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