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  1. I don't think I've ever seen us stand astride a player who was facedown and place a hand on their back preventing them getting up. The rule around delay of game has been there for a long time and it's non enforcement has irked me for as long. Ben Brown should have been awarded a 50 when it happened in the GF. I understand we have been guilty of the delaying tactic as well but regardless of my bias, I think we are one of the few teams that don't go overboard with it. If adjudicated correctly and consistently, (I live in hope!) our style/game plan will benefit from this and the likes of Geelong will suffer.
  2. Misfire, wait 20mins next time. Fair dinkum, you get hysterical when someone douses your flames.
  3. You do know a lot of the forwards practice the one hander when they're caught out of position? No, didn't know? I'm not trying to be an ah but it is the difference between un-informed comment from afar vs being able to attend training and directly observe what the players are practicing. Not saying JVR was out there practicing that but he certainly wasn't trying to "protect" himself. I also don't believe the coaching staff will be trying to discourage what he did.
  4. Still think Viney put it best in his post GF siren interview ..... "and now we are premiers"
  5. With acknowledgement to NP, my source outside the wire. B.Brown finished off drills well with his shots on goal. Sparrow was sharp all morning. Usual efficient work from Viney, Trac & Clarrie. Clarrie spent a bit of time one on one with Goody. As usual 1st day back the newbies only did half the session but they all did the running with ease and have good hands. Harmes, Gus, Lingers, Weids, Spargo, Hibbo, Melks, Rosman, Rivers, Fritta, all on light duties. The running at the beginning saw about 10 groups spaced out around the oval. After about 2 or 3 laps, the groups had not strung out at all like I have seen in previous years!!
  6. Paxman flattened early and was probably targeted, she spent a lot of time on the bench. Mithen likewise flattened just as she was starting to really get into her role. Both on the bench struggling and a 6ft midfielder took it on herself to say "not on my watch!" Well done Zanks. Also, some familiar themes, language and setups that are indicative of the Melbourne way. I love it!!
  7. Yes, but I'm pretty sure you thought that about a Premiership not that long ago.
  8. I thought the comment around Milky was a great example of feeding off and helping drive each other. The incumbents will know what is in waiting and I think today's performance by Khawaja just shows the value of having a "next man up" opportunity.
  9. The glass of Red is too often connected to my lips. (Had to be very careful how I constructed that sentence).
  10. If my memory serves, it wasn't his hip, he actually had a hairline fracture in a femur. Wasn't particularly painful but he needed to be off legs to allow it to knit/heal.
  11. As befits a deity, always looking after his people.
  12. That was highly enjoyable, just sat back in the chair with beer in hand and watched the most wonderful 30mins of goal kicking. He is a beautiful left foot kick but gee he is good on the right when he needs to be. Always loved Robbo as a medium sized hybrid forward but I'm thinking Fritsch has him covered.
  13. If you live in NSW I guess you will always be in that predicament
  14. Is there any chance your name is actually Razer Mackham?
  15. Thanks DIO, how were the Midfielders particularly Hanks and Mithen?
  16. I was a GA member for a number of years and didn't bother with a reserved seat as I liked to stand. When Mrs Dw started attending more than the occasional game I knew we had to move to Level 2 to provide separation from her and opposing fans. Try buying a Redleg membership now. I agree reserved seat numbers are a better measure than raw member numbers but game day attendance and ultimately revenue is what really counts in being a Big Club. If you look at how much merchandise was sold during and after the finals we are on our way and the likes of Essendon can go .......... please themselves.
  17. What's the old saying ? " winners are grinners and losers can please themselves" ..... or is it pleasure themselves"
  18. If this is an example of how he is putting in (boy in a mans body), I say get on!!
  19. I think Pickett deserves more ... perhaps the maids services might be suitable incentive.
  20. Yes, except for; Viney has him covered for hurt factor, Viney can bench press 2 Libba's. Viney has leadership skills and values. Viney is a family man and father. Viney has better tatts.
  21. To be fair Mathews never said that. What he did say was; he would start to breathe easier at the end of the last quarter when there were more goals required than minutes remaining.
  22. Actually, I think that's Gus's wing but I do agree with everything you said. I can hear the members now; "WELL DONE NUMBER 10 !!!"
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