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  1. I have a signed caricature that Robbo penciled while waiting at the Bali airport in 2002. I just never got around to framing it. When I got home last night Mrs DW had this surprise waiting.
  2. I have a small collection of headwear but only wear one particular hat during finals. I was wearing it on Thursday and some random says to me; "I see you've jumped on the bandwagon". My reply; sure everyone has a hat like this signed by Clayton Oliver.
  3. Importantly I also like the umpiring panel of; Chris Donlon (1), Simon Meredith (21), Jacob Mollison (32). I don't think any of these three are likely to blow the whistle for a "dangerous tackle" or " insufficient intent to keep the ball in" that isn't justified. Doesn't mean they still wont make mistakes but I don't expect the howlers we have had recently. I live in hope.
  4. While I agree with you, I don't think the players will be immune to the support coming their way. All Australians love an underdog and I know we're not that on current form but we are in the sense of 57yrs of history. I've had a look at how the Cats are promoting support in WA and it is nothing by comparison to what the MFC are doing. I think the Cats are going to get a big shock about how much the crowd will be behind Melbourne and we have first hand experience of what that is like in a negative sense. Will be fabulous to see the shoe on the other foot after we have been sent down the highway to ****tt park for so many years.
  5. It's a game where Hibbo might have to take one for the team if he is selected. Hope it doesn't come to that of course.
  6. Then again, is there still a Blue Pub and a Brown Pub at Methven?
  7. Love the sentiment but if I have things correct Max is a Victorian with Kiwi heritage.
  8. You have an "obvious answer". Damn, I just realised I was unhelpful.
  9. I'm a little late to this part of the thread but based on your comments you would have been in the same camp that thought Ollie Wines was a limited prospect as a footballer. As you said, it is a forum, so you should except that others have an opinion. I will open myself up to that as well and I expect there are a number who will lambast me for saying this. There are people who have opinions and then there are people who have no idea about the intangibles that make great teams. The things that are spoken about as "culture", "selflessness" and "resolve' are not about skills and if you think our current Captain and Vice Captain do not epitomise what a TEAM needs to be successful, then frankly you have no clue.
  10. I love these podcasts for the honesty and obvious regard for the team that's exhibited each week but this weeks special guest gave a much better insight into the relationships at the Club. Although Goody lapsed occasionally into his media speak, it was so refreshing to hear him speak in the way he talks/ communicates to the group on a day to day basis.
  11. There is a reason his nickname is purple.
  12. I've been wearing my 2006 Country member hat all year when I go out/ working. I had some one say "I see you are jumping on the bandwagon". In reply I said; keep a close eye, I will wear the other 8 through the finals. I do have a finals hat I prefer cause it's signed by Clarry.
  13. Clearly not a "Big Picture" supporter. The only thing that matters is the roar of affirmation. We can always celebrate without non members.
  14. You might need to define "a full load"
  15. I was 8 and loved the Club even then but never got see a game live until I was 15.
  16. I think this is the week where the AFL show there is no "bias towards WBD" in umpiring, by being bias towards an interstate team.
  17. So I suppose you ran out of ideas/thoughts at that point? Who do Petty and Lever take? Or doesn't your "analysis" extend that far?
  18. Wonderful analysis AF. There are times where I question why I monitor DL so much and then I see a contribution like this and think, yep. This is the real strategy stuff that Roos mentioned many years ago where he spoke of the fact the Coaches had to fix the non game day stuff before they could deliver the 30% on top that the coaches can add on game day.
  19. Now I understand why you're "special"
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